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Found 515 results

  1. WTB Deeds

    WTB your old, stocked, ready to play deeds. pls pm me in game with location for viewing.
  2. Description: A small, compact deed with just 1s upkeep. Fair amount amount of common bulk materials included. (Listed below). Would make for a decent "hunter's respite" type of home due to abundance of mobs. Or a vacation home. Or plunder and disband, do whatever you want. General Features: -Walled out. -Extremely lively, but beatiful cedarwood forest. Loads of things to hunt if you don't mind something tougher than cows. Spiders galore! -Non-coastal, but got a road leading up to the coast, 2 developing port deeds nearby. -Can expand further south(lot's of flattening required), further west(almost flat already), further east(if you don't mind the expanding into the mountain). North is blocked by an abandoned deed, which will obviosly disband at some point. Archeology next door! -Big cedarwood forest to grind your woodcutting. Deed Features: -50ql Guard tower, Guards find their way outside the walls just fine. -50ql Altar of Vynora. -Smithy shed with 70ql smelter, 70ql forge and one more unfinished smelter(5 rare heaps of sand were put inside) -A mailbox, courier [11] -HFC Skilling area(hidden inside the mine just so not to be an eyesore), 2 forges(128 frying pans), 3 ovens(128 pottery bowls). All cookers 50ql. -3 Fields. 5x4, 2x6, 3x6 -3 planter racks, 90 empty pottery planters inside, 30-40ql all. -2 Large carts, 2 Small carts, 1 Ship Transporter. -Living quarters building featuring A kitchen, 70ql oven, empty FSB, larder(Full of snowballs still) 4 1x2 Bedrooms Misc. Clutter and various tools lying around in chests. Animals: 6 sheep, 2 rams. (1 sheep and 1 ram are cool looking black ones, bred. Black sheep is pregnant, hoping for another black) 7 Gray Horses. 3 Female, 4males. 1 Male and 1 female bred, same parents. Rest are wild. (Note. There's an abandoned decaying cart on a deed permiter, once it decays 2 more gray horses will unhitch) Warehouse contents: -50ql Kiln -6 25-30ql Empty beehives ready to accept new buzzy residents. -Spinning wheel, Floor Loom, Rope tool 20ql+ -Crate Rack, 25 small crates inside, 6 of them are empty, rest filled with what listed below. -Bulk Materials: 3191 Piles of Dirt for your terraforming needs. 1200 Rock Shards. 395 Colossus bricks. 750 Logs, all 20-30ql! 83 Heaps of sand. 13 Stone slabs. Everything else not listed: BSBs: FSB: Mine: Iron - It is of poor quality. Iron - It is of poor quality. Iron - It is of good quality. Iron - It is of very good quality. Iron - It is of very good quality. Rocksalt - It is of very good quality. Silver - It is of poor quality. Silver - It is of normal quality. Silver - It is of normal quality. Currently being offered 31s. You can post your offers here, PM me on forums or PM me ingame(Griselda) Not really an auction, but I'll wait for some offers before selling. Check out second post for screenshots.
  3. We are unable to drink water from fountains (and probably wells too) on deeds outside our alliance, as of today's update. I went over to Port Sopor, Deliverance - a neighbour's deed not in my alliance, and tried to drink from his public fountain. The fountain contained plain water. [22:12:25] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.
