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Found 584 results

  1. I am looking for high life transfer high quality maul. 80-90 QL with 80-90 lifesteal. I'd like Nimbleness, Mind Steal, or CoC on it if possible.
  2. WTS a QL 80 medium maul, enchants - N82, LT24, CoC57 Wanting an offer.
  3. WTB Huge axe 80+ql, if enchanted list enchants. 50c for unenchanted 80QL and other market prices. Edit: Will bump the price up if I'm wrong about 50c for 80 QL
  4. Corbita

    Corbita for Auction Starting Bid - 1s Minimum increment - 10c Buyout Price - 5s Sniper Protection - 1hr
  5. Hört hört ! Leute von Wurm Online unsere Prachtvolle Stadt Port of Oak auf Exodus sucht Bürger ! Wir sind eine freundliche deutschsprachige Stadt mit aufstiegschancen. Jeder Bürger hat die Chance in den Adel aufzusteigen und somit mehr Rechte in der Stadt zu bekommen. Wir bieten euch die Möglichkeit in unsere Armee einzutreten in der ihr einen regelmäßigen Sold erhaltet. Dieser richtet sich nach Rang und besondere bemühungen! Wir haben den Vorteil jederzeit auf den PvP Server zu fahren um dort eben PvP zu machen =) Die Stadt befindet sich derzeit noch im Aufbau und das Gelände ist 63 x 64 also genügend Platz ! Falls wir euer Interesse geweckt haben könnt ihr euch jederzeit per PM ingame an Striehl oder Snakeger wenden, oder ihr kommt einfach auf unser TS 3: oder alternativ =) Ihr findet uns Ingame auf Exodus auf der Ingame Map auf P 8 Wir freuen uns hoffentlich schon bald neue Leute zu treffen. Gez. Striehl, Port of Oak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hear, hear ! People from Wurm Online our glorious Town Port of Oak on Exodus is looking for villagers! We are a friendly, german-speaking Town with opportunities of advancement. Every Citizen has the possibility to achieve nobility and with that to gain more rights in the town. We are offering you the chance to join our army to receive pay regulary. This adjusts to tier and efforts. We got the advantage to join the PvP server at any time to have some action there. This town is under development and the area sizes 63x64, so enough room for everyone! In case you are interested feel free to PM Striehl or Snakeger or just join our Teamspeak on or altenatively We are looking forward to hear from you soon. Gez. Striehl, Port of Oak Danke für die Übersetzung / Thanks for translate Capi =D
  6. Greetings friends, The City Of Opulence, located on the Exodus server is up for sale. Here's some quick facts before the pictures and pitch :- The size of Opulence is 149 x 79 which makes it the second largest deed on Exodus with a whopping 11771 on deed tiles The monthly upkeep with a single spirit templar (for the noobs protection, of course) is 24 silver, 54 copper and 20 iron coins. Opulence is maintained by 5 Traders (4 on deed and 1 on a neighbouring deed that will be included in any sale) which averages between 34 - 38 silvers a month with the correctly set ratio (40 silver this month). Opulence maintains a Vynora and Fo stone altars at 89 - 90ql for an impressive bonus faith for the priests out there as well as a 100 power spirit cottage for those that simply must deliver immediately. Opulence has over 2 dozen exposed iron, tin and copper veins on deed of varying qualities ranging from poor to utmost. Many more await exposure. Opulence comes with 50+ buildings, 30 of which are on housing plots designed for use by villagers. The city has been home to dozens of villagers over the years and is a labor of love and as such deserves to be lived in by an active community. Why am I selling? I've been on Exodus since the day it launched and spent the majority of that time protecting the area we dwell in from the ravages of new players, expansionistic builders and those who would spoil the natural beauty of the land. As a result of that we became a community of park rangers and actively recruited the very people who would accidentally ruin the land in order to help educate them and show them the game in safety while curbing their destructive urges. This grew as the deed did and before long we were caretakers no only of the land but of numerous new players who wandered into the area scratching their heads and not knowing what to do. Many of those noobs became permanent residents who helped shape the future of the City while many more went on to bigger and better things all over the cluster. Of course, maintaining that line of work eventually became more of a chore than a calling so we slowed down our active recruitment and focused instead on our own development. Eventually we began to pine for simpler things and when Xanadu was announced we decided to take the plunge and experience the games wonder anew far away from the familiar. Plus I enjoy having money to spend on shiny things. ANYWAY, here's some pictures of some of the waterfront properties. Interesting historical tidbit. This waterfront used to be a 2 dirt deep puddle that stretched from the far east of the deed to the