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Found 188 results

  1. WTS Bloodyhell

    Due to skills doing a huge part in PvP, anyone interested can PM me for a skilldump to this account. I reserve the right to not reveal it to the Empire of Mol Rehan trolls that are about to post in this topic
  2. Commorragh Chaos – Horde of the Summoned Libila, Goddess of Destruction and the one true Diety of Wurm, has once again cast Her eye upon the lands of Chaos. The Blacklight shines dark in the sky and the call has been issued. She is once more gathering Her faithful, sending whispers out to all of the other lands to draw in fresh blood for the eternal struggle. Many, both those who have never forgotten Her voice and those new to the sweet, sickly magnificence of Her call, have drawn together to rebuild and recapture what was once Her’s. From these, Commorragh has been refounded. Initially rebuilt by a small group of former citizens, Commorragh is thriving again, with much on offer for devoted followers of the Dark Goddess. About Chaos Chaos is currently the oldest of the Wurm Online servers, with a long history of established and well fortified deeds. Over the years, Chaos (formerly Wild) has gained a bad reputation, helping to cause a poor influx of players. However, these stories are generally exaggerated, as is the custom on the server. If you were to ask your typical longterm Chaos resident, they would no doubt inform you that the situation on the server is no where near as bad as is sometimes portrayed. People craft and breed animals and do all of the normal things you do in Wurm, but with a little extra. Even those for whom PvP is not their primary concern, can find homes. There is some further general information about the Chaos server here: Chaos FAQ About Commorragh Construction of Commorragh began in the end days of the former capital Ebony Veil. Built deep in the forested heartlands of HotS, it quickly turned from a field of trees into an industrious Capital under construction. Commorragh provided refuge for a number of those who lost their homes during the previous war and gave a focus for their efforts. A turnover of recruits allowed the construction of new deeds, repopulating the surrounding territory. . HotS continued to be pushed back and the Citadel was abandoned when all hope seemed lost, it’s survivors retreating for a time. The City of Commorragh has been restored to it’s former glory by some previous members and a new influx of pioneers, making the settlement stronger, more vigorous than ever. We offer many choices in play style and all manner of players are welcome to apply and will be considered. Prospective Members What Commorragh can offer you: -A safe place to live/craft -A multistory house and help designing it to your specification -Crafters to help you with what you need, with the opportunity to earn enchanted tools/weapons -Assistance with fighting/crafting skilling -A variety of resources to work with -Experienced players who are more than willing to answer questions -PvE/PvP events -A fun and active community What Commorragh is looking for in Members Becoming a citizen of Commorragh will involve an application process and possibly a short interview. New members will experience a trial period to ensure the player is right for Commorragh and Commorragh is the right place for the player. The trial period is also to gauge the activity level of a new recruit, as players who join and quit a week later has been a pain in the past. We do have a Teamspeak server which we use and expect members to set up, it is not obligatory except for PvP. -Helpfulness and a good work ethic -Respect for your fellow citizens and a reasonably mature behaviour -The willingness to defend regardless of players PvP interest -Actively playing You hear Her whisper in your ear… will you answer? You can apply for membership here
  3. Wurm Economics

    Originally I had only planned to ask a few people here and there in-game about the topic at hand, however that wouldn't be fair to anyone else who has an opinion or a suggestion and would like to contribute. I intend this thread only to be as a check-in for those of you in the community who wish to talk seriously about the game economy. I do not intend this thread to be a place to debate opinions and facts. This thread is intended to remain friendly and free of bias. This thread should remain clean and void of any aggression or derailment. Following these guidelines, if you'd like to be part of a private group discussion concerning the current economy in Wurm, please leave a post here saying "Add me" All of those who ask to be added to the discussion will be added to a message group. Any of those who don't care to talk about the topic can pass this thread and move along. See you all during the discussion! As a reminder, please only respond to this thread by asking to be added to the personal-message-discussion. If the message group fills up (and it should) we will either start several message groups over the topic or use an outside source to host the conversation.