  4. Right on the Lake, beautiful views, creative landscaping (lots of terraforming has been done) and easy access to the ocean. Easily expandable with room all around. Quite a bit of love was put into the design. It's hard for us to part with it. Location is O-10 (584x769 on 2 mines on property (tin, iron, zinc) 3 mines with doors off property (marble, slate, gold, silver, copper) 5 areas setup for farming (some are currently planted) 3 animal pens (various horses (some preggy), cows, bulls, sheep, rams, chickens included) Full blacksmith building (slate) 3x4x2 (2 stories) and includes 8 forges, various storage. Workshop building (wood) 3x4x2 (2 stories) includes 2 ovens and 1 food storage bin, 2 bed frames, 1 loom and various storage. 1 fountain Unenchanted mailbox Empty merchant stall Guard Tower (QL 30) Various carts and other misc items. Freeway has been started. Altars to Fo and Vynora 50 silver or best offer. (currently have some offers, hurry and get your offer in before it's gone) If interested, please contact me (Tarot) in game or leave a message here. Best time to catch me in game is after 1 p.m. (pacific). Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm Gofs/Torkell, I finished and sold total 4 deeds 3 at Xana, and 2 at Pri, I think Wurm is beautiful, very impressive by possibilities game, where possible to create very nice deed's. For example build deeds not just for skill up, but with some general idea, like Pirates deed (at some island), or Monastyr deed (somewhere at mountains) I gonna put some examples of my works here : Here are 5 questions that AFFECT the price: 1) I need plan of deed to see size.2) I need to know how much buildings you want, and even better if you will tell me what kind of houses you need, like: church, craft house, stock, kitchen and so, and so.3) How many floors you prefer as maximum (don't count towers)4) Would you like to use decoration? (stone bridges bridges can be nicely used after 3 floor) 5) Do you want me to decorate inside buildings (design of interior) > puting objects. 2 questions that DONT : 6) If you have some preference about texture, like sandstone, marble or maybe pottery bricks, or maybe you prefer some timber. It's also possible to mix 7) If you have any Colossus or Monuments or even guard towers < that one better to know, to include them in design
  6. Auction starts at 50s and bid increments of 5s - will run for 14 days or will sell outright for 1.5g Deed on Harmony Memento Mori located at F15 - water access at posting 66 days upkeep Deed size is 61 x 40 Level 43 guard tower on property Large Magical Chest included 2 clay patches on deed Mines: 19 Iron veins 2 Copper veins -Average 1 Lead Vein - Normal 1 Silver Vein - Utmost Animals: Bison - at posting most females are pregnant (many with speed traits) 26 male 25 Female Wild Horses - at posting most females are pregnant 20 Grey - Female 1 Gold - Male 1 Gold - Female 1 White - Male 1 Brown - Male 1 Brown - Female 1 Black - Male 1 Black - Female 1 Gold Buckskin - Female Named Horses at posting most females are pregnant (many with speed traits) 5 white 2 Piebald 19 Grey 1 Gold Buckskin 5 Gold 1 Chestnut 9 Brown 5 Black Property also: comes with 2 wagons, 4 large carts, 5x5 building, 2 larders, 5 forges, 2 ovens, ship transporter, unfinished corbita, 3 rowboats, 1 active beehive also included: 600 cotton meats herbs vegetables leathers
  7. Sellind my deed Q16 Melody 2h time Marble 99ql 10k bougth with rod Slate 99ql 10k bougth with rod 3 copper veins lead vein iron vein Highway bound and 15-20 mins travel to Overture !!! reachabel with boat and over land. 42 by 92 Large Birch wood forest + Linden Wood Start Bid: 80s Buyout 150s
  8. Hello, We are seeking New Players and Old Players, deed is at q16 on Melody. 42 by 67 Big, big Forest with Birch wood and Linden wood. Iron, Marble, Lead and copper atm. Im in a really Aktive Alliance that Build Already at the Canal o16 a bridge and also the travel to the main City Overture is like 20 mins max. we are around 10- 20 ppl in the ally. and im trying to flatten the land, create a Farm, Housing from Marble and slate and also a little castle at least on the top of my small hill we also take care of New Player that is willing to stay in game and we will help ofc. Ingame Name Bravestone (Mayor), Kroweyes (Deputy)
  9. Looking for new players and experienced players. Located at S12 , top of the mount. I am a solo player, who would like to share the view and build something awesome. Please p.m. me in game for more info. In game name: Puffington(Mayor)
