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Found 500 results

  1. Hello fellow wurmians, i am the co-owner of Sovngarde, a new deed south-east of Blossom. The second owner (Matzelo) and me decided to form a Harbour, to make travels and trades simple. So we found Port Sovngarde to reserve the place, but because we 're bussy with building up our main deed Sovngarde we decided to give someone else the chance to live on a deed and build it up/help us building it up. So here we go. If you re interested, check the following list of requirments and information. REQUIRMENTS: - you dont need any skills - you need to be active & friendly - you dont need premium, but you cant really play wurm without - you need to be able to speak english (or german) - you 'll need to pay for the upkeep: pay 50% of the monthly upkeep (currently 1.04s = 52c per month) in cash OR with bulk goods OR pay with work OR pay with trader discount (in case you are generally selling bulk goods as a trader) OR a combination (we can discuss everything via pm) feel free to pm me with other offers - you ll need to pass us your houses or let us plan your houses you are free to build whatever and get full rights for your houses, its just in case you become inactive we 'd be able to use the deed INFORMATION: You 'll get nearly all rights You 're allowed to do everything which is not against the wurm rules and what we did not defined here or later via pm/chat As mentioned, we need to be owner of the buildings We founded the deed as a harbour, therefor you 're not allowed to terraform the jetty we need a small storage and a small shipyard, if you dont build one, we need some space to build it on our own 5. We are part of the Academy Alliance, if you break any rules of it, you 'll be kicked without a warning 6. the deed/Job is not limited to a time. If you fit the requriments you can stay as long as you want! INFORMATION ABOUT THE DEED: the monthly upkeep is about 1s 5c there is a mine with about 1 iron vein and several zinc veins deed is at X15/Y32, North-west of blossom, facing north-sea nearby forest kinda flat area close to blossom and blossom market, including spirit templars and a 3min mailbox ondeed guardtower (use "help" or "guards!") Any questions can be asked here or discussed via PM. Save travels and happy wurming Ps.: in case a non pristiner newb reads this, i have a ship, so pickup from other servers can be arranged!
  2. I had a Troll Spawn inside my house while I was building the roof. The doors were locked (have been for days) and the house is on deed. First and second floor have already been completed, just missing the top roof. There is a mountain next to the house but there is a tile of space between the mountain and the house, so it isn't possible for the troll to fall from the mountain in. Here is the screenshots: Screenshots show that I was on the second floor when attacked and the house had locks on it. Locks are set for villagers so I assume thats why the guards could come in. I can confirm the house is on deed, and that I had no mobs already inside my shop (I didn't have a dominated pet troll, if that is even a thing.) I was lucky I was actually at the keyboard and not afk or else I would had died. Let me know if anything else is needed!
  3. Hi all, I was swapping kingdoms on a pvp server from freedom to JK and I found out that you have to drop your deed before you can swap. No big deal, just drop the tower, drop my deed, waited for timer. And poof my deed and the tower was gone, well done me. The problem came when I got converted and wanted to redeed the same area. The perimeter of my deed refused to swap out of being controlled by freedom isles. With no towers around and no freedom guards left alive I couldn't understand why it was telling me another kingdom was too close, and it was because the game didn't remove the freedom isles focus zone in the perimeter of my deed. Please post here if you have any further questions relating to this problem.