  4. The Dammed

    This was written a few months ago, and as I am starting to write again I am looking for some constructive criticism on it. Places to improve, things to help the flow, ect. There will be spelling errors, because I am lazy. Note, this is not written to offend anyone so keep all y'alls drama out! The Dammed The cave was hectic, the usually dull light was split by the lanterns of thirty odd men and women, all finishing their preparations for the long night ahead. Catapults and carts where hoisted into the holds, followed by solid lumps of stone and lead. Water barrels where filled, meals wrapped, and even enough sandwich to feed this mighty army. A cry was heard, echoing through the halls, "Everyone into the mines!" Of course, no one payed it any attention. One by one, the loaded warships where sailed into the bright sunlight, the warriors pacing back and forth, playfully slapping and shouting insults to each other. One brave man attempted to gather some logs to improve his arrows, and almost drowned listening to the jeers of the crew. An attempt was made to save him, but it was the lucky toss of a fishing rod that managed to pull his sorry, soggy ass back to the boat. As the brave stallions where led to the rear of the boats, a hush fell over the rambunctious crew. "Tonight we raid The Dammed!" a commanding voice shouted, "We shall lay waste to these non-believers, we shall destroy their home's and return with the fabled hide of the Dragon!" A cheer went up, then a second command, "Now hold still for the Photo!" The men grumbled, and many helms where put on to hide their true identity. The gear's spooled and whined, then started to hoist the anchors out of the silt. As the Gale that was blowing caught the sail's the ship took off at an alarming rate, with the intend destination predicted to arrive in less than an hour. "Look to the East" the commander cried, and the men looked in awe as a Great white spirit rose out of the water to watch them pass. Some men trembled, and together looked in awe, whispering of the challenge of taking down such a monstrous beast. A Bow was raised, arrow cocked and string pulled taunt, only to be slapped aside by a man dressed all in red, leathery Armour. "Don't be foolish" he growled, "least you bring death to every man, women and child aboard this ship."His sentence was cut short, as a flag was raised from the lead ship, signaling that land was in sight. One more the murmur of the crew slowly died away, leaving only an eerie silence, leaving each to think about the wonder and danger that lay ahead. As the bow of the boat bumped into the shore, the group of attackers jumped into the waist high water, pick axes and hatchets at the ready. Some set about clearing the area while others began to toil at the face of the rock, creating a safe place to leave the boats. A single house was spotted, and before some egar members could break in, the Commander cut their ideas short, stating the real goal was just up the road. This man lead the first group into the forest, to scout and plan points in which this mighty army could fall back, if they where ever needed. A few younger members scoffed at this Idea, not fully understanding how such a force could ever be in danger, but these mine's did indeed save lives towards the end of this mission. A few hours later, as the dusk was begin to settle heavily on to the troops, each man and women stood in awe, looking at the looming fortress casting a shadow over the orchard in which they where camped. A hush fell over them as commanders discussed the best way to enter. Two tall stone walls proved to be the vulnerability, and as the first Crash of the catapult shot hitting hard stone rang out the men jumped back into action. The orchard became a hotbed of activity, the strikes of the pick's on stone, the creaks and crashes of the catapults, and the cries of the Spirit guards as they where cut down all mingled, fueling the enthusiasm of the attacking force. All of a sudden, a defender was spotted, at first thought to be bravely attempting to stop this attack. The men whispered about how courageous this man was, until he was spotted scurrying from house to house like a rat, taking all he could hold and running it back into his den. The men began to jeer him, and as the first gatehouse fell a few of the strongest climbed to the top and let loose a volley of arrows, one of which was planted into his rear end, but only served to make him move faster. As the second house fell, the army moved in with shovels, attacking the giant dirt walls which still impeded troop movement. A giant ravine was dug, just enough to bounce, trip and fall into this now penetrated deed. As the men spilled in, a few more defenders where spotted hiding in a building, looking in awe as the raid force started to surround them. They could not believe that their virgin deed had been breached by the warriors, and as the rocks fell around them they could only shout insults and bash on their chests like wild apes. The attackers where split, three groups now worked in a chaotic swirl to break in and secure any goods they could find, whilst the back row continued to siege and the front line kept the defenders contained. They came upon a cave, reinforced and line with chests, all stood open and empty. in a fit of frustration, one man kicked the last one in the row, moving it inches. This revealed one more chest, with a lock of fantastic Quality. The group gathered around, and a summon was sent to one of the finest lock pickers in the kingdom. They waited silently, barley breathing as this master worked with the tiny iron pick, poking and prodding at the lock. With a loud "click" the lock fell onto the floor and was forgotten as the chest sprang open to expose its wonderful treasures. "Scale! We have found the scales of the Red Dragon!" someone proclaimed, and the cry was taken up among every member of the raid force. The defenders faces melted, and their tears where evident even through the thick steel helms that adorned their faces. As greedy hands started to enter the chest, the commander slammed it closed and roughly pushed his men aside. Calling to