  10. Welcome to Maple Arbor's recruitment post About us We are a friendly, laid back, deed recruiting new and old players alike, everyone is welcome. Located at bottom right corner of i13 on Harmony. A shore corner deed, with loads of resources inside and outside the deed. We wont ask anything of you if you decide to play by yourself, as the deed progresses and plots are being made, you are able to chose whichever free one you want. Any help and skill is greatly appreciated. We are a still in early stages of work, terraforming, skilling up, and also building up. A layered terrace-like village plan, makes for a fun and interesting looking deed. Alliance We are members of the "Clear Pond" alliance, consisting mostly of deeds around the lake and coast Deed numbers: The deed is 52x58 big, enough for most projects that get in our way Numbering around 10+ active players, 5/10 less active, plus some alts 2 tar pits, 3 clay pits, sand and dirt, wood, and few mines, available within or near the deed Desirable Trades/Skills Carpenters, Masons, Alchemists Diggers (clay, tar, leveling), Miners (ores, stones) Farmers/Gardeners/AH/Tenders Bulk makers (bricks, planks, storage...etc) Smiths(bs/as/ws/s) Requirements We don't force you for any work, any skill, any money, we can only ask kindly. We only want you to enjoy your time with as you either play together with us or solo close to us Only requirement I ask of you as a mayor, when building a house is, to turn on Settlement management permissions (settlement "x" may manage) Only 2 reasons I ask that of anyone, even my closest long playing friends, is for deed protection and cleanliness, in the worst case scenario even I quit the game unexpectedly, at least some of the other players can run the deed. Nobody likes to see old abandoned houses inside a active village taking up space, so if for any reason you stop playing we have a way to work it out 1. No Griefing/Stealing 2. Settlement may manage perm is a must 3. Enjoy your time here Hopes and dreams We hope that you will join our little community and enjoy your time here, work and rest under the maple shade To build a self sustaining and fun to play at deed, bringing the people together Current deed plan (map last updated aug 25) (deed planner, not RL view) Contact You can contact me either in-game, on the forum, or on discord at benalish#2257 Thank you for your consideration
  11. Some of you may know me as Yekrut. Others may call me Turkey. And others may remember me as Shut up, kid! Whether you do or don't know me, I have a history in Wurm Online spanning several years and I have a plan for the new Steam PVE server. I've been planning this for any new server. I just didn't know it would take place on a new set of servers, but hey, I'm only human. I'm looking to put together a large market--THE largest market on the new Steam PVE server. I've already started planning. I want to get everything as organized as possible before the server opens and I'm looking for experienced players to join up. What I want is for players who plan to play on the new server to sign up and take on a specific role. When it comes to authority, you will have the responsibility of managing that aspect of the settlement, with input from myself and the other managers. We will have regular small meetings to review and plan future changes to the settlement. You and I will discuss how you should use your role for the betterment of the market and I'll make sure the whole thing comes together in an interesting and organized way. We will find a project for you to work on, and you spend as much time on it as you can. For example, if you agree to be our Master Dye Maker, you will need to level that skill up as quickly as possible because the market will be counting on you. If you're the Main Animal Breeder, your fellow market developers will be counting on you to donate and sell whatever animals you can. Not a lot of sales will be happening at the start of the server because skill levels will be low and no pro items will be in the game yet. Working together and helping each other will set our market apart from other markets. Working together will also help you to acquire better tools and resources before other settlements in the game. We'll design the market to be enormous, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing. I also plan to have a limited amount of lighting to ensure that players have as little lag as possible while in the market. We want to be very, very organized so the market will look amazing. For that to happen, each person's personal preferences will be somewhat limited. What does that mean? It means that the Main Building Designer will have most control over how the residential area looks. It'll be his job to plan structures and see that they are built in an organized way (placement, material type, size). The Main Outdoor Decorator will be in charge of decorating the outside shrubs and landscapes, etc. This is a normal limitation while being part of a larger settlement. But it's good because having one person choose these things for everyone will make an overall better visual effect. Also note that you may have to work with another manager to