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Found 55 results

  1. Up for auction: Supreme cloth jacket, cotton, 60,37ql Starting bid: 8s Increment: 1s Buyout: None Reserve: None Snipe: 1 hour Edit: added forgotten snipe
  2. Don't really know why my other topic was locked... Selling ~3400 pieces of cloth @60ql which comes out to 10k favor (20k for fo). I am willing to deliver anywhere on the coast of Deli if you buy all of it. I am located at 6x 13y on Deli (Oak Grove). Price is 1.75s/k or 15s for all.
  3. Hey guys! Auctioning this great Supreme cloth gloves 36ql in 24 hours Starting bid: 3s Next bid: 1s Buyout: 7s *(I will pay the CoD) Delivery: Server: Deliverence (G9) Or by Mail if you prefer (I pay the CoD) Now go go guys!
  4. Selling ~1200 pieces of cloth @61ql which comes out to 5k favor (10k for fo). I will not deliver. I am located at 6x 13y on Deli (Oak Grove). Price is 2s/1k
  5. Hey guys, I'm searching for a nice Cloth armor to buy, check it out: What I exactly want: Full cloth armor 90+ql with 70+AoSP What I can pay for: Full cloth armor 90+ql with 80+AoSP and some other enchant maybe Acceptable: Full cloth armor 80+ql with 60+AoSP I'm from Deliverence, and I have no problems on paying the CoD Offers please
  6. QL90 Supreme Cloth jacket 3 day auction! [20:41:53] A fine but simple jacket made from cloth studded with wool. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Starting bid 6s Bids increments 1s Sniper Protection 1hour buyout 15s Hidden reserve Pickup at Angels Westport K-8 Xanadu or mail 10c. All other servers 20c
  7. Rare cloth jacket, it is 60ql, and has a web armor cast of 80 on it. Starting bid 1s min inc. 50c buyout 4s no sniper protection no private bids buyer pays cod 2 day auction
  8. 99 Cloth Tailoring Skill H8 on the Xanadu Server PM Frankd, Frankdalt in game 98 Courier for fast COD's Buy one rug (No CoC Rugs) up to 60ql get one of the same ql free. Add COD cost to all prices Enchanted Items Pricing COC, WOA, AOSP 1-69 = 1c 70-79 = 1c + 10c 80-89 = 1c + 30c 90+ = 1c + 90c For custom cast I will only guaranty a 60+ cast CoC Rugs Sold Out
  9. rare cloth glove QL 9,43 Starting at 50c Min. increments: 10c Pick up or cod (cod cost covered by buyer) (Deliverance, Zbuczyn 38x 7y)
  10. Edit: To clarify, there is some variety in the potential of this armour and that is why the poll is so varied. Either we can have a halfway armour between plate and chain or we can have a 80% of dragon armour substitute. /Edit Between chain and plate armour: Materials: Bear skin Shark skin Lion pelt Wolf skin Crocodile hide 2-5 kg of steel per piece 5-8 kg of iron per piece copper bronze tin Skills: First part of the process uses leather working. - 70 skill Second part uses chain armour smithing - 70 skill Third plate armour smithing - 50 skill (Why? So that it probably uses three smiths and makes leather working more relevant.) Basic process: Make a basic armour set using the animal parts, the padding under the armour with LW. Attach the chain pieces for the joints and to hold the plates on. Attach plates to the pieces. Results: Breast plate weight 3.80 kg (chains is 2.20 and plate is 5.72) Speed on cobble stone 12.79 km/h (chain is 13.90 km/h and plate 10.89) 62.5% damage reduction at QL 100 (chain 55% - plate 70%) Low glance rate - cutting Medium to high glance rate - piercing Medium glance - mauling Sorry, these are the closest I came to finding what I meant to show you:
  11. Hi. I think Wurm would visually benefit from introducing more clothing, be it for roleplay or generally game-feeling. These are some suggestion as to what might be possible, the images are for brain storming. Blacksmith's apron MiscellaneousTabard slotUsing leatherSuccess chance somewhat higher than a leather armor (21? dependent on smithing skill?No defense since it is no armor slotChef's uniform MiscellaneousHead and torso slotUsing clothSuccess chance somewhat higher than a cloth armor (21? dependent on cooking skill?)Defense of a cloth armorBandana HeadgearHead slotUsing clothSuccess chance appears at 21-30 cloth tailoringDefense of a cloth hoodOptional: possibility of applying dyeNobleman's set Feets, hands, legs, torso, sleeves and head slotUsing cloth, gold/silverSuccess chance appears at 40-50+ cloth tailoringDefense between cloth armor and leather armor due to thicker linenVillager's set Feets, hands, legs, torso, sleeves and optional head slotUsing cloth and leather (perhaps leather scraps, so not officially leather armor and thus no armor boost)Success chance of cloth armorDefense of a cloth armor Please let me know what you think.