western edge of Opulence and was excavated to 25 dirt the entire length of the deed to connect the eastern ocean with the western and northern expanses. It was dug long and wide and took two or the original founders 3 months to fully excavate and make available to the words for easy access across the server. Nobody much noticed BUT that wasn't the point. We wanted beachfront property at the foot of a mountain and by god, we got it. Here's some pictures from in town. Opulence actually has 4 distinct housing districts. The waterfront to the north, the central city district for mansion sized properties, the serf residneces to the south (best to keep the help on the outskirts) and a new development along the north west of the town set back from the channel. Between them there are 30 houses, most with stone bases and wooden first floors to maintain a central theme for each area. Here's a few pics from cheapside (that's what we call the serf or noob housing area) and the recently added new builds. Most of the new houses and city center houses have large on plot gardens for a little bit of farming should the residents wish it. Those living in cheapside have access to a large communal plot so they can dabble while learning the basics and deciding whether or not to become productive premium players. They also have access to an adjacent paddock where they can play horse whisperer or breed some cattle. Those living on the waterfront know that space is at premium so have off plot enclosures (off plot, not off deed) for farming, animal husbandry and all the rest. In short, everybody has a place to get their thumb nice and green. Along with these smaller enclosures we have large farm plots specifically set aside for the veteran villagers who have helped build the place over the years. They majority of these guys made their fortunes from farming, mostly to me I might add to fuel my priests. The interior of the town is mostly the smaller farming plots but also has two large store houses and a multi faith church for those hard core sermons we used to put on back in the day. Almost a third of the deed is still undeveloped and awaiting some inspiring fellow to come along and turn it into a new housing estate or a garden of eden. This is located in the south western portion of the deed adjacent to a large landscaped central plateau which I always imagined some day I'd build a huge sprawling castle upon and star calling myself Lord Of Exodus. Maybe someone else can do that. West of this and the new housing district is the border of the city which sports a large and (fairly) active market. While we never really promoted the market after it's completion it still attracted a lot of visitors from the south and central part of Exodus and with a little strategic marketing will no doubt become a major merchant hub in the future. Point of interest, those two Obelisks took ages to build and almost as long to push into position. Labor costs weren't cheap either. So that's the quick and dirty tour. For a less quick but equally dirty one, feel free to browse the album with a bunch more pictures. For even more detail, why not stop by and visit the place yourself? The pictures only show a fraction of what's here and can't really show you how vast and peaceful it really is. Plus you can't see where all the trader buildings are and I knows ya'll be wanting to see them first hand before handing over any coin. Speaking of coin, it's time to get serious. Opulence is a labor of love to me and my villagers and even though we have now mostly departed, the place is not going to rot away. The traders make enough money to keep things ticking over at a profit so I'm not desperate to be shot of it. I will sell it for a reasonable offer but I'm not going to just give it away and I'm nearly as happy to hang onto it just to keep the area from being despoiled by the clueless or befuddled. I really _really_ want to sell this place to a community looking for an existing place to call home or a consortium of players who want to live cooperatively together. That said, any individuals that want a private city all to themselves ... your money is just as good as anybody elses. As for cost, I'll see what I get offered. Think about what's here before you make the offer as this place is not just a collection of traders and stone. It's nearly 3 years of love, sweat and (in some peoples cases) tears. I'm not looking to rip folks off but I'm not desperate to sell at any cost either. I ain't cashing out. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to post them below of PM me on the forums direct. If you have any offers, feel free to pm them to me and we'll see what we can do. o/
  7. Small auction: #1 Rare Frying Pan 81,07ql Starting Bid : 2s Increment: 50c Buyout: 5s #2 Equisite meditation rug 8.90ql 91coc Starting Bid : 2s Increment: 10c Buyout: 3,5s Actual bid: 2s Items can be CODed or we can arrange pickup at Gorzelnia Dragona deed ( Exodus x22/y30).