accomplish some aspects of your role. For example, if you're the ship builder, you may not be able to make your own high level ropes, so you would need to collaborate with other villagers to get rope. Most likely you could trade for some ropes or give up your products for free starting out and someone is likely to give you what you need when they get it. Helping someone else first can go a long way in villager relationships. It's a big undertaking. What do you have to gain from helping out with this project? Let me list a few things that will put you ahead of everyone else when it comes to the new server: -You'll get a larger, more desirable house in the market area. -You'll have a preferred space for a merchant when the market is ready to open.(still true) -You'll have access to a large community that shares their tools and resources with you, which will put us ahead of other settlements.(still true) -You will be conveniently located next to the largest market in the server.(still true) -It will be easier to raise your skills being in a large settlement with a common mine, forge, etc. (still true) -We will be a large settlement at first, while we raise our skills and develop the market. Then we'll open the market as it's ready and the server matures.(still true) -You'll be able to make some silver a little later, when the market opens to traffic from the entire server. (still true) -You will have access to our wagoner, which makes bulk shipping much more convenient than delivering it yourself by cart or ship.(still true) -You'll be part of a settlement that won't play for a few days and then quit. It's common among new players. We will keep growing this community until we're all highly skilled and rich. You will also have the benefit of being part of a large-scale project, which will be much bigger than most, if not all, other settlements early in the game.(still true) What do you have to lose? What do we need from you? You'll need a few things to be able to sign up to take on a role: -Premium. You'll need high skills eventually to continue to improve the market's appearance and amenities, which will require premium on at least one of your accounts. -This isn't like a real job, so you create your own hours. However, in order to fulfill your role as a manager, you'll need to put in an honest effort. If it becomes clear that you aren't fulfilling your duties or trying to steal/scam other members of the group, we'll replace you with someone who fills the role more adequately. -Donations. While you're raising your skills you can create storage bins, forges, carts, etc. to level up your character to be able to perform more difficult tasks. Collect your shards, ores, wood, etc. and throw them in a bin so that other people may use them for raising their skills. This type of network can be beneficial for everyone who joins in on this market. If it's not useful to you at the moment, it may be useful for someone else, so don't throw it away. Give it away if you can. Phase 1 - Set up stations for grinding up skills, a small house for each player on the table above, and a small building for each main development focus, such as smithing, leatherworking, etc. At the moment this stage is expected to last for around 1 month. It really depends on how fast we can grind up skills and gather materials for the next phase. Phase 2 - The market opens for venders who are part of the market's development (as listed above). We begin to change the settlement and terraform/lay down the foundation for the endgame market design. Our sellers open their venders so that other players may buy their wares. The final market design is being developed currently, which will be completed at phase 3. During phase 2 we will begin building with whatever skill sets we have gained at that time. This phase is most likely going to take the following 1-2 months to set up. Phase 3 - The beginnings of the endgame marketplace are in place, and just need to be completed over time as we get higher skill levels. The marketplace has been changed to accommodate sellers from all across the server. We fully open to the public and connect our establishment to other settlements via highways. We install a wagoner for shipments. We begin selling bulk materials and horses. We open our services to the entire server, such as sermon group inclusion, public mine, etc. As we reach phase 3, villagers who have kept up with their roles in the development of the market are free to move out and start their own settlements. They will be able to keep their house, title, and role in the marketplace, as well as their special market merchant spot for as long as they remain active on the server. They are free to pursue other endeavors and aren't expected to stay at the marketplace forever. Anyone who leaves early or fails to help the settlement adequately before that happens would give up their