  12. [19:21:41] A thick cloth glove. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The cloth glove has an open seam that must be backstitched with an iron needle to improve. Starting bid: 50c Min. increments: 5c No reserve! buyout offers accepted.
  13. Message Of The Day: What Should I write Here? Order Status: None Where??? The Preatorian Guard, Independence (x64 y62) When??? *Best time to catch me is weekends, as I'm only on occasionally during the week* *I am on the forums everyday however* Delivery??? <COD is to the buyer> * Mailbox Enchant: 88 Improvements??? Leather Working: 91 Cloth Tailoring: 71 - Imping up to 30ql for all Leather items is FREE! - Imping up to 20ql for all Cloth items is FREE!
  14. Sold

  15. In compliance with the WFDA - 9.14-2 (Wurm Full Disclosure Act) The subject of this sale will not provide a buyer with equine effulgence: ie equipped horse no glow =( *also 50 is as high as I can imp. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increment: 50c No reserve. No buyout, but feel free to make me an outrageous offer (in a good way). edit - appears mailable!
  16. starting price is 1 silver coins. mininum increase set at 20 copper coins. no reserve. sniper protection is the usual 1 hour. buyout of 3s edit: droped buyout to 3s as per marty's suggestion
  17. i have to sell Rare Cloth Glove QL: 24 Starting Bid 1s min increase 1s
  18. WTB 200kg of strings of cloth Paying 1s + delivery (20c) Deliver to The Echo Outpost 16x 15,7y PM me in forum or ingame ( Martynas )
  19. I dont think it would be worth much, 10ql rare cloth glove. Also would it hold more value if i had a set of them? What could i get for this/ and what could i get for them if i had a set? Thank you
  20. Promised Land Hideout Services. Located on Celebration. X11, Y7. We have a merchant set up at our deed aswell so if you are in the area and in need of some items check em out. My ingame name is the same(Eroc) if you need to contact me that way. Hope you find what you are looking for. Blacksmithing Items -Awl, Branding Iron, Chisel, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Lantern, Leather Knife, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Trowel 50ql-20c 60ql-30c 70ql-45c 80ql-70c -Large Anvils 50ql - 40c 60ql - 60c 70ql - 80c -Mooring Anchors 25c -Lamps Set Price is for 50ql Iron Torch lamp - 15c ea Iron lamp - 15c ea Imperial street lamp - 40c ea silver Hanging Lamps 50ql - 30c ea JewelSmithing -Candelabras Iron 30 ql 25c 40 ql 40c 50 ql 50c Silver 20 ql 30c 30 ql 40c 40 ql 50c 50 ql 75c Jewelry Silver Only Statuettes: 50ql -60c 60ql -80c Pendulums: 50ql -50c 60ql -70c Rings/necklaces/bracelets: 50ql -40c 60ql -60c Altars: 30ql -1s 50ql -2s 60ql -3s Ropes Cordage Rope - 10c Mooring Rope - 5c Rope - 1c Thick Rope - 18c Cloth Tailoring Meditation Rugs 50 ql 40c 60 ql 50c Fine 50 ql 50c 60 ql 70c Beautiful 50 ql 60c 60 ql 80c Kingdom Flag - 25c Kingdom Banner - 25c Flag - 25c Banner - 25c Sails Square Sail - 90c Small Square Sail - 30c Triangular Sail - 35c Carpentry Items 60ql-20c Fine Carpentry Items Ask for loom imps or installation Aswell 60ql-35c Bulk items: Average ql70 iron lumps : 100kg-1s Average ql80 iron lumps : 100kg-2s Average ql70 silver lumps : 10kg-2s Clay : 1000 kg-1s Mag Priest Services! Strongwall - 1s/tile Mole Senses - 1s/cast Enchanted Grass 75c a tile! Put in a request for a mid cast and up of Circle of Cunning(CoC) and/or Wind of Ages(WoA) on any tool, Rug or Pendulums! Please pm me with your request(s) regarding Casts. I will post with instock enchanted items when they come about. 80ql Needle 52 WoA 52 CoC- 1s70c 80ql File 59 CoC- 1s30c 80ql Rake 50 WoA- 1s20c 1-69 = 1c per power 70-79 = 1c per power + 10c 80-84 = 1c per power +30c