  4. Will consider anything, paying with silver.
  5. Hello everybody, I want to sell my deed on the server Celebration. It is north of the market of TDM. It's a nice small deed with citywalls that are connected by bridges. With this system you almost can walk around on the walls except where the workshop is. It has more than 290days upkeep and upkeepcosts are very low. The deed is included with all materials and stuff that is stored there. All kinds of lumps from ql1 to ql90+. Also under the deed is a mine with some veins. Also an enchanted horse area with horses (with all kinds of traits) + horsegear. Workshop has storage too from dirt to logs and tools to work with. Only the 3 rare forges were sold. Here are some pictures to get an impression. ] Always feel free to walk and look on deed, the gates are open. Give me an offer and we can negotiate about. Any questions can be asked in pm of this forum. Kind regards, tc
  6. Due to RL getting in the way I am taking an extended break from Wurm. I've decided to try selling my deed this time with a starting price of what is in the coffers. The deed is a complete island that I have tried to keep as natural looking as possible so very little terraforming. It comes with: 1 wagon 4 large carts 2 sailboats and a rowboat. a workshop, storehouse and stables. 4 70QL forges and 2 70QL ovens Kiln There doesn't appear to be much ore under ther island, have only found a couple of iron veins so far. A temporary bridge to the mainland, I built it off a building so I could easily remove it once I had the masonry skill to build a stone arched bridge. Various animals, some bison, horses, sheep, cows, bulls etc.. Starting bid 70s No Sniper Protection
  7. Pls close

    Hello wurmians, I am looking for a small deed for a friend and myself. The deed must have - an area to use for farming (a few flat tiles) - one or more houses - a small workshop (does not have to be "equipped", just seperate building) - a small mine (with iron in it) - a nearby forest (d prefer one inside a forest) Some extras which d be nice: - harbour or coast line - walls - guard tower - some useful goods - a ship - horses - carts - nearby clay tiles - and so on Feel free to post or pm your deed with all information, and also server and location plus the price you are asking. Would love a deed on pristine, but if its a nice one i d accept release or east coast of xanadu too. Greetings Simju
  8. "The Sand Castle" If your looking for a awesome looking but inexpensive deed your in the right place. This Castle can be seen from the water when entering the fogshore canal and is most impressive. This is not the place for you if you plan to grow crops and raise animals but is perfect for an artisan. If your goal is low overhead while grinding your priest, armorsmith, or weaponsmith take a look. The Sand Castle is on Xanadu, located on the line between J-12 & J-13 - This deed is 12x41 and the monthly cost is 1 silver. - Rare spirit castle with C86 - all the sand you could ever need - utmost and very good iron vein's - utmost silver vein - Lots of good local infrastructure and an active area Overview Gatehouse Main Keep Main Gate Enchanted Grass Areas (4 - 2 tile locations) 4 Corner Towers Throne Room Royal Bedroom Roof Bridge to Mine I am looking to get 30s for this deed. please post or pm me in game for more info
  9. When creating or expanding a deed there are a number of things that won't allow you to do so, such as aggressive animals, other buildings, other deed perimeters, etc. I have large deed that I've recently expanded, and both in creating and expanding it was a nightmare, because the first problem that always comes up is aggressive animals. So I'll spend ages hunting down all the aggressive animals in the area and removing them. Only after that do I get a message saying my deed overlaps with someone else's perimeter, or there's a one square building somewhere that I don't have permissions to. Then I have to redo the parameters to get around the obstacles, and spend even more time getting rid of aggressive in the new area. Please could we have things like buildings and other deeds display first when you survey an area for your own deed? Then we'll know right away if we can deed the area we want and won't waste time clearing space unnecessarily.