slot to someone else. *update* Our project is as large and ambitious as ever, so feel free to join up with us. How to sign up: Send me (Hammer) a pm with your discord ID so that I can send you an invite to our channel. Also include which role you want to have, or if you would like to be a general helper. If you don't want to use discord then you can send your Wurm Online username and email address so we can keep contact for important developments. I'll also use your email to share market spreadsheets with you. I won't use it for any other purposes, I promise. You may also message me in Wurm Online on Yekrut to discuss more information. If it's a high difficulty role you need to tell me why you think you could do a good job and how much experience you have doing that. Some roles will require some experience and others will require little or none. You can send a nickname if you don't want anyone to see your character name in advance (so nobody else takes it when the server opens). If I think you'll do a good job I'll add you to the list. You should sign up for 2 or 3 roles if you think you will be able to handle all of them. You can also sign up as backup if you want to help the primary person with that task. If there's a role you would like but it isn't listed, send me a message and maybe we can add yours. ROLES: Position Title Difficulty (1 to 5) Main Duty Secondary Duty Primary Player Secondary Player Animal Breeder 2 supply traited animals supplying milk Nafiti Archaeologist 1 2 recover fragments and produce neat things for the villagers/market collect flowers Archaeologist 2 2 recover fragments and produce neat things for the villagers/market collect flowers Blacksmith 2 creating higher level bs items for others Wushi Ranger Builder 1 1 Follow the Building Designer's plans and help build help anyone Tsarbomba Builder 2 1 Follow the Building Designer's plans and help build help anyone Builder 3 1 Follow the Building Designer's plans and help build help anyone Building Designer 5 - deed planner required design a unique and interesting collection of buildings to fit specific areas Turkeys Bulk Producer 1 1 stone, wood, animal parts, herbs, etc using alts is ok Turkeys Bulk Producer 2 1 ore, lumps, etc using alts is ok Wood Cutting 1 produce sprouts, nuts, fruit, chop wood, provide logs help anyone Terranin Xatirichan Carpenter 2 help other citizens get carts, beds, wagons, plan structures help anyone Cyranth Terranin Chain Armor Smith 3 produce and improve chain armor for villagers Ranger Chef 2 making a variety of high quality foods for affinity bonuses farming McDanky Yekrut Coal Maker 2 steel production Digger 2 bulk dirt, clay production; terraforming forming canals Judysek Four057 Logistics 4 market secretary, organizer, item distributor logistics Allison Dye Maker 3 create beautiful dyes to color the market herb production Farmer 2 gathering high quality crops for the chef, tailor, ropemaker herb production Turkeys Fighter 2 raise fighting, help keep the area safe meat, pink flower scout Fine Carpenter 3 village FC imps, barrel and furniture production Ranger Enchant Grass 1 create enchanted grass for animals to graze help anyone Nafiti Indoor Decorator 0 create attractive and unique indoor decorations for all buildings Leather Worker 3 supply armor and leather gear to others Marketing 3 attract other players to join the settlement or sell their wares here help anyone Turkeys Mason/stone cutting 2 bricks, fountains, statues, mortar, whetstones Judysek Miner 1 mine out a specific mine pattern supply stone shards Judysek SirTokenHatz Moonshiner 2 creates beer, wine, and hard liquors (important later for skill gain) beekeeping? McDanky Outdoor Decorator 5 place colorful decorations, including fountains, flowerbeds, etc Potter 2 amphora, smelting pot, planters, shingles, measuring jug, pie dish, etc. clay bricks Turkeys Priest-Fo 3 bless, animal traits, mailbox enchant, life transfer, etc prayer groups, convert others Priest-Libila 4 bless, enchant items and gear for villagers, etc prayer groups, convert others Ranger Priest-Magranon 3 bless, strongwall, etc prayer groups, convert others Priest-Vynora 4 bless, enchant items and gear for villagers, etc prayer groups, convert others Nafiti Stargrazer Road Maker 2 follow a schematic to pave roads in our market and outside it connect highways Nafiti Shield Smith 3 create and improve shields Ranger Mouse Ship Builder 2 make rowboats for villagers help anyone Xatirichan Tailor/Rope making 2 meditation rugs, cloth gear, sheets, sails, etc distribute meditation rugs Team Organizer 4 rally members for completing missions and hunting uniques Weaponsmith 5 make weapons for villagers Judysek SirTokenHatz Jewelry Smithing 3 improve altars, jewelery, pendulms, statuettes Plate Armour Smithing 3 sets of armour in available metals SirTokenHatz Metallurgy
  12. nah