his scribe he requested a full inventory of the chest and its contents. Pausing, he reached in and produced a Shining Purple blade, carefully examining it with wonder and excitement. Striking a stray dog, he realized this blade had the power to leach health from any animals on which it feasted. Holding it above his head he proclaimed "I claim this for my own, to be sold in a land more peaceful than this, to fund My kingdom and pay penance to The God." Meanwhile, deep inside the enemy settlement, the raid force was doing damage to everything they could lay hands on. With mauls in hand and shards slamming the walls they attempted to break in. The defenders huddled in the safety of their gates, all the could do was watch as the invading force had their way with the deed. As the walls fell, three red garden Gnomes winked at them, then promptly disappeared into the backpacks of several people, never to be seen again. The raiders ransacked the house, overturning coffins, smashing into the wine barrels and picking the locked chests. Only once the chests had been opened was the name of the houses only resident reveled, as it was labeled on all the amazing items that the defenders stuffed into their pockets. As the call for a regroup went out, many men had their eyes on the next target, a large tower that had an odd glow to it. as they assembled into formation, a weird sensation overtook them, and they found themselves unable to move, some effected worse than others. A scout informed the general that the defenders had disappeared, and the captain mulled over this information for a great duration of time. As the feeling set in and more people where locked in place, the great priests of the kingdom cast a spell of great clarity upon the troops, and as the world was cast into darkness only the voices of their comrades remained, whispering in their ears. The darkness remained for an extended amount of time, and no one could figure out what had caused The God to bring such havoc for to his people. It was only late in the evening of the second day when a voice from the heavens stated that the world had been hit by a devastating force, and all would be returned to normal as soon as possible. The men gathered and discussed these messages, and hushed voices and whispers claimed that the Jen kellon warriors where behind this dastardly attack, using it as a front so they could summon more troops to defend their now ravished city. Many prayers where sent to The God, from both sides, and many decisions where made and reverted, regarding the state of this destroyed city. The Jen Kellon's cries where the loudest, and as their cries where answered they became more outlandish, growing from fibs into downright lies and consuming even the greatest of warriors. Mol Rehan stood firm, not asking for anything other than what was fair, a chance to regroup and withdraw, making sure to leave no man or women behind in such an ungodly place. Miraculously, The God answered these prayers and instated a layer of safety over the area, permitting the victorious warriors to leave safely, and un hindered. On that third day, the fateful day that we regrouped, chaos once again surrounded our forces, but this time resistance coming from the enemy in the form of deceit and underhand schemes. Still they continued to moan about how it was unfair, so caught up in their feelings of anguish that thy could not see how this time of darkness had saved them, hindering our attack. With all our warriors back on the boat, and a proud Troll Statue waving us to a safe voyage, we started to sail away from that unholy place. The cries of the enemy ran in our ears, fueling or moral and inciting a blood rage that each and every member has channeled for the next attack. As we looked In the hold, at the rafts full of swords and shield, armour and tools, the feeling of a clean victory coursed through everyone's veins, and a nasty scowl was shot at the fellow "rubbing his dlck on the expensive shlt." To the ones that fell, God bless you,And to the ones who lived a toast was raised, "Victory for Mol Rehan, Victory for the Empire!"
  5. I'm looking to sell my alt vynora priest. It'd be great for a head-start on making a new priest or as a battery. Has low soul depth, although I figured it would be better to keep it low while grinding channeling - it makes casting harder to have less soul depth, which would in turn increase channeling gains. Highlights: - 80 Faith - 40 Channeling - Premium time until December 4th - Lvl 7 Path of Love - The account name is "Henzy" and has 0 warnings - Free delivery to anywhere on Freedom Full dump: (Anything with 1.0 skill is omitted) Skills dumped at 14-Apr-2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 98.79395 Faith: 80.10387 Favor: 19.889872 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 7.6419835 Religion: 24.4493 Prayer: 30.772133 Channeling: 40.02399 Preaching: 7.190395 Healing: 3.268002 First aid: 8.288145 Climbing: 3.006469 Shields: 1.4453603 Medium wooden shield: 1.4055799 Axes: 5.9922895 Hatchet: 8.365038 Swords: 1.7101017 Shortsword: 2.1566856 Knives: 1.7430768 Butchering knife: 2.7136824 Woodcutting: 11.114396 Mauls: 2.9880562 Medium maul: 4.5403256 Carpentry: 3.75 Nature: 15.594821 Gardening: 7.20573 Fishing: 2.9302592 Animal husbandry: 5.0265017 Meditating: 32.454865 Farming: 28.59787 Forestry: 3.0451677 Botanizing: 3.6661332 Foraging: 2.0 Cooking: 7.782584 Hot food cooking: 19.931152 Butchering: 1.9109125 Fighting: 1.1435319 Normal fighting: 10.048076 Weaponless fighting: 1.558766 Miscellaneous items: 14.722303 Sickle: 3.6683228 Repairing: 19.830448 Rake: 21.439465 Shovel: 9.879476 Firemaking: 3.8588157 Digging: 21.455511 Smithing: 12.61219 Locksmithing: 28.612228 Blacksmithing: 3.9668124 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 18.103691 Soul strength: 21.212563 Soul depth: 21.875694 Mind: 7.609941 Mind speed: 19.706362 Mind logic: 20.66516 Body: 11.064255 Body stamina: 20.034832 Body strength: 20.681456 Body control: 20.222742 You're more than welcome to make offers via PM and I'll consider them, otherwise based on price check information I'll put it up for auction. Thanks for reading!