  10. Hello! I am moving from my home and would like to sell if possible. The deed's name is Twilight's embrace. There is a large, furnished house on deed. A mine located just under the house. Room for deed expansion. A small orchard, farm next to the house. An area for animals. The deed comes with an invitation to the Aged Fat Alliance which has many active and friendly members as well as public mines (you can find pretty much anything you want in a ten minute cart ride) and docs that access the ocean. Easy access to the Linton highway. Deed is located in the J11 area of Xanadu. I would like about 10s for the home, but I am willing to haggle if you can't afford that. (There is way more that 10s worth of items being left on the deed but I'm not bothering to include that in the price.) The deed itself in minimal and upkeep is paid up for about 2 more months. It's only a few copper since it's a minimal deed. The land that you would have claim over is outside of the deed though. It's all fenced and the fences are in good repair. There is a functional supreme mailbox just outside the front gate. There are lots of neighbors close by, but not so close that you can't expand the deed even more if you wanted to. There are a couple guard towers near by. Easy access to tar, clay, sand, and anything else you might want. I am happy to answer any more questions you might have. I'm moving to a different location not too far away so I'll be in the area to show you around too if you would like. Pics
  11. Need to get rid of this deed that used to belong to a friend of mine, got no use for it lately... Only asking 20s The size of Fisherman's Wharf is 71 by 44. The monthly cost is 6 silver, 24 copper and 80 iron. (Can be reduced to a 4s upkeep) Only 1 month upkeep left in coffers. Comes with 2 freedom wagons, houses are full stocked with furniture. No mayor. Got a main house, a shop, a shipyard, a guest house, a church and several other buildings including a oval stable. Located just south of Greymead on the lake shore of J 18 in Xanadu, beautiful place to live on if u dont like to travel. Pm me for more info, pics on the link below
  12. This is a rare chance to own a private island. Looking to sell my island deed "The Isle Labyrinth". Currently I am one of two deeds left on the island and the other deed owner has not logged on for over 200 days. You can easily deed (or just build) on the remaining locations on the island and invite your friends. The deed is located at I-11 Xanadu. I will attempt to list the perks. - Main house, 2 buildings and a shed - 18 Horse corrals and one small 11 tile side field with enchanted grass - tunnel to top of mountain with Path of Power tile - deep waterfront with storage buildings - 2 mines with all veins except slate - Vynora colossus - the labyrinth consisting of 10-7 story buildings and many bridges connecting them - mine maze with puzzles - 4 fields, 210 tile,to hold horses or to farm - guard tower - a hidden grove - currently the deed 21x27 The monthly cost is 1 silver, 13 copper and 40 iron. entrance side gate courtyard breeding pens hidden grove Path of Power tile at mountain top view of deed from mountain top Please post any questions and PM me in game with offers, Thank You Due to the number of pm's I am starting an auction Starting price is 40s with 1s increment bids 30minute sniping protection
  13. I had a fog spider on my deed, inside my farm, an enclosed outside area. There was one of the same name (Aged) that had set off the alarm of the neighboring village maybe 5-10 minutes before I saw it in my farm, so it could have teleported in rather than spawn there, though from a fair distance away (I didn't know that distance was possible). When I saw it in my farm it was full life. When I mentioned it in Freedom chat, someone said they had a fog spider teleport inside their house. Rumor says it might be intentional that they are able to spawn inside deeds/houses, but I don't believe it. Given the previous gameplay experience that Rolf has been happy with (to my knowledge), I highly doubt it was intentional that these things suddenly start spawning inside peoples deeds/houses. Rolf is a good guy, he wouldn't let these spiders terrorize our deeds intentionally. Starting a new deed is nerve wracking until you get those walls up, which is why people buy the deed and then work so hard to get it done asap. Only once the walls are up can we relax and enjoy the scenery. You pay the money and plant a deed for a safe zone. A little respite from the aggressive creatures to ensure you don't lose the skills you have gained for that day in an unnecessary death. You spend days to weeks building walls to make it safe from wandering aggressives, so that you can AFK safely when RL calls. It's a perfect balance, to allow for the unpredictability that is real life, and to allow people to choose their gameplay experience. If these aggressive fog spiders can spawn inside deeded areas and even inside houses (or even teleport there), then why bother with building anything? Can you imagine a world with no safe zone? How is that playable? If I had to log out to afk and then log back in again, and be on the edge of my seat every moment I am in the game -- it would be an entirely different experience, and not one I'd have stuck with for more than 11 years. I have faith, it will be fixed eventually.