  13. Hi everyone, I'm a mayor of a relatively new deed on Independence... and I've got a bit of a "fool me once..." situation. What I Want: Some feedback based on in-game experiences, as well as personal play style commentary. Discussion with and between Wurm players. Honesty. What I DO NOT Need To Be Told: how permissions function, how to use permissions, technical aspects and how-to's. That I'm a stupid girl. That I'm naive. That I need to L2P. No grandstanding or hating. Some Background: I deeded a large swath of land. It's basically a rectangle longer than it is tall, that occupies most of a relatively steep hillside. The land includes a ton of trees, bushes, an entire mine, and even part of a highway. I have plans for all the space I took, and intend to work on this deed (and stick around on WO) long-term. Knowing that deeding this land will take away access to a bunch of previously free resources (wood, ore, food, mobs in the forest, etc) from the established locals... I deliberately set non-citizen permissions on deed for harvesting resources. In order to allow this level of access, it is necessary to also allow pick-up privileges. This is especially for trees and ore - resources that don't automatically go into your inventory, and require you to pick them up after gathering. I put a LOT of thought into this decision, and I knew how risky this level of permission - for basically anyone - would be. Where I'm Coming From: Despite the risk, I felt that it was (is) important to be a positive addition to my neighborhood. My deed is also very close to a newbie spawn point - so I also wanted new players venturing out for the first time to be able to use forage & botany, etc. Part of why I felt comfortable deeding so much land was that, from the very start, the build I intend to create on this land is based on a kinda idealized version of an old English estate (very idealized, lol) - where someone owns the land and is technically in charge, but the lands are accessible to the locals for farming, building their own homes as tenants, setting up a local market or town square to socialize, using the land & water resources for hunting, fishing, etc. Ultimately, I simply wanted to be neighborly, to play fairly, and to keep other's enjoyment of the game in mind. The Situation: As I have been building and gathering resources, things have been.... going missing. This is happening in areas that are noticeably "in-progress" and obviously on someone's deed. I have been building very methodically and keeping resources clustered together, to avoid the appearance of this stuff having been abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Anything that is able to be "secured" has been planted. But I'm not perfect, and some things end up simply dumped in a pile, or are otherwise loose - especially when there are times that I've needed to log off in a hurry. First it was a barrel of nails. Fairly low quality and easy to replace. Then there was a barrel of ribbons. Again, pretty low quality and I simply replaced them and the barrel. The most recent was a large barrel full of water (I haven't built a well yet). Obviously, again, not such a deal - I'll replace the large barrel and I'm not dying of thirst. Anything else that has "wandered off" has been mostly incidental, some jars of milk and cooking oil, a stack of grass or dirt or planks. Nothing really unfortunate... yet. I do have areas that are fenced in and behind locks: my horses and work animals, my food and fields, my cart of major supplies and tools. But I'm more concerned by the overall pattern being established here. Will the person(s) making visits to "borrow" from me eventually decide to bash down a fence and take my sheep? Or horses? Due to limitations beyond my control, some areas that I'm using are on perimeter instead of on deed. I would have simply deeded more, but there are reasons that this is not an option. And even if that never happens... will I always be plagued by ongoing petty theft in return for my attempts to be accessible and neighborly? The Bottom Line: I knew that something like this was a risk when I set the permissions the way that I did. Now that I have new information (in-game experience) - should I re-evaluate my earlier decision to allow general access to resources on-deed? Should I restrict non-citizen access, and come up with some other way to provide free resources and materials to my neighbors and the occasional traveler? What would that look like? How can I make that happen? Will these incidents escalate, or is this just a minor annoyance that isn't worth making any changes over? Is there a general consensus among Wurmians about resource access & etiquette? In terms of "Wurniam ethics," am I doing something abnormal, or is the "thief" the aberration? Ultimately: at what point does this cross a line and I need to tighten my permissions - if ever?