  6. This is an interesting idea that I had, that I want to test the waters and see what people's thoughts are. Would people prefer if Mag Res/Res stones only protect the gear you have on? I don't think this is a change Epic will want, as they already have the looting code, but I do want to see the response to the idea I had. Also for the Chaos people I added an option to express your desire for the Epic loot code.
  7. WTS Sleep Powder 1S

    A cheap one for you guys (: Sleep Powder 1S (1x Left) I'm not delivering atm! I'm from Chaos, Freedom isles kingdom. You can either come take it at Gold Coast, or another location at least close of it, or we can use the CoD if you pay the Fee (: (10C for same server, and 20C cross-server) Pm me / awnser here for more, I need to sell it fast Thanks!
  8. So, since I'm unable to post in chaos forums, I'm hoping this is the best place to put this, if not can someone please move it to the correct section? Have you ever wanted chaos to be a bit more "clean?" Less drama? More players? More...Alive? Well, we may share something. I'm thinking about creating a new PMK on chaos, though not your standard PMK. One that's focused On being neutral/allied with all (yes, all) kingdoms. And isn't exactly "at war" with them. I want it to be focused on bringing and training new players, and pve players, how to survive on chaos. There are many things on it that don't exist on Pve servers that are quiet fun. (Valrei mobs for example) The PMK will be aimed more towards helping each other out, surviving, and (maybe if possible) once respected & trusted by each kingdom a "trade" hub (if possible, it would be nice to be at-peace with each kingdom. Not sure if that will ever be possible) overall, were here to let people come to chaos, have a safe place to live, and see what chaos has to offer, before they decide what kingdom/PMK they want to join for the war efforts. (If they ever do, if they wish to stay in the PMK and help out, or just to have fun on chaos, that's great!) It will be our goal to make people want to play on chaos, and to hopefully make the server in general more interesting to everyone. Pvp can be had, and fun, without griefing, blaming, arguments, and drama. What are my personal goal of this? Overall, I want to live on chaos, have that adrenaline you get walking into the wild knowing you could be attacked. But that's not enough, I want to actually be apart of something. I want to be able to craft weapons, armour , tools, and see people using them to defend our kingdom. If you know me from Deli, you know I've made many items, and have only sold once in my entire time crafting. I like crafting for others and making friends with it, not silver. And I'd rather see what my crafting does (defending/assisting the kingdom, watching players raise there skills ect) in short, I want to see what I make actually being used to do something. I also want to be apart of a kingdom that is respected for being helpful to the pvp community as a whole, instead of what everyone "thinks" about the current ones. I know it's a lot to ask for a pvp game, but It's been done before. A long term goal would be to have every kingdom consider us a "ally" though I'm not to sure that would be possible. If we could manage to train players to live on chaos, and then they go to a kingdom of there choosing (or wish to stay in ours and help with what direction we choose) that would be great, and my "overall" goal. I guess would be to create the perfect "safe" environment for players wishing to play on chaos. We of course will most likely need pure pvpers too for this, I doubt every kingdom would leave us alone even if we're not wanting to fight them in any way. So we'll need defenders and if peace is ever broken, attackers to fight back. (Though the PMK initially would try to "ally" everyone in every kingdom/PMK, it most likely won't be plausible to fully do this. I'm sure someone would wish to attempt destroying us) For that reason, we will most likely need a few pvpers that know what there doing, and someone/multiple people that know how to control a few groups of pvpers. (Though we could also use these people for other reasons: teaching people how to pvp, how everything in chaos works, ect) If, we get forced to start raiding someone, there would be a rule. No griefing, take what you thinks valuable if you wish, but screwing things up "just for fun" wouldn't be allowed. (There MAY be exceptions in the future if someone really try's to mess with our own PMK, it could be discussed on trying to fight back and this may be needed, otherwise I don't want to see people purposely making others gameplay miserable) And a overall rule (even if we're at war with them) No arguing with other kingdoms. By this, I mean the forum pvp we always see, and I'm sure it also happens on the game. I'd love for this to be a respected PMK from all other kingdoms/pmks. There won't be any "X just wants it so they can be more powerful" or "X just wants it to screw us over" you get the idea. If someone outside our PMK makes a