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Found 173 results

  1. Need Info On him any spell cast? same as red? Need Pic and info about his Blood
  2. A few days ago another venerable blue dragon appeared on Deli - the second one in a row! This time it didn't hide as well as the last one; I literally stumbled upon it shortly after the hunting party was established and I started the search in my usual region. The beast decided I would be a culinary delight and chased me all over the area. I was unable to escape and would certainly have been torched and eaten after a while - but I was lucky: that big lizard tried to follow me across "Lady's Mystic Farm Crossing" and got stuck in the bridge! That turned out to be a deadly mistake (for the dragon ). Our bravest Deli fighters, boldly assisted by our most powerful priests, finally put and end to this new menace. Here is a selection of nice screenshots, some of them taken by my friend Substr, who observed the event as our news correspondent:
  3. Today, I am auctioning one of the original HoTA statues. The material is GOLD (shows on mouse over), and it shines TEAL. We named him Nidhoggr, but please feel free to rename. In Norse mythology, Níðhöggr (Malice Striker, often anglicized Nidhogg) is a dragon who gnaws at a root of the world tree, Yggdrasil. In historical Viking society, níð was a term for a social stigma implying the loss of honor and the status of a villain. Thus, its name might refer to its role as a horrific monster or in its action of chewing the corpses of the inhabitants of Náströnd: those guilty of murder, adultery, and oath-breaking, which Norse society considered among the worst possible crimes. Starting Bid: 50s Current Bid: 1g (Lotus1) Minimum Increments: 5s Buyout: PM Me Offer No Reserve! One hour Sniper Protection. Auction Ends on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, at 11AM Central US. Delivery to Freedom coastlines for free.
  4. Hi! I want auction a shining 70ql rare gravestone with green dragon hatchling corpse 7,22dmg Starting Bid : 8s Buyout: 12s Min. Inc: 1s Sniper Protection : 1hour
  5. Starting Bid: 225e/s (Private Offers Accepted) Buyout: 300e/s Current Bid: - Minimum Increments: 5e/s, 1hr Sniper Protection End Time: Sunday, January 10th, 2PM Central US No Reserve This set features unique scale pieces from an ancient dragon from the original Jenn Kellon Home server, about 7-8 years ago, as it noted by 'The Dragon Scale,' rather than 'Red Dragon Scale.' The entire set has Xallo signatures, and it has Fo's Touch that can be removed by request. Unsold. PM for offers.
  6. Starting Bid: 225e/s (Private Offers Accepted) Buyout: 300e/s Current Bid: - Minimum Increments: 5e/s, 1hr Sniper Protection End Time: Saturday January 9th, 2PM Central US No Reserve Sold for Buyout
  7. This Black Drake Armor set is all over 80 ql and has Aura of Shared pain cast on each piece. Selling for 200 silver in game or 200 dollars to pay pal. You can message Plater in game for details.
  8. Selling a Black drake set. No Enchants 80ql (can be imped to 90 on request) Please pm offers, i have cleaned out my mailbox reference pictures Black & white Also, a few Sets can be made to order just ask Cheers max This is a "Want to sell" Ad, not a "Merchant ad" please do not move my thread.
  9. Buying any color set, any QL. 50s/e each with hat, or 45 without hat. Send me a PM to discuss currency and shipping/delivery.
  10. I know there are some messages allready, like the goblin leader has "rumours of the goblin leader has begun to spread". Though ive never seen a dragon so i dont know if they have one, do they? Anyways, my suggestion would be that if there was a unique, walking about, like a dragon for instance, the server would every now and then alert all or just some players to it. "A sound carried on the wind...far off into the *direction*...wings?" could be a message for the dragon for instance. And i dont mean only on the unique's spawn, but just randomly now and then if a unique is active. (This idea is mostly for WU, but would work in WO asell, if there arent any such features.) I have a server, and Ive spawned some uniques here and there to entertain the players. Would love it if they would get these messages sometimes.
  11. In case one is wondering what to make a new helm look like coughscalesetcough... Here's some ideas from historical examples:
  12. Come one, come all! this red dragon blood is last thing left. selling it for 2s 50c. (Oil of the weapon smith) ("Improving weapon smithing products using imbued tool will be easier.") cod from xanadu. hand to hand possible. Pm me ingame, here, or post below
  13. A means of converting the older red scale sets to one of the newer scale types. Older drake sets to new drake too for that matter. Don't even need to retain current enchantments; although, it would be nice.
  14. Here is the first Black Dragon Skull in the history of Wurm! This skull is from the first Black Dragon slaying on Deliverance and a great event! Here is the link for verification: Starting Bid: 16s Minimum Increase: 1s Private Bids: No Buyout: Offer Sniper Protection: 1 hr Thank you for your time and happy wurming!
