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Found 185 results

  1. This poll is specifically to gauge the interest there is for a functional Wild server, nothing else. It may give Rolf a general parameter as to what a "fixed" Wild/Chaos server may reap player/deed-wise. At least for the players that use the forum. The term "fixed" is relative as there are many points of view. And is not intended to be a "how to fix" thread. Only intended as a Wild/Chaos interest thread. I used "Wild" instead of Chaos because Wild is more apt to what it should be, Chaos is pretty accurate to how the rules feel at this time though, irrrrroooony Please mention this thread to anybody you think may be interested in the subject so it gets a more accurate yes/no range. I'm personally voting yes, for I want to play Wild. Also, historically there have always been more non-pvp players (since it's been an option), so I don't expect the yes to outnumber the no. But if enough people show interest into a functional Wild, perhaps something will be done. Vote!
  2. I have this plate set sitting in storage that I am not using, no helm in this set. LS: [17:20:00] It is enchanted with Libila's shielding, and has a protective aura of Libila. WA: [17:20:00] Web Armour has been cast on it, so it may slow down creatures hitting the wearer. Both of these enchants are not possible on the Freedom cluster anymore. Enchants on each piece is as named in the picture. I am curious what this set is worth, and if there are enough, or a good enough offer, I'll either make the deal or make an auction. I am located on Chaos, and mailing would be best. Shipping costs for all pieces if I am not mistaken, would be 80c on Chaos, 1.6s for any other Freedom server. Thanks.
  3. I have started a deed on chaos just recently on an island on the east coast and am currently looking for 2-3 others to join up, preferably not expierenced, but not complete newbs as well. Ideally we need someone interested in blacksmithing as I am more terraforming/carpentry based character. We have a couple iron veins, 1 lead and 1 silver veins with a gold vein not too far off. Got a few horses and some farms up and going. If you live on another server I can pick you up anywhere off the western coast of the server you are on. It's pretty safe over here despite being a PvP server. So if anyone is up for an adventure send me a PM.
  4. Wtb Cooked Meat

    I'm looking to buy up to 10 000 cooked meat With Delivery to Chaos, North coast (or any amount seller would be able to deliver) Paying 2s per 1000 meat. Minimal amount 2000. We can deal about delivery cost. Paying up to 5s for delivery, depends from its amount.
  5. Recruiting closed. Please close topic.
  6. Azjherben's Selling Chain Armor.

    I just got a mailbox set up and my first chain smithing title after going from about 25 to 50 chain smithing in a few days. So when I get home from vacation tomarrow I figured I'd start filling orders for chain armor. Quality --- Full set price --- Price for one peice 40ql --- 40 copper --- 4.5 copper 50ql --- 75 copper --- 9 copper 60ql --- 1 silver --- 12 copper 70ql --- 1.25 silver --- 14 copper Hopefully by the end of the week Prices don't include mailing costs. If items in your order become rare, you get them at no extra charge. Can make silver sets for double the price. Mailbox enchant is only at level 2 so it'll take just under two hours to get items CoD, if you want to pick up orders, my deed (Mol Rehan allied) is just south of Gold Coast. I'll start filling orders about this time tomarrow, to place an order, I'd rather you replied to this thread first before you send me a pm so I make sure I see your order incase I'm afk at the time. But my ingame name is Azjherben.
  7. Need Courier Cast. (Chaos)

    Need courier cast on a mailbox a few minutes south of GC, MR deed. Name is Azjherben ingame, but post here first. Won't have coin for a few days, but for now might be able to pay in armor or something like that if needed.
  8. Wurmgata Sailing Competition

    ANNOUNCING THE FIRST RUNNING OF THE WURMGATA SAILING COMPETITION I will be hosting a boat race in the month of August 2012 on Deliverance. The exact date and other details are still being hashed out but will be finalized and posted here no later than July 29, 2012. Race will start and end off Sa Matra docks 26x 47y. Route being considered will travel east to the islands then north to the top of the large bay and returning back south through the bay to the islands then west to docks at Sa Matra. Grand prize to the winner is 10s donated by Spindrift Addidtional prizes may be available dependent on contributions to the event and will be listed as offered. If you are interested in participating in the race or you would like to donate a prize please post a response here. Start time will be 9am Central Daylight Time (UTC-6) once the date is finalized. THIS POST IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. ALL DETAILS WILL BE COMPLETE BY JULY 29, 2012 WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE CHECKPOINT LOCATIONS AND DETAILS. THIS INFO WILL NOT BE POSTED UNTIL THE DAY OF THE RACE ON THIS POST.
  9. Wtb Woa Horse Shoes

    I'm looking to buy 80-90+ woa horse shoes, any ql. Willing to give a nice coin PM or reply offers please.