suggestion, think of how it would benefit ALL of chaos, not just us or another kingdom. The goal of are PMK is to make life better for everyone in the pvp community, not ruin it for others. Anyone and everyone would be welcome to join, as long as they understand we're working for a friendlier community on chaos. And respects that and works for it. As for the PMK itself, there are still many things I need to learn before going through with this. Mostly what it takes to run, and the mechanics. And obviously where we'd put it. But for now I'm just seeing if people think this is a good idea in general, if they think it would work. And if anyone's interested In helping out with it. Edit: Also, I will be paying for the PMK to start it, so no trust issues will go on. (Though, I'm pretty sure by now every knows me for character buying ) but just so everyone knows. And would be nice for every kingdoms POV on this also... Do you think you could work with a "neutral" PMK that is trying to help everyone, while at the same time enjoying chaos? Or would you see us more of a "helping my enemy" type deal? I'd try making it as neutral as possible (can a kingdom even be friendly to both WL and BL though?) and try to make it as fair to everyone as possible. It would be pretty cool to see it become a trusted trade place between all kingdoms instead of having to travel to a freedom server Imo! and if possible to sell services to all kingdoms (if that's even possible) So, what does everyone think? Can it be done?!?! Once I get to a computer I'll try fixing up spelling errors/formatting. Can't tell on a phone ;P Thanks for any help! And I hope this can go somewhere!
  9. Hello In light of recent activity here on Wild/Chaos where the Bone Altar was bashed 3 times in one evening, I am putting forward this suggestion as to alleviate any further repeat of such an event. Firstly, I would like to suggest a 6 month cooldown between any Light being bashed. Secondly, the King of any Kingdom should be present. If there is a cool down in place it could stop any abuse by current or future kingdoms that may abuse the loophole that is currently in place. If the leader is not present, then the attackers should suffer a major CR hit, meaning they do not have the focus to complete the bashing, causing poison wounds and other injuries amongst them. They could get an Altar down to 99 % damage but would not be able to complete the task.
  10. First off wanted to say this is for Off-Deed and Chaos only. My suggestion is keep the mine hoping change (2 minutes unlocked) to prevent players using easy to create mines to escape PVP. Instead make houses an alternative. Suggestion: Remove all current restrictions for off-deed houses in regards to unlocking/lockingApply a 10-20 second "unlocked" period when passing a door during combatIf an enemy is inside an unlocked house, all remaining doors unlock until players leave (Prevents being trapped after chasing)Keep current Mine Door ChangesWhen a player passes through an off-deed locked gate or door during combat, it "requires time" to close and re-lock the gate/door. This will allow players "some" defense when off-deed if they spend time creating a house and locking the doors but ensures that players in combat cannot easily escape by simply hopping into a house/mine to retreat. Obviously the issue with players inside the house becoming trapped if they chased in is why the remaining doors unlock, however re-lock instantly after the last enemy leaves (If possible) to prevent abuse. TLDR: (Lazy) Simply how to make houses better as they can easily be catapulted/lockpicked into unlike mine doors and at minimum require 80 mortar, 80 bricks and 1 door lock to work where as mine doors require much less effort and provided greater defense.
  11. Hey everyone, Im currently on the planning phase to create a PMK. For this I need ppl willing to "Fortify" the future capital and also recruiting to be able to found the PMK once the time is right. At this time im trying to gather intel on the opinion of the other kingdoms and also how many ppl is willing to give it a try. Bear in mind that we will literally start from the ground and build up. I already have a great location and the logistics planned to make it happen but I need to know if theres actually ppl willing to give this a try. Please let me know if you are willing to join thru PM only and other kingdoms are welcome to give constructive criticism.
  12. Now with the implamentation of BL PMK's, Devs should look into the PMK creation system. As it is, the system requires 40 or more players to be ale to create a PMK. Lets be realistic, it is almost impossible to gather 25 ppl in wurm together at one time, let alone 40. I made this poll so we can let the Devs and Rolf know our thoughts and give them some suggestions on the amount of players that should be needed to create a PMK. If you think 40 is good, by all means post your constructive opinion without insulting or trolling. Please take this thread serious as it is a very important feature on Epic and Chaos.
