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Found 174 results

  1. With the WEEK 20 announcement "With the release of Xanadu we will also respawn new uniques across all the other servers so everyone can join in the hunt.", the armors are going to get completely devalued. I am not interested in waiting for and spending my time hunting them all down, so sell me your armor I'd rather build, craft and mine, to complete my projects, but I want to do it looking awesome! Please PM me with armor deals. Not going to pay the old prices of 80e a set on hide or 200e+ for scale. I'm only buying a few sets of each. If my offered prices seem low, imagine what drake is going to be worth when everyone has a set. Buying: RED Scale - 3 1 sets - 150e each Black w/cap - 3 sets - 40e each Green w/cap - 3 2 sets - 35e each White w/cap - 1 set - 30e each Will consider paying more if they come with enchants. I do not care about the QL. Pristine or Exodus (Posting to both markets) Please don't blast me for the prices. I am not to blame for the dragon armor devaluation. I expect these prices are going to be far better than waiting until the dragon slaughter starts again. There is no need to respond in this thread. PLEASE PM me if interested in unloading some armor.

    Here for Auction a set of white drake with a cap. Current location on Release, you pick up and Pay on Collection. Starting Price: 30s Increment: 5s Reserve: Removed - No Reserve on feedback below Buyout: 85s (Privacy can be granted) Snipe Protection: 1 Hour - exclusive to previous bidders in this auction only Private Bids: Not Accepted (unless at full buyout price) No Imping needed. No over inflated prices. Please, no swaps, sleeping powders, referals etc. Cold, hard, shiny silver coins please my friends. As modelled by myself (by Lotte) BID NOW!
  3. Well we have seen that they intend on changing the dragon AI so they can not be penned and respawing them soon. I thought it might be nice if we could maybe give them a hand and discuss what the players would like to see in this new system. I had thought on this some last night and my only fears on it is that they start causing chaos to players until they get hunted down and killed. I thought maybe they should act like the sharks do now where they are aggressive only when attacked. This way you can hunt in the same area and even get up close to them but still be safe. (I guess this would apply to any of the uniques too) So what are your thoughts and concerns on a new system for them?
  4. Auctioning the below 95QL Drake Set: This particular green drake set is freshly made and of top notch QL with high AoSP enchants. All pieces have 'Xallo' signature, minus the helm which has 'Alyeska'. I will also offer any of the WL God shielding spells to all pieces to whoever wants it done after it reaches 1 Gold. Start Bid: 80s Min Incr: 5s Reserve: None Buyout: 1g20s There is a 30 minute sniper protection against last-minute bids. Auction over. Thanks for bidding! . Green Drake without helm is on the left: Please visit our merchant ads for custom Drake sets and improvement: Happy Bidding!
  5. A Magestic Dragon that Glows Red in the Night A Profile view: Starting Bid: 30s Minimum Increments: 2s Buyout: 60s Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Winner: 35s Kruggan Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here. I will also deliver to the winner anywhere on Indy, Deli, Exo and Cele! Happy bidding!
  6. Just wondering as I've never seen a female grown before so I was wondering if female hatchlings were able to lay eggs. Thank you.
  7. A means of speeding up and increasing chance of egg hatching (assuming its not just tied to population caps). Article mentions over 80% hatchability; though, theres always game balance to consider. As a fire source it will require fuel and monitoring of the heat levels (ala smithing and cooking mechanics). Work for dragon eggs as well? Perhaps require very exacting heat levels over a very, very long time in the case of dragons. Fluctuation in heat levels affect the color, Green easiest to Red most difficult? Better description here of the Egyptian process:
  8. I've been playing Wurm for a few years now, and from what I can remember we've almost always had the same type of Colossus: the samurai guy. Not sure exactly why it's a samurai by the way. It would be interesting if Wox and the dev team could implement new designs or variants of the Colossal giants we love to build. Perhaps there could be a Knight, a Cyclops, a Scorpion or even a Dragon. These are just a few ideas that would make Colossai even more interesting and worth while to build. As it is now, everyone has the same ol' boring Colossus that has lingered for far too long. Please Dev team look into this. I know you all are talented enough to create and imagine such beautiful works of art. Image does not belong to me, it was taken from as an example.
  9. I'm auctioning a Dragon statue won at HotA. Its light glows red. Starting Bid: 30s Reserve: None Buyout: PM Me Minimum Increase: 5s 1-Hour Snipe Protection End Date: Sunday the 18th @ 12:00PM Houston Time. ( (PM me for inquiries regarding other HoTA statues shown here: All HoTA statues are delivered free of charge.
  10. Starting bid: 35s Min Increment: 1s Buyout: ~75s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted [13:25:06] A heavy jacket made from red dragon scales. Colors: R=215, G=40, B=40. It could be improved with a leather. [13:25:06] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Maximu.teh.'. Looks perfect along with a black or green drake set. Euros aren't accepted because I want the bidders to support the game.
  11. Wanting to auction scale set. I bought this with the intent of grinding platesmithing but I have decided to concentrate on weaponsmithing and it's overkill for pve. Bidding will start at 100euro's There is a hidden reserve Buyout will be somthing that takes my fancy Pickup would be from north coast of Deli server I'm open to silver / Euro (verified paypal) / Drake combination offers (drake since I'm going to buy a set anyways) I will let the auction go for a few days or so, if no offers take my fancy I dont mind holding onto it. Thanks in advance
  12. so 2 of the dragon's on release are dead and the other 2 will be dead this weekend , where do we go from here ? will rolf implement respawning of them now ? will the servers merge now ? just 6 months into the new server of release , what changes will come ?