  14. Hello and salute o7 Im Airbornease also the Jarl on Brave Stone Ville. North to South 46 tile and west to east 35 tile. it depends more Long than Wide,also good for Farming and Animals. Also we have the Allianz The Lunar Order near our place and we support each other. the alianz is big, we have the highway connection on Xanadu. My Deed is Mark on the Picture below and also a deed picture. Ive also have a Wagoner. When u have questions just Pm me in game or also write here im sorry for my bad Explain, but im a good person that is willing to help out and take on Rejoin players and also new Players Wurm Long / Wurm Hard ! <Cya In-Game Mates o7
  15. I am selling my last deed: CAMP D. Server Deli - Koords U12. Quiet, far away. Utmost iron opposite on the mainland. Size 11x11 and therefore inexpensive. With everything that can be seen on the video, except account and rowing and sailing boat. Including tons of material, horses, ships, wagons, etc Please don't ask why I'm leaving wurm, I don't want to be banned here for the last few days - thanks! Starting bid : 1 silvermin increase: 1 silverBuyout: -Reserve: -Sniper protection: -
  16. Currently only a mayor of a deed can rename branded animals of the deed. As a deed with multiple citizens this poses a problem when looking after animals. A player can have all the permissions associated with caring for them, including 'blue' ones such as branding etc. However, what one cannot be given permission for is renaming. Renaming is fundamentally required to keep track of animals, especially Bison, for the purposes of preventing inbreeding. It is understandable that the Mayor of a deed has exclusive privileges for actions which are associated with their role, but renaming branded animals should not be classed amongst them. If the permission to even resize the deed, etc, which is directly related to Deed politics, can be given out then surely renaming should be too.
  17. In the name of the mayor Psmaster i want to announce the recently created deed of New Porto (S23 at SE coast), which has space to take in a few new and old villagers, who are looking to join up a community. The village is not as big as compareable huuge deeds on Xanadu, and not as lively and densely populated as Newspring, but the village offers a fairly big workshop, with beds, forges, and BsB full with materials, free to use up for villagers and members of the alliance. There is also a big Temple/Church/Workshop/Common Quarter House that can hold sermons and has workspace above the priests! The village has access to the sea, and it has small canals leading through the village and carved into the hillside and going underground as well. "Have you ever been to Venice?" Is the village motto! Lots of bridges will follow over time! As a fan of Dwarf Fortress i immediatelly liked the idea that these canals flow into the hills and then go underground as well after leaving the Venice lagoon! The Canals run underground and there is space in a big cave, to build undergorund houses as well, if anyone likes that. I'll surely build a guest house of my own here and wait for the Carnival with my mask! ? Space reserved for sceenshots later on
  18. Hello, First off, we here on Indy do have far less Lag than Xanadu ? I'm located on Independence Q 20, just a bit south-west of the new central spawn hub "Haven Landing", you can follow the big 2 wide roads to find the place. The village is located on the newly created Canal, that connects the inner central Lake Crystal Bay and the small lake South Haven Lake and leads to the south sea, through a ship-tunnel. Means, you can sail to the village from south-east server boarder, and you can walk here from land. You can go shopping at the C.L.U.B. market, managed by Champagnedragon, just a minute north of my village, and i can also offer help on entchanting tools or weapons with my priest, and possibly help from alliance-priests, which will make your newbie life incredibly easier, and your veteran life bit more comfortable. I offer a village workshop, which has all kind of raw and bulk materials inside, which you can use to make your items out of. (For example Wooden Logs, Rockshards, Sand, Clay, Iron, Silver, Zinc, Tin, etc.) I offer a clay tile in the area, which you can dig all you like, the next closest claytile is at Haven Landing and further away at the eastern Lakes. The idea is, useing these materials you can create and improve your items and skills very efficiently. I can provide some free skiller tools as a starting gift, after short playtime. The workshop provides beds, forges, ovens, BSB, FSB, and of course shelter from the outside world ? You are allowed to use the free, public usable rockshards to make your bricks for your first stone house later, or use free Logs for a wooden house, and sand/clay for mortar and keep all materials you create for yourself of course. I see no need to focus on a house for a new player, but if you stay around for longer time, login regulary, i will help you to make a house plot for yourself. Screenshots i will add later. My character ingame name is Daryan, leave a forum message, try me ingame or try discord: @OsteGames/Steam/Twitch#6175 Twitch streamers, please notify me and keep the chat windows covered. Here is the topic about the Process of makeing the Canal:
  19. Greetings fellow Wurmians! So I've got some rough ideas, and I thought I might do some crowdsourcing to see what people think, maybe get some inspiration, that sort of thing. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to weigh in! So the main thing that I've been thinking about is something relatively communal and open. What about a campground? I could find some open, relatively flat land, set up some basic borders for aggro control, then set up individual campsites where people can come, pitch a tent, secure their locked containers, that sort of thing. Close to the water for boat access and fishing, maybe close to a load of abandoned settlements for Archaeology; communal workspace with ovens/forges/etc? Would it make sense to do this on an island, to be more generally accessible? Possibly bridged to the mainland and connected to a highway even? Are there any nomads out there who would use such a place if it existed? I did a cursory search of the forums to see if there was anything like this at the moment, and I didn't really see anything, but if someone has done this elsewhere, I would love to hear about it! I look forward to any feedback that you guys might have! - Perihelion
  20. done plz close
  21. For Sale by Owner West Hillpeace Estate 20 Silver Deed Information Northwest View from Upper Tier Northeast View from Upper Tier Cared for Horses Included with Deed Additional items included in sale: 9 BSB's (mostly logs) and a FSB with contents 13 empty BSB's and 3 Large Crates Forges, Beds, and Floor Looms. Large Cart and few Small Carts All deed lighting stays including the two Marble Braziers Casted Mailbox Outside Fo (dominant) and Nahjo Altars Underground Mag and Vyn (dominant) Altars Feel free to PM me with any additional questions, or to setup a time to tour the deed.