  13. I think capping battle camps should require at the very least, 20fs, similar to many other features of chaos/epic including capping hota pillars. The reason being, if there's a battle camp in a spot that could in any way be dangerous, someone can run up an alt, with under 20fs, and cap the battle camp, and any retaliation from another kingdom will gain nothing from that. Especially if the battle camp is near a deed and said alt can just repeatedly spawn and run back to cap it, while the main account can just sit barely in local and gain rank from the alt capping the camp.
  14. Since the mine door change has negated any safety an attacking force once had for themselves & their mounts and a defending force rightfully has the ability to safely mine/door hop on deed, siege pvp on Chaos will either be non existent or require massive forces large enough to withstand several re-spawns of the defenders in order to be successful. Instead of allowing players that have died to instantly rejoin a fight and give an attacking force no chance of retreat, why not prevent newly spawned characters from leaving the deed and/or the perimeter of the deed for ten minutes if enemies are still in local. This accomplishes two things, one it gives the attacking force a chance to decide whether or not to advance or retreat if they manage to kill some of the defenders and two it allows the re-spawned defenders to still defend the deed if the attacking force continues to attack the deed. This suggestion is for Chaos only as I do not play epic.
  15. Here is my First impression of the PvP server, Chaos, done by someone that has never been there. I know I'll get mixed feedback about this, but remember, I come from a PvE server as well. I do try to keep my opinions balanced to give people an overview of this server and hopefully inform newcomers to the game and also players that have never been to chaos, that this server can be a great place to live, if you do it the right way. > Wurm Online Playlist
  16. Alright, as people here know, whenever something turns up on the forums a lot I try to come up with my own rework. At the moment most players have no incentive whatsoever to play on a PvP server unless they really enjoy hurting other people. A reasonable assumption. Thus I would like to propose a set of unique resources with a little twist. Each of the PvE freedom servers will get one unique plant (be it tree, crop, foragable/botaniseable or terrain feature) and a unique ore. These items can be taken to other servers. The plant, however, will have a high chance to randomly wither if planted (making farming nearly impossible) and the ore will (of course) not occur naturally there. These resources should offer some minor bonus that alters the playstyle on the server (for example carrots allow quick growing of light veggies, cinnibar allows the production of mercury which can be used to make better compasses, limes that have the same uses as lemons but bloom twice per year instead of once). Great, so far this is what a lot of unique resource suggestions have gone along the lines of. Now for the PvP twist. All plants will grow and ores occur on chaos. Meaning a player willing to risk chaos gains a lot more independence at the risk of PvP (also an easier life, to some degree). But what about epic? The resources are divided equally amongst the 3 home servers (affliction getting more ores as it has less use for plants) with elevation being VERY rich in all materials (more so than chaos). What this generates : A risk/reward for non pvp-centric players to settle on a server where PvP is possible. More possible targets for PvPers. It also generates the possibility of more inter-server trade opportunities (lower risk but lower reward too). This brings up the optional extra, connecting pristine and release into the main server cluster (a controversial matter but one that now offers a benefit for the players on those clusters (me being one of them!)), best bet would be tagging them to the west coast of chaos so people have to travel through chaos to reach them, adding more risk for that lovely reward!. Resource suggestions are welcome!
  17. Rare Chain Set 90ql No casts

    Hello Wurmians, This time i've this shiny rare chain set, which has many uses. You can use it in battle and like a decoration item. Starting bid: 25s Min increment: 1s Buyout: may consider offers via pm Sniper protection: 1h No hidden reserve Enjoy the auction!
