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Found 55 results

  1. Location : Deliverance 19x 14,7y The Echo. Status : Open Contact me: In game - Martynas Forum - Martynas5 Or just post order in this topic Only exchanted grass available now Cloth tailoring - up to 54QL Minimum order QL is 30 Meditation rug 0,5c/1ql Fine meditation rug 1c/1ql Beautiful meditation rug 1,5c/1ql Small square sail 0,5c/1ql Triangular sail 1c/1ql Square sail 1,5c/1ql Cotton sheet - 4c Leatherworking - up to 70QL Minimum order QL is 50 Leather armor set 1c/1ql Studded leather armor set 2c/1ql Toolbelt 1c/1ql In stock: 5x 60QL leather sets 52ql fine meditation rug 50ql square sail 50ql beautiful meditation rug Selling exchanted grass 0,7s each. Minimum 14 grasses. While exchanting i can make cloth tailoring goods 2x cheaper if supplies with materials
  2. Cloth Barding should be a means to decorate ones horse without a speed penalty. When visible armour comes out, I'm hoping that you'll be able to at least dye the barding different colours, with a possible further enhancement of being able to make Kingdom-themed bardings. In another game I used to play, everyone from my group would use blue barding so we could easily identify who was who without having to worry about shooting or killing a horse that was actually ours. I think if this were to be implemented alongside of Kingdom styled cloth barding, it would allow for a more user-friendly experience, as well as eye candy. How can a red and black cloth barding not look nice on a black horse? An image below is kind of what I'm looking towards seeing, but perhaps without the head-guard. This kind of barding should have little to no impact at all on a horse's speed to allow for use on Freedom without complaints. Perhaps armour like the above could be customized by changing the emblems on parts of the armour, or having a different base colour per Kingdom. Mol-Rehan would get a red, black, and yellow barding (fire based) of some sorts while Jenn-Kellon's barding would be more geared towards a blue and green colour (water and landscape based). HoTS's barding would be primarily black. What are your opinions on the matter?
  3. 59ql cloth for sale, gives around 3.5 favor each piece, or almost 7 for a Fo priest- 5s per 1k, Also up for grabs is 10k of garlic to help get that soul depth up - 1k/1s Free delivery anywhere in Deli, get it while you can! Garlic has been sold.
  4. Strong Badia. x27 y37 on Exodus. Currently Selling from Blacksmithing Leatherworking Farming WoodCutting Cloth-Tailoring PM any of the names below if you are interested in purchasing a product. We may have it in stock, if not won't take long to get it to you. Or simply place your order in a comment! Having it mailed to you is normal price plus mailing fee CoD. No Exceptions, you will pay the mailing fee. Down to business. Prices are as below:
  5. Hello. I was wondering, what kind of favor items would be most desirable for a Fo priest? I don't like mining and would like to avoid locks for that reason. I would much rather do Cloth Tailoring. I'm also wondering if CT (square cloth = Fo's double favor item) is better than ropemaking. I have zero experience with Fo priests and just want to make sure I won't make an unnecessray effort grinding CT to 70 (which is 91 on the curve - I'm on Epic). I harvest 92ql cotton or wemp.