  13. - ----- I want to get this one over reasonably quickly with all the drama surrounding dragons at the moment. I'm looking for pretty much any fighters to come and help. I would prefer if you post your FS before hand so I have a better idea of how soon I could actually run the event. Two handed weapons are a MUST, try and grind your weapon skill in one of these, preferably huge axe, as much as possible before hand. I would prefer if low skilled fighters didn't take up all the slots, but there's not really any way I can check on what fight skill someone actually has other than the titles. I'm also looking for Fo priests, Magranon priests and a butcher, again feel free to post your skills for the butcher role so I can pick the best chance to get the full butcher. If you don't have a high QL butchering knife I can get hold of one for you. Assuming we actually get a decent butcher, I'll be distributing the drake out fairly. Most likely (but may vary on the success of the butcher) as 1 set to the butcher, 10 sets or so "highest damage", 1 for the leatherworker, 2 for the people who helped me organize this and the remaining ones as a random draw to attendees and any priests (with a slightly higher weighting). There's a deed on site to ally to or be a citizen of for quick respawns if you do die. Note: Please don't flood this thread with arguments about penning dragons etc. There's a nice thread for discussing that here:
  14. Found this on a spare alt (so much drake I forget sets). Looking for a quick sale in cash only, paypal verified. 56e/$73/£48 depending on your currency. If you're wondering the 'DC' was just the toon's initials so I didn't get it mixed in with DM's. Can mail or you can pick up from SW Celeb on Dark Island.
  15. One black drake set, not including cap. Currently on Celeb, can be mailed for no extra fee. 80s in-game silvers or 56e via paypal.
  16. up for grabs a black drake set 60-80ql parts with cap Starting bid:70s Reserve: none Min increase:1s Ninja defuse: 1 hour after last bid within 20mins of auction end Buyout: 1g if someone wants it outright pickup is on exodus, will mail @ winner expense Auction ends in 72 hours
  17. I have been the user of 90ql Drakehide a long time and it has served me on many hunting trips. I am also formerly an owner of chain armor, and what I am about to claim I say with absolute certainty. Drakehide armor doesn't protect as well as you may believe, and my previous chain armor feels it had somewhat similar protection. Chain even protects the wearer against more types of weapons, and might have a higher glance rate IIRC. With that in mind, there is no reason plate armor also wouldn't be more protective than Drakehide. This could just be a situational thing, but my point remains. Now, this could still be a total misconception. Perhaps someone here has the exact numbers, or has conducted enough tests to prove me wrong (or correct). Either way, I'd like this to be settled once and for all how good Drakehide really is, and then perhaps some people will save their money by realizing they don't really want it. In my opinion, it is more of a luxury if anything. Sure it weighs less than cloth, but saving your life is much more important... and you can always remove your armor for extra speed.
  18. Well now that we have seen what the armor is going to be i have picked the white drake set to keep so i no longer need this set and with the new server i could use the euro. It comes with the steel helm and will be sent to the buyer in the mail after the money is on my PayPal. (I will pay the cost to mail the set) Red Dragon Scale Set: 140 euro (PayPal Verified) Note: Gavin is the maker of this set
  19. I was wondering if there was any interest for the set of scale below, and for about how much I could expect to get for it? If there's enough interest, I may be selling it. You could always tempt me with a buyout via PM, preferably in Euro/USD as well. (I suppose this could be moved to WTS, my mistake...)
  20. As title states. I have a 90-92QL set of Black Drake with High AoSP I'm auctioning off. Most of the casts are 80+. If you're interested in the back story, this is the first set of Drake I've ever made. It was made while I was in Kyara. I casted on it with Elamor, who at the time, was Kyara's most prominent Champion of Vynora. Bids can be placed either in the form of in-game currency, or Euro/USD. Current Bid: 75s Starting Bid: 60s (36€/$46USD) Minimum Increment: 5s (3€) Buyout: 1.4g (84€/$108USD) Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Tuesday, September 18th - 8PM GMT. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Winner will receive it either via COD or can pick up the set at Northern Sanctuary, Celebration. Happy bidding!
  21. A 100QL White Drake Hide for sell. It is 15kg, full. You can create your own signatured sets, or just hang onto it for future investment. Can make nearly 5 (4.7 to be exact) sets of armour. Each set sells for roughly 60s, meaning you could potentially sell all the sets for about 2.6-3g. I have the Buyout set for higher than this amount because I believe people will value their own signatured sets more than the silver amount (and the 100QL is just win). Included in this lot is a 90QL needle and 5 pieces of 90QL leather free of charge. You essentially have your own Drake creation kit. If you're curious about what your percentages are before bidding, please don't be afraid to ask me about it. Starting Bid: 1g/60 euros Minimum Increment: 10s/6euros Buyout: 3.3g/200 euros Hidden Reserve: Met (2g/120e) Current Bid: 2g/120e End Date: August 15, Wednesday - 6PM GMT Verified PayPal only please for Euro bids.