  18. Selling Toon

    No premium, No warnings Comes with some 70~80ql Chain Located NW Deli Level 6 on Path of Insanity Skills dumped at Nov 18, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 19.288517 Favor: 19.288517 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 31.866388 Tracking: 5.189163 Milling: 8.109157 Coal-making: 25.22177 Prospecting: 31.217047 Religion: 6.91348 Prayer: 16.651329 Preaching: 3.0 Healing: 15.42285 First aid: 31.825453 Archery: 37.2341 Long bow: 30.439222 Short bow: 1.0 War machines: 3.6005006 Catapults: 6.1703124 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 36.694916 Shields: 53.965134 Medium wooden shield: 1.2155706 Large metal shield: 70.5493 Small metal shield: 3.074401 Medium metal shield: 8.230597 Axes: 44.03059 Huge axe: 1.817333 Large axe: 1.0 Hatchet: 55.199627 Small Axe: 14.915912 Swords: 31.8911 Shortsword: 8.934633 Longsword: 65.20199 Knives: 23.426315 Butchering knife: 28.842047 Carving knife: 26.186277 Woodcutting: 71.02005 Mauls: 1.5978321 Small maul: 1.9915591 Carpentry: 72.77675 Fine carpentry: 41.169014 Ship building: 36.180298 Fletching: 23.472757 Bowyery: 7.06479 Nature: 38.657654 Gardening: 28.678713 Fishing: 13.398222 Animal husbandry: 31.592428 Meditating: 25.32107 Milking: 7.0283623 Farming: 55.904728 Forestry: 26.568972 Botanizing: 21.710724 Animal taming: 12.329534 Foraging: 21.868486 Cooking: 21.549044 Dairy food making: 4.8985014 Hot food cooking: 36.455276 Baking: 6.119825 Beverages: 3.2595973 Butchering: 29.134722 Fighting: 73.07768 Shield bashing: 12.090551 Taunting: 2.420224 Normal fighting: 58.965103 Defensive fighting: 48.36557 Aggressive fighting: 17.170269 Weaponless fighting: 5.904526 Toys: 1.0778883 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 7.7241936 Natural substances: 19.443521 Miscellaneous items: 71.68477 Stone chisel: 26.763851 Hammer: 61.154575 Sickle: 25.963856 Scythe: 10.506582 Repairing: 39.56433 Saw: 23.40644 Pickaxe: 73.835724 Rake: 43.028694 Shovel: 81.483574 Pottery: 26.622536 Firemaking: 22.713812 Digging: 93.671196 Mining: 70.01498 Smithing: 38.80368 Metallurgy: 9.184046 Jewelry smithing: 27.419128 Locksmithing: 15.123459 Blacksmithing: 61.62853 Armour smithing: 20.266476 Shield smithing: 22.598639 Chain armour smithing: 40.926373 Plate armour smithing: 14.462363 Weapon smithing: 14.471358 Blades smithing: 20.015501 Weapon heads smithing: 11.811932 Ropemaking: 32.705975 Masonry: 67.414406 Stone cutting: 38.975586 Tailoring: 18.49795 Leatherworking: 18.224428 Cloth tailoring: 35.230705 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 22.263548 Soul strength: 28.175217 Soul depth: 25.254091 Mind: 36.32371 Mind speed: 26.085018 Mind logic: 43.910263 Body: 45.57672 Body stamina: 36.72034 Body strength: 42.83813 Body control: 31.64462
  19. More Spy Protection

    I think Spy Protection could use a buff. For instance, there could be a timer that prevents someone from logging accounts from different kingdoms on the same IP right after the other.
  20. Fixing Scenario Spawns

    If you are from Freedom I wont be annoyed if you post here, but be sure to say so. I think the epic spawns are very messed up. They are not as fun as they could be, and I don't think the devs would have to spend much time to rebalance them. This is the way it is now: Nogump - tanks that stun, throw, and run faster than most horses so they are impossible to escape unless you are near a gatehouse or cave. Guards don't seem to distract them enough to get them to stop following all the time. Eaglespirit/Drakespririt - fast tanks that stun and go through walls, so there is no escaping them unless you find a doored cave. They also have the habbit of hanging on out server borders for eternity, forming giant walls all the way across. Deathcrawlers - slow moving creatures that are not too hard to kill, but they give poison wounds which are very deadly Demons - A gift from our enemies because they are as strong as spiders and give valrei items. Uttacha spawn - ditto with demons, and they also move a lot slower which makes them even weaker. Some of the special attacks are a bit messed up: Stuns: Happen way too often. It seems that the mobs can spam them every other second. Throws: Very annoying because they sometimes throw people into walled deeds, forcing people to /suicide. This is the way that I think they should be: Stuns - Remove them. Throws - Change it so that creatures can't throw people over walls. Nogump - Tanks that throw and move fast, but not faster than most horses. Eaglespirit/Drakespirit - They can go through walls. They only target higher leveled enemies. They should not camp on server borders (obviously). Deathcrawlers - slow moving creatures that are not too hard to kill, but they give poison wounds which are very deadly. (no changes, but maybe could be made a bit stronger and a bit faster) Demons - Tanks that throw and have AoE fire attacks. Uttacha spawn - slow moving tanks. (Idea: make it so that they "eat" people whole, so they have to fight their way out from the inside.) EDIT: Another point I would like to mention is that deed guards don't attack and tower guards don't auto-attack spawns all the time. I think this is because followers of the Wurm aren't recognized by the game as being in an enemy faction.