  14. Steel Rose Mining Company I am selling a small deed with utmost veins for gold, silver, copper, iron, and zinc. They all have at least 5000 ore left. There is also a VG tin. The deed is undeveloped. Just dont have time for this deed. Starting price: 5s Buyout: 25s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: none Snipe Protection: 10 minutes The upkeep will last approximately 34 days, 12 hours and 42 minutes more. The size of The Steel Rose Mining Company is 39 by 12. Large magical chest A large chest that prevents non-food decay while having normal decay itself. It can not be repaired or picked up. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 40.0, Dam: 19.055267. LMC cannot be loaded or transferred to anyone. Thats why the low price The deed is on the east coast of Crystal Lake, Independence Server. P20 ps: there is also: A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. The spirit castle has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 70.03018, Dam: 26.019188. Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98]
  15. I just had a couple of ideas i wanted to put forth. The first is in regards to the wurm website, as you may have noticed on the main wurm-online page it has a big wurm-unlimited banner, and a few of my friends have been confused thinking this is the main wurm-online game because it's featured in such a big way on the front page. Whilst i understand those of us already playing wurm-online understand they are two seperate games essentially official and none official, i think it would be a good idea to adjust the main page so the Play Now wurm-online is more prominent and that perhaps wurm-unlimited has it's own dedicated page, i'm sure you all know what i'm trying to say here, And i'm confident there is some smart people around who knows what i'm suggesting and is able to think of a solution. I suspect Wurm is not gaining potential players because of this! Also a guide on how to install the game and client would be usefull because to a complete newb the client can be abit unusual compared to other games and it's hard to know what is going on such as that it is doing packupdates in the background prior to playing and you just suspect the game is not letting you hit play now! The second idea is to have more than one deed per character on the same server! I'm not sure why there is a limitation on this as a per-server rule, ecspecially for PvE doesn't make alot of sense to me? If one is willing to put up the dollars , why not? what do you guys think? ( i said this in-game but i was told to post a thread, although i suspect it's already been suggested before but now we have a ninja team of developers, maybe they could sort it out? Anyways im out of breathe typing now... my apologies for the poor spelling and grandma. Thoughts? -Taz Ps: i took a few month break from wurm, i used to be the guy digging alot and it burned me out.
  16. WTB Deed

    Looking for a deed on the coast. Pm with details. Traders are a perk but not required.
  17. Good day folks! I want to sell my deed placed at Xana C19 (at little island) it's called "Green Orange" size 29 / 40 63 enchanted grass tiles cherry (72) and apple (62) trees 171 tile for fields 5 houses and 2 towers (1 tile house) 1 guard tower Also will left there some mats Please write here or PM, your offers
  18. I'm looking to sell my two deeds Castle Black and Eastwatch-by-the-Sea located at B18 and B19 Xanadu. The two deeds are connected by a 3 tile wide highway and a nearly finished 3 tile wide tunnel. Eastwatch is a port deed and Castle Black is a mountain castle deed. Paypal is much preferred over silver. Please see pictures below of Castle Black: Castle Black: 39x43 Tiles, 31s in coffers, 3.35s upkeep, 262 days remaining, 2.25% productivity bonus Eastwatch-by-the-sea: 23x22 Tiles, 6s in coffers, 1.01s upkeep, 168 day remaining, 2.25% productivity bonus Deeds will come with the furniture (boxes / forges / ovens / ect) seen in the videos. The 4 merchants (mostly full of junk rares) will come with the deed as well. Note: With the exception of the guest house, all the buildings in Castle Black are connected with bridges to give it a castle look and feel. You can travel between all the buildings internally / on bridges. Please PM me with an offers or questions, thank you. SOLD
  19. I am selling Devonshire for a friend. It is a large deed on Crystal Lake (N16) just south of the Cave Canal to Inner Sea. It is less than 5 minutes from The Howl and Freedom Market. It has a large mine, heavily reinforced, mostly on deed with an Utmost gold vein. I am not sure of other veins. The size is 70x41 and the upkeep is 5s 74c. It has a few buildings, large shore line, and a colossus out front. The deed will have 30 days upkeep at the end of the auction. There are a few animals I can leave on the deed if desired. Most of the furnishings and items can stay if desired. I will try to get some screenshots to post later today Opening bid: 10s Bid Increment: 50c Buyout: offer Snipe protection: 30 minutes after last bid.