  15. I am clearing out my closet and found a bunch of stuff just wasting space for me. Buyer pays CoD (mailbox has a 99 cast so its pretty much instant mail) Sleep powders will have to be picked up at the bridge capital of Colossus lake, also known as "Lothlorien Meadows". Its in the NE corner of Independence and accessible by boat (its on the community map). If you are on Inde and want to come pick items up I also have 5 speed animals for sale if interested (horses, cows, bison, hell horses.)
  16. Dragon Hide Armour Sets: We sell custom-made drake sets for 120s each. You can choose the colour you prefer, and your set will be made just for you - no second hand clothing here! The armour set can be improved to 90 ql and enchanted with 70+ AoSP on every piece for free. Armour sets are sold for 120s per set and do not include the headpiece. The headpiece can be bought together with a set for a discounted 12s. Wonder what the colours on drake hide armour look like? Blown up a glove while casting? Can't find your pants back? Perhaps going with one colour is too boring and you want your armour in multiple colours! We sell individual drake hide armour pieces! Check the spoiler below for pricing: Drake Glove - 10s Drake Sleeve - 15s Drake Boot - 17.5s Drake Jacket - 30s Drake Pants - 25s Drake Cap - 15s Defeat and behead all thyne foes! Lifetransfer, Venom, Rotting Touch and other weapons: Custom Weapon Enchants Rare, supreme or other special weapons sometimes call for custom enchantments. We offer to enchant weapons with Fo and Vynora spells for set prices. Availability is limited, so please message Alyeska before sending your weapons. Enchants are classed and priced into two categories; Exclusive and Common. You may order enchants starting at 70 power and above. We only enchant weapons and high value armour, not tools! Exclusive class enchantments: Life transfer, Mindstealer, Venom 70-79 power - 3s 80-89 power - 4s 90+ power - 5s Common class enchantments: WoA, CoC, Nimbleness, AoSP, Frostbrand 70-79 power - 1,5s 80-89 power - 2s 90+ power - 2,5s You order your cast in the price category you desire, and that is the set price. I you order a 70-79 power enchant and the cast comes out higher, you don't need to pay extra. Dragon Armour Improvement Services: Drake Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Scale Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 2s 70QL -> 80QL: 3s 80QL -> 85QL: 2s 85QL -> 90QL: 5s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Leather, Plate, and Chainsmithing. Armour sets and Improvement Services: Leather Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: 4s Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Chain Armour sets: Butchering Services and Butchered Products: We sell 100ql butchered items. Pelts, cochineal, furs, hides and anything else you may be looking for. 100 ql pelts cost 75c each and we have dozens in stock, so order one today! Send us a message for more information about other butchered products. You can also hire me as a personal butcher for any livestock, uniques or other animals that need processing. We have over 90 butchering skill and use a 98.5 ql supreme knife to guarantee the best outcome possible. Send Alyeska a PM for more information! Special Offers! Get 'em while they last: Enchanted tools, rares, and oddities: We are currently working on getting some new odds and ends for this section. Stay tuned! Mailing with a 1 minute delivery time is standard for all mailable items unless otherwise requested. Please add a 10c mailing fee per item for the Independence server, and a 20c mailing fee for other servers. Non-mailable items may be picked up at my deed, Muspellsheimr Kastali. It is found at 8x 55y on the community map, 9R ingame, or see the map below. Delivery is an option for orders 10s and above, pricing negotiable. Is my order done yet?? Check here for status on existing orders and requests! (opens a .pdf file)
  17. Rare Red Dragon Strange Bone For Sale Rare Bone - 94.53 ql: 30 silver [16:47:02] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Located on Deliverance. Available for pickup or COD at buyer's cost. Thank you.
  18. Want to sell, Red dragon skull. 62ql 10s thanks.
  19. Sold, please close. WTS White Dragon Hatchling Skull Ql. 99.37 The skull of a special animal can be a great trophy. Price: 10s Buyer pays CoD fee (item will be mailed from Xanadu) or pick up at Castle Harmondale (L26, Xanadu).
  20. (Close)

    Found what I needed. Thank you!
  21. Imped to QL 80. No enchants and never been worn. Cut from the hide of an old timer about a week ago. Here is a link to see what it looks like equipped. http://forum.wurmonl...gon-armor-pics/ Available: 1 full green set with hat + a spare green hat Price: 100s/e set with hat. 90s/e without hat 12s for just the hat
  22. These are imped to QL 80. No enchants and never been worn. Cut from the hide of an old timer a couple days ago. Here is a link to see what it looks like equipped. Available: 2 full green sets with hat & 1 white without hat. Price: 100s/e each with hat. 90s/e without. Also have a spare black hat for 12s, or you can add to the white above for a complete set at 100s
  23. Just thought I'd post this, as I was unable to find Kegan's nice modeling from about a year or so ago, but then I'm not great at searching I think. Had some people recently ask me what the armors look like, so made up some sets and put on a couple alts.
  24. WTB Dragon Hota Statue for 40s