  8. Close

    The deed has a trader and gold/iron veins.Deed wont come with deed holder. Deed is on Exodus x40 y31 -3 gold veins are very good quality,5 normal quality and some more if you have the time to mine some more too find them. Gold its a great vein to grind your mining skill,i did mine from 60 to 90 in 2 weeks. -2 iron veins as far i know very good quality. Price is 50s The size of Gold Rush Reloaded is 21 by 33. The perimeter is 7 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 4 silver, 13 copper and 15 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 54 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 75 days and 29 minutes more.
  9. Close

    As title say i wanna sell 2 deeds with trader on them.None of the deeds comes with deed holder. Price 35s. 1.Rockcliff Farms: x41 y40 The size of Rockcliff Farms is 23 by 23. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 65 copper and 45 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 5 copper and 80 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 96 days, 17 hours and 11 minutes more. Its pretty flat,no mine on deed but there is one in the mountain few tiles away,the deed has 2 houses. Redcliff SOLD
  10. Rare auction

    Hello fellow Wurmians! This time i am auctioning couple shiny 'rare' things, Longsword and shield. Items are non-enchanted. Remember that they are weapons and cant be mailed. Location of these objects is in Exodus server and there is no delivery anywhere else than Exodus. Both items have separated bids. #1 Longsword 80ql - Leader: Explora with 10s #2 Shield, medium iron 90ql - Leader: Miniroll with 6s Starting bid: 5s Min. increments: 1s Buyout: Make an offer i cant refuse Sniper Prot: 1 hour Closed, thanks for all bidders.
  11. Simply i want to sell my stone fortress in exo. Here are some pictures from my deed it has a: love tile 4 stone towers a stone house in the middle 2 Animal pens 2 small farm areas Guard tower [20:38:45] A high guard tower. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 53.09458, Dam: 9.801344. The name of the founder, Vonsanden, has been carved into the stone above the door. 'Vonsanden 642' is engraved in a metal plaque on the door. For now the deed itself got 41 days upkeep left [6 Juli 2014 20:33 date of the 41 upkeep] if you want to buy the deed its 5s extra do you want to deed it yourself go thats also possible Deed info: Name: Hunter's Keep Buildings and walls: Stone Houses and Large Stone Walls Size Deed: 19 by 21 Size Perimeter: 5 Guards: 0 (Guard Tower 5) here is the location: Hunter's Lodge (name isnt changed yet) [Right botom of the map] If youre interested pm me wth a price.
  12. Selling 50s for 50€, PM me on the forum please, i'm not online often atm.
  13. Do you have an annoying altar in your way? is it in the way of your wonderful progress? Well then i got just the service for you! For a small fee ranging from 25 till 50 Copper i will go on to destroy that pesky altar that is taunting you! Before hand i need to clear o couple of basic ground rules for Customer and the Service provider. 1. The Customer is not Responsible for the life or the DMG taking by the Service provider when Desecrating the Altar. 2. ONLY after the Altar is Destroyed is the payment is rated(see 2.1) and payed by the Customer to the Service provider. 2.1 Rate is based on altar Difficulty for example a 70Ql Golden altar will be more expensive then an 20Ql stone altar. 3. Location has to be in the Exodus world for now at some point i may consider expanding or moving for a period but for now i will just do for people in Exodus. My apology in advance for people who outside of Exodus who may need this. Besides that i would like that people tell me before hand what altar i will need to destroy this includes the QL, the Type of altar and God that the altar belongs to. besides that i need a location and a time in which you are online. i will contact you in game and if you are then still willing to get ride of it them i will go towards you and get rid of the altar.