  21. Hey all wurmians and developers who are reading this. I would suggest few things. Sailing boat - I know there would be lot players who would say that the sail is disturbing, and it really is. Would be nice if the rig would be higher, so the sail would be higher and won't disturb players to see around, or you could make smaller sail. Walking on bigger ships - This would be great if you could move around Corbita,Knarr,Cog,Caravel and could enter below deck,captain's room. There even could be more board fights with this. Also, you could move and shoot,see from all sides of ships. Would be nice if you could make bed, tables, barrels, chest in the ships, and when walking to access them. Cloth armoury - Im been quite suprised about cloth armour. The hood is blue, why the sleeves are red? Also, would be really nice and it would be bigger roleplay IF clotharmour could be painted. It would be nice if you can paint it as you like, that would be big bonus. Multiple armours - We have plate,chain,leather,cloth armour. Would be handful if you could wear Chainset under Plate set (This would give more armour bonus, but would slow down the player) Cloth set under Chainset (Chainset would have little bonus) Thanks for reading this, Waiting for your comments and i think those are useful suggestions. Your Zibens.
  22. Its my pleasure to announce that the upgrades to TDM are now officially coming to a close this weekend. The market is located at the center of the map on a man-made coastal island connected to the west side of Tap Dance by a land bridge. We've been striving away to fill empty spaces and expand our animal selling facilities and construction work is finally coming to a close. However if you are interested in a shop here and are not already on the list we will continue to slowly replace empty Market stalls with our new stone shops where possible. Id also like to thank those who have lent a hand with some of the work and really sped things up, you know who you are. TDM has a high power mailbox that delivers in under 10 minutes as well as an altar to each god, both are available to the public Tap Dance market currently contains a variety of merchants catering to a wide range of needs: Lump Tools Enchants - Sells a selection of high quality chain armor, Enchanted tools from low quality skilling tools to high WOA tools as well as high quality bulk lumps New Awesomesaucia Wares - Comprised of 3 merchants selling quality shields, Enchanted tools and anvils, meditation rugs and carpentry wares Tpikols Carpentry - Tpikol's merchant specializes in 70-90 quality carpentry wares from practice dummies, grooming brushes, signs, even altars and mailboxes Dragon Forge Weapons and Sfaleron's Wares - Dragon Forge weapons sells weapon smithing goods from quality 50-85 and on occasion enchanted tools as well, Sfaleron's Wares sells quality Blacksmithing goods, high quality carp goods and other general wares. Whisky Lamp and Moonshine Tannery - These two merchants sell traited Horses, quality studded leather armor sets, ropes, toolbelts and cloth goods. Germania's - A merchant selling traited horses and other general goods Necromancers Smithy - This merchant sells quality Weaponsmithing and Blacksmithing goods Sara - A high quality weaponsmithing, Armour and blacksmithing store Das Booth - A general goods store Violets Tools/Weapons - A high quality enchanted weapons and tools store comprising of two merchants Cheap weps/tools - This merchant sells Heavily enchanted weapons and tools of a high quality as well as un-enchanted quality products Hillbilly Hermit - A blacksmithing and enchanted tools store that also regulatory stocks anchors Woventhreadii - Sells cloth and rope wares of quality Mostly Chain - This merchant sells chain armor sets for affordable prices Trinity Trading co - A general goods store What you need - A general goods store Korner Industries - This merchant can be found selling studded leather armor and an assortment of other goods As well as an asortment of other merchants Coming soon new bulk crop and materials vendors (stalls are in progress and merchants have been found) If your interested in placing a merchant here please pop buy and just plant one in a free stand or contact Dyf/Split Ingame If you'd like your very own shop here there is a waiting list, however if your willing to provide materials or lend a hand making them we'll happily provide the spot. Place a merchant here is free and always will be this is a community Market and is not for profit.
  23. hi im selling a 16,47 QL rare string of cloth im located at 42x 5y Cliff Side make offer