  21. Ok so I have been playing pretty casually for a few weeks. When I first started I jumped in quickly eager to get my feet wet and I started on the release server. Now that I have done more research I really feel like Chaos is where I want to be. So my first question is if I am on release currently is there any way for me to get to chaos? From what I understand that is on freedom cluster 1 and release is freedom cluster 2 so I cant just sail over to chaos. I really hope thats wrong because I would like to keep my character name. My second question is about premium and the super rewards advertised in the shop. Has anyone had success getting coins by completeing the offers? I have searched the forums and only found a little bit of info but no one speciffically saying they had done them and recieved the coins. I would like to get my silver for prem that way if possible at least for the initial month or two, just to make sure the game keeps me interested enough to spend real money on. Third question. I would like to join a pmk to get involved in the pvp side of things. Not necessarily as a fighter but I like the idea of maybe being a support type who builds and repairs defenses. I am considering trying to be a mag priest eventually but I like the idea of living on a deed that follows another god and having to make a pilgramage to another town in order to worship at an altar. Is that feasible or are most of the established cities set up with altars for multiple gods? Or is that even possible for a city to have altars for multiple gods? Thanks in advance for helping me out.
  22. Selling Nogump Hota Statue

    I'm a villager from "Apocalyptia" , JK village on Chaos server. I'm selling a red lighted Son of nogump statue earned in HOTA . Price : 8-10s
  23. As with the current topic labeled chaos only, I wanted to come up with a balanced idea that could be added to all the servers. Main change; 0 champion points DOES NOT remove champion status. Simple solution I feel to prevent an "easy casting alt" would be remove the point limitation to be champion. All kingdoms are allowed 3 champions only, with the possible removal of the white light kingdom specific champions, players are given status but can be removed by the kingdom leader. A champion starts with 15 points and must maintain a minimum of 5 points to keep the damage reduction and has severely reduced casting abilities when under this. Players can remove their champion status by going to 0 champion points and revoking champion status at the alter of 3 or bone alter and has the current dechamp mechanics applied. A champion can be removed by the kingdom leader when the player is offline. Please discus.
  24. The Raid (Fanart)

    "Hidden behind shadows, the Templars liberate some loots from theirs neighboring kingdom Mol Rehan. One soldier is unfortunate enough to hear the infamous word 'U MAD?' before assassinated by the templars' chancellor. And oh, probably there is a gm disguised as a corn there." A commission for Norad, one thing that annoys me is I can't find a fitting music that is royalty free ... The 3d models shown at beginning is rigged by me, I use 3d model since I still can't draw human anatomy right .. Timelapse: [media] Time used: 7 hours Tool used: - wacom bamboo fun small - adobe photoshop - DAZ 3d Studio - coffee - musicsssss - slate texture by Akinuri - wood texture by ncrow - rock texture by Ryan Ellis My other wurm artworks: The fall of RoseDragon Slime-y Chainsmith Spiderdeer Orpington Zoo Riders Of The White Dragon The Undead Fo Priest Imbalance ------------------------------ I am currently accepting commissions. PM me on forum or in game for details. Current queue: none. ------------------------------
  25. There seems to be an issue with kingdoms creating an allied PMK to get more kingdom bonuses from offices. The recent change by the devs that raises the player requirment to form a PMK to 40 is not really fixing this. I would love it if PMK's could ally with default kingdoms or other PMKs without this imbalance occuring. The first two ideas are my own, and I'll add more ideas to the poll if you post them bellow. 1. Remove the bonuses from Kingdom Offices 2. Make it so that there is only a certain amount of kingdom offices on the server (A constant number, or based on the player count or some other figure), and that the kingdoms fight for them. The king of a kingdom wont have bonuses unless the kingdom earns it somehow, and it is taken from the pool of titles. Allied kingdoms would end up spliting the titles, with the more involved kingdom getting more. 3. You could make kingdom progression like this simple example: 15 ppl Kingdom established : No Titles and bonus 25 ppl 3 kingdom titles (offices) 30 ppl 6 kingdom titles (offices) and so on..... (Vill, from 4. Leave it as it is. The second Poll is for the required amount of players to form a PMK. The third poll is for BL. I think the HOTS should be able to split into factions within HOTS that compete with each other and are basically a PMK. HOTS factions can ally with each other, but they can't ally with WL kingdoms. If the title system is changed, the titles should be split up among the factions.