  14. Ahoy gang, I'm doing a clear out in preparation to sell my VAST Exodus based deed and as such I need to sell a few items I can't just throw in the trash. COD Items pickaxe, iron 6ql c70 50c pickaxe, iron 60ql c73 60c pickaxe, iron 6ql c71 50c pickaxe, iron 6ql c70 50c pickaxe, iron 6ql c70 50c pickaxe, iron 85ql w91 2s20c rope tool, oakenwood 86ql c78 1s50c rope tool, oakenwood 85ql c74 1s45c rope tool, oakenwood 86ql c86 1s85c whetstone 90ql c72 50c scissors, iron 50ql w70 70c Pickup Weapons halberd, iron 79ql c77fb78n87 AD 5s90c maul, iron 79ql c77fb93n71 AD 5s40c (Mailable) maul, iron 80ql c86fb72n84 AD 6s50c (Mailable) axe, iron 78ql lt73c75n83 7s40c axe, iron 80ql c71fb87n75 AD 5s axe, iron 80ql c86fb80n94 AD 7s70c two handed sword, iron 89ql ms46c80lt83n84 AD 12s longsword, iron 89ql n94lt98c87ms68 15s Misc Pickup rare oven 35ql 8s I'm around for a couple more days on Exo for pickup items on a first come first served basis.
  15. Hello folks! Im selling load of meat this time. Cooked meat 3k for 6s Deliver only to Exodus, pick up from Memoria (x32, y47), Exodus. CLOSED
  16. Hello all! Village of Memoria is looking for a villager at this moment, we hope that you are mature player with good attitude and hopefully premium already. Our coordinates are x32, y47 in Exodus server. If you are looking for place called as home or small community to play with, please take contact to me(CainDarren) in forums or in-game. Villager spot has filled, no more recruiting. This thread can be closed.
  17. Another quality auction brought to you by Black Forest Smithy (Click to view merchant) #1 Rare Compass 45QL 50Woa - Tgod 2s UNSOLD please pm if you would like to meet reserve bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 10s buyout #2 Rare Finished Small cart ~20QL - Tgod 3s SOLD please pm for collection or delivery bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 10s buyout Not mailable #3 Rare Cedarwood spindle ~74QL - 2s Cista UNSOLD please pm if you would like to meet reserve bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 10s buyout #4 Rare Cedarwood spindle ~74QL - 2s Cista UNSOLD please pm if you would like to meet reserve bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 10s buyout #5 Rare Oakenwood Spatula ~77QL - Niki 3s SOLD bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 10s buyout #6 Rare Willow Long bow ~75QL UNSOLD bidding starts at 5s 1s increments 8s reserve 20s buyout Not mailable #7 Rare Pinewood Mallet ~79QL - Cista 3s UNSOLD please pm if you would like to meet reserve bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 5s reserve 10s buyout #8 Rare Butchering knife ~70QL UNSOLD bidding starts at 5s 1s increments 10s reserve 20s buyout #9 Rare Longsword 60QL UNSOLD bidding starts at 5s 1s increments 10s reserve 20s buyout Not mailable 10# Rare Studded leather glove ~35QL UNSOLD bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 10s buyout 11# Carving knife 96 Botd (counts as both 96 woa and 96 coc) 60QL UNSOLD bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 8s reserve 15s buyout #12 Saw 101 Woa ~84QL - Shrimpiie 5s SOLD bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 5s reserve 10s buyout #13 45 Sleep powders - Dwain 50s SOLD please pm for collection or delivery bidding starts at 20s 5s increments 45s reserve 65s buyout All items have 1 hour sniper protection Buyouts are placed high to encourage bidding All items marked with ~ are rounded up or down to nearest whole QL All items come unenchanted unless stated otherwise, if you want something enchanted we can discuss prices via PM Delivery cost is not included for the items that cannot be mailed, Delivery cost is as follows, Deli and Exo 1s, Indy and Cele 1.5s, Xanadu 2s, Pristine and release 2.5s (Once those servers have opened up traffic) Happy bidding!