  22. Due to real life getting in the way I'm having to step away from wurm so I'm letting my inn deed go. It's a project some of you know I had lots of plans for, the inn has even been visited by a demi-god. The deed is "The Three Legged Troll", located on the highway (i helped build) in O20. The building itself is a large 96 carp plan, has an 11x3 workroom in the back, plus the inn bar area at the front. Upstairs are 2 communal rooms, plus 2 single rooms, also on the 1st floor is a private room with access from the workroom via a ladder. The next floor has 3 private rooms, all rooms have beds, some other furniture bits but more furnishings are needed. There is a merchant (inn keeper downstairs), plus larder and chests to leave stuff out for people passing. I usually leave food, cotton and some basic tools. Outside at the back there are a few private pens, there is a public craft hall at the side. Out front is a highway that runs through the deed, a viewing area with mailbox and token. Under that are enchanted grass public pens and fields. There is an offshoot for a wagoner that I'll be moving to another deed, but the wagoner container will stay. The price for the deed is minus the merchant, if you would like the innkeeper merchant as well, just say so in the bid and that will be 7s on the price. There are 2 large carts out the back, one belongs to Wulfmaer. Oh and there is a 91QL rare loom inside the workroom along with tons of random stuff and building materials. There is also a small mine behind the inn with iron and sandstone veins. I haven't mined much more than a small tunnel yet, it has a nice ramp down to it mind. Pics: There is more furniture than shown, I just haven't updated the pics of the rooms yet, it's mostly just beds in the rooms. Upkeep is 1s29c per month. There is 16s68c in the upkeep so the price will take that into account. Starting bid: 20s Min increments: 1s Buyout considered via PM. I also have the owner (mayor) of the deed for sale if anyone is interested. Yetian I'm not good with prices for characters, but it's been suggested 50s/e is a fair price. I'll be selling him anyway so if interested, he can be sold with the deed, let me know via PM if you are interested in taking the deed with Yetian. He's a longstanding character and has had no issues during his/my time in game. He comes with all his tools, which are all enchanted I think. Armour and Weapon I'm selling on their own (armour is sold). His staff auction is:
  23. I am looking for a Freedom deed that I can buy, I would prefer coastal by all means or boat mine access to the deed at the very least. Location on map does not matter that much (N,S,E,W) but I generally prefer the North. If you have an offer please allow me 5 days to review the deed via screenshots. Thanks.
  24. Friends If you have not done so yet please register you deed at the "albia roads map" sticky here on indipendence forum. Its a great help to fugure out where you are. like when returning from another server on a foggy day or just roaming the lands off road. So please drop them a post that you want to register your deed on the map. Its completely free of charge. DL
  25. HI I live up the north end of Crystal Lake (hells forge / hells harbour) along with some old dusty neighbors :-) Fact is that we like neighbors up here so if you are looking for a place to settle I will be happy to give some directions to good vacant places in the area among friendly people to help you get started. Just PM in here or contact deathlemming in game.