  20. sold thx

    Starting bid: 20s Minimum increase: 2s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: None Hidden reserve: None Character: Name : Tron Gender : Male Prem : No Prospecting: 20.054247 Mining: 26.3245 Digging: 35.632954 Smithing: 23.4871 Blacksmithing: 55.07499 Jewelry smithing: 20.052263 Cloth tailoring: 20.6721 Leatherworking: 20.149399 Masonry: 60.967766 Stone cutting: 58.21562 Hot food cooking: 20.423536 Nature: 25.404337 Foraging: 36.653202 Botanizing: 39.116405 Meditating: 32.61782 Fighting: 70.07374 Aggressive fighting: 24.495731 Miscellaneous items: 20.0 Shovel: 24.52008 Pickaxe: 27.487642 Repairing: 20.0 Hammer: 25.833145 Stone chisel: 37.19381 Two handed sword: 43.509502 Woodcutting: 22.762705 Carpentry: 39.80786 Fine carpentry: 46.611076 Mind logic: 20.0 Mind speed: 20.152256 Soul depth: 21.115793 Soul strength: 20.260437 Body: 21.985756 Body strength: 23.454556 Body stamina: 20.70361 Body control: 23.252304 " Items: Large magical Chest - dmg 2.5 Wagon rare large cart rare bed 3k cotton 4k rock shards 10k iron 3k bricks 2k clay 5k onions Deed: small starter deed paid for 220days NE Indy 48x17y name Southpark !Tool enchants outdated and may be a little lower! Have fun
  21. Hi i am putting Psalamon and his sidekick Airoticah up on the chopping block as i can't play for more than 3-5 minutes at a time due to some unforeseen bug that came on the code in the last week... comes with a newly terraformed deed with a oouple buildings and supplies for usage..42 days left of deed paid..1 month and a bit opf prem time..airoticah is losing her prem this week hence the sale.. there is also my other deed blombay's farm though that is by co-mayorship but there are horses and lots of mid-lower ql supplies there to grab.. comes with some rare chain pieces many, mnany enchanted tools and an enchated rare longsword and rare large shield, a knarr unamed as of yet, a whole shiite load of crates with varying supplies, and a bunch of 5 speed and lower mixed breed horses..nothing really else to say this is a skill duimp of the main character nothing fancy never was much of a grinder.. theres no need to put airoticah up shes real basic..with some carp skills is about it just used her as a house builder please paypal or some other such payment option i will not take silver as i have no use for it anymore as i can't play..oh well.. no rude comments i dont really care what the naysayers say so be warned..otherwise let me know if theres any interest.. decent reputation besaides some deals that didnt go through as planned but besides that 500 karma.. level 6 path of love vynora priest...
  22. WTB: Deed.

    I'm looking for a deed. There is a wishlist. I also dont need all points covered. Size: maybe ~10s/month. Preferably an area with varied geography. I don't really like flat. Bonus points for terraforming and structures. Semi private area. Few neighbors if any visible. Islands are amazing. Any server is ok.
  23. Do people pay for long periods or just month by month?
  24. Steel Rose Mining Company I am selling a small deed with utmost veins for gold, silver, copper, iron, and zinc. They all have at least 5000 ore left. There is also a VG tin. The deed is undeveloped. I had planned to build an underground facility, but I am too focused on my main deed. Starting price: 5s Buyout: 15s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: none Snipe Protection: 10 minutes The deed is on the east coast of Crystal Lake, Independence Server.
  25. Hello! I'm Synchronosis and I run a new deed named Grey Run on the Northwest coastal region of Pristine. I'm looking for new and old players alike to who want a friendly and active place to expand their Wurm experience. The deed is ocean-side. A water strip of tiles is on the deed for safe storage. There is a mine, expanded daily. 3 minute walk from Blossom Market. Friendly alliance included! PM me here or find me in game at Synchronosis to join today :)!