  18. The Sanctuary Coastal Property Asking 10 Silver Deed Size: 7x7 (15x15 tiles) Location: x23, y46; the whole square if you include perimeter I have an alt for you to log in and see the property for those who live far away. Deed Perks: · Leaving all animals including bison, cows/bulls and some 4 speed horses. · On the water, 3 tiles outside of perimeter. · Fo, Mag and Vyn altars with Vyn being the dominate at 40 ql. · Tar in perimeter. · Well in perimeter, 4 tiles from deed. · Ocean 3 tiles outside of perimeter. · Trash Heap. · Path of Love between deed and ocean (just outside perimeter). · A well one tile off deed in fenced perimeter. · Path of Knowledge just north of the deed. Mine details: Only a few of the mine tiles are on deed, the mine is in perimeter and trails off deed. Gold – Normal Quality – "The ore is starting to deplete" (between 3000 and 5000) – Deeded Several Slate – Very Good is the max. Iron Veins – Most are adequate but the max is Very Good Quality. Lead –Normal Quality is the max. Zinc – Acceptable Quality, only one vein, “You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore†(between 1000 and 3000). We have not mined this since finding it. Coffers as of 6/5/14 I am leaving the server and only taking with me personal tools and a few other items. We are a conservative group so there isn’t a bunch of unnecessary items stored. The deed has three buildings on it with one in perimeter. Deed is stone, perimeter is wood. · Main House – Downstairs there is an oven, 2 BSBs, FSB and a large barrel for water. Upstairs there are two beds and two large chests. · Workshop – This building is single level with a forge and three BSBs and 1 large barrel for water. · Gatehouse into the deed. Please message me, Harvest, here or in Game. Part of the perimeter is fenced in “the backyardâ€. The tall iron fences in the perimeter are all at a minimum of 40 qualities. This is the area where the abandoned house resides. There are two mine entrances. One entrance is in the fenced in perimeter and the other is at the front of the property on deed.
  19. Sleep Powder

    I have 5 sleep powder for sale Message or in game Afira
  20. Kyklops

    Just encountered him above Uloa on Goblin Peninsula, X17 y46
  21. Rare needle

    Up for auction is a rare needle. Ql 70.99 [10:48:23] A small iron needle. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. Starting bid: 1s Min. inc: 50c Buyout: none Sniper: none Can mail or you can pickup at Maple View, NW Exodus x7, y10
  22. SOLD - CLOSE THREAD? Hello Wurmians! I think I want to try something different in Wurm now and having a deed to look after is kind of hindering that. See details and PM me your offer. Name: Boatgaard Strait Server: Exodus Location: Dimensions: 19x19 Other: Clay beach (The deed is literally beside a huge clay beach...) Iron mine - 5 veins. (A couple high quality past 60) Silver mine - Too many veins to count, abundant... Leaving behind lots of loot Cows and Bulls go free with deal This place is ideal for someone looking to set up a market as it attracts a lot of visitors for the boat bridge to celebration. It also attracts visitors for the clay beach and people sailing around Exodus. Probably the best location for a market on Exodus as the few months I have been living there I have seen people pass by every day. Pictures! View from main road Cattle pen with 1x1 All the clay in the world on the beach The boat bridge (Ideal for market, and the coloured boats are the boats used to cross the server) The cottage house 3x2 (one tile outset with beds included inside) The farm Iron mine (5 iron veins) Rest of the deed! unworked - 80% of the deed hasn't been touched so you get to do what you want with it Realistic offers please. PM me in forum for offers. Also looking for an active village to live in after I sell my deed so let me know if you're recruiting. I want to start my video blogs so it has to be somewhere nice and well built.
  23. Hello I want to sell 1.5 K mortar for 3.5s Pick up only
  24. Our village is now recruiting new and old players alike, we enjoy teaching new players the game. we allow our new villagers to build a a home, dig, and farm on deed. i will upload deed pictures later, if anyone is interested contact nownowson or kingtren in game or on the forums. we use skype regularly and love having new people in our calls. hope to see some new faces soon! I have been playing Wurm for over 4 years and nownowson has been playing for well over 5 years. We have alot of experience between the two of us we would love to share with you.
  25. Hi! I am looking to hire the services of a FO Priestess/Priest willing to travel to the Exodus Server (coordinates: x6, y30). PM me for prices. -KimonoFaith