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Found 185 results

  1. A Thievery Tutorial...

    ...or rather a introductory primer of sorts. Been considering the need for one, and I even have a rough outline and draft made. Before getting involved in that I wish to see if there is even really a need or interest in one. After all there's tutorials on almost everything else... even ones for the tutorials. One would think if there was really a demand, someone would have done it already. So... what do you think? Should there be one?If so, what are your main concerns or questions in that area?What doesn't the wiki already seem to make clear?What would you look for?EDIT: Something came up I felt I should articulate... I am not talking about ways of gaming the game's rules or exploiting loopholes in those rules. For example imho thievery belongs on pvp servers, where players by the very act of being on such servers have consented to being targets. Kill or be killed basically. Anyone doing such on a Freedom server deserves getting reported and the ensuing consequences. Just because I play a rogue doesnt mean I do not have rules or guidelines. They just are not your rules ;P EDIT: Heres the rough outline: Introduction This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to all things thievery and such in Wurm. There's just no fun in revealing all to begin with, and I'm lazy. Rather it is to provide help with the basics and some possible hypothetical applications. For those who wish to up their game from common "rag-pickers". If one is seeking to better understand the psychological principles, I recommend the following article: Furthermore, I can neither confirm nor deny any firsthand knowledge of the usage of these skills ingame. Outline: I. Fundamentals A. Body Control (Stealth and everything else) B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps E. Stealth a. Actual b. Mines c. Mounts II. Training A. Body Control B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps III. Intermediary A. Solo vs. Group Tactics B. Diversions or Framing a. Loudmouth Idiots b. Locks From Known Thieves C. Traps D. Know Your Enemy and Thyself E. Knowing a "good" Fence a. Helps if considered respectable and reliable in general. b. Can be the same person as your smith. c. Doesn't ask too many questions about that shiny new ship ur selling him. IV. Hypothetically-Speaking A. Spying B. Sabotage C. Downright dirty scoundrel Example section: Lockpicking Lockpicking Lockpicking is fairly self-explanatory. Its the skill for picking locks. In Wurm this allows one to bypass locked doors on structures, vehicles, ships, and containers. This guide will simply refer to all lockable items as containers. The tools needed, lockpicks, can only be made by a locksmith of some skill, so one may wish to pick this up as a side skill as you will go through picks frequently. Knowing a good smith or merchant is another good idea. There are additional benefits from such a relationship, which will be covered later. Lockpicks will break... ALOT. Less so as the quality is higher, and it helps to have several dozen in multiple satchels on one's belt ready to activate. Picks of a ql less than twenty of the lock's ql will not even work to begin with. Once the lock is picked, it will stay open for so many minutes as indicated by Examining, as in the case of gate locks, or as with padlocks, the lock will come off and appear in your inventory. The difficulty of the lock can vary greatly and is dependent on several factors: the container ql, pick ql, examined lock ql (see table 1.1), your skill, the type of container, etc. Ships are more difficult than say a chest, and larger ships more so. The calculated chance is displayed on the menu next to Pick Lock. Table 1.1: Examined Lock Quality Ranges Very poor 1 - 9.99ql Poor 10 - 19.99ql Below average 20 - 29.99ql Okay 30 - 39.99ql Above average 40 - 49.99ql Pretty good 50 - 59.99ql Good 60 - 69.99ql Very good 70 - 79.99ql Exceptional 80 - 89.99ql Fantastic 90 - 99.99ql Some say a minimum of 30 Lockpicking is needed to be effective, personally its more around 50. Also do not be discouraged by lockpicking chances of less than 5%, these containers are still vulnerable to those with time and determination.... and alot of lockpicks. Third Person: [19:19:16] Klaa picks the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] Klaa silently curses as he fails to pick the lock of the small chest. First Person: [19:18:20] You start to pick the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] You fail to pick the lock of the small chest. EDIT: Project currently on back burner due to RL.
  2. Rare butchering knife 95ql 95BOTD - current bid 12s Realcoffee [17:35:19] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [95] Starting bid: 10s Min. increment: 1s No reserve Sniper: 1h Buyout: you can offer via pm Buyer pays the cod. Good luck, Zabaq Happy easter everyone!
  3. 2x Rare saw 95,12ql with 95+ BOTD (Blessing of The Dark) [20:02:18] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [97] [20:02:20] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [96] Starting bids: 8s each Min increment: 1s No buyout No reserve Sniper protection: 1 hours Something about Blessing Of The Dark Cod on the buyer. Good Luck, Zabaq
  4. Rare Rake 95ql Woa 91 Coc 93: [22:38:53] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [91] [22:38:53] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] Starting bid: 12s Min increment: 1s No buyout No reserve Pm me with any questions. Something extra: 40ql rare maplewood chair Starting bid: 1s Minincrement: 50c Buyout: 3s No reserve. If you'll buy two items. Cod is on me. Otherwise CoDs are on the buyers. Good Luck, Zabaq
  6. Jenn Kellon on Chaos is home to the best builders and crafters in Wurm. We pride ourselves on our massive landmarks and building projects, our top-quality tools, weapons, and armor and, most importantly, our very close, tight-knit community. Whether you wish to create the next breath-taking work of art on Chaos, hone your skills to near-perfection, or fight to defend your friends and kingdom, Jenn Kellon invites you to join our ranks. We welcome players of all ages and servers to join us in pursuing your dreams of becoming Wurm's next master crafter. Or, for those of you interested in PvP, we always have room for one more fighter, or perhaps even a leader in our army. We are a democracy; A union of individual villages and ruled by a council. We ensure that everyone has a say and every voice is be heard. No matter what path you wish to pursue in Wurm, we'll ensure that you have a safe, welcoming home in which to pursue it. If you would like to apply to join Jenn Kellon, visit us at and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to PM Umbranik, Flegmar, or Ciray in game.(make sure your cross-kingdom chat is enabled)

    Emerald 1.00 1.00 2.44 3.41 3.82 12.77 12.99 17.12 33.65 34.00 38.00 54.28 TOTAL:214.48 QL Sapphire 1.00 1.00 5.12 10.49 16.93 38.00 54.14 TOTAL: 126.68 Diamond 1.00 1.00 4.87 18.14 29.64 41.00 42.64 TOTAL: 138.29 Ruby 1.00 1.00 1.00 12.36 22.00 31.82 33.20 55.92 TOTAL: 158.30 Opal 1.00 1.00 5.28 12.03 30.11 33.39 39.30 50.42 53.56 54.15 55.00 56.63 TOTAL: 391.87 TOTAL (excluding ql of 1.00) = 1018.62 (11 of QL 1.00) I do free delivery to west Xana, Deli, Exodus, South East Inde.
  8. Chaos Magranons Warhammer

    I am currently looking for the man who has magranons warhammer on the chaos island in freedom isles. I would like to conclude the conversation over PM if possible. Let him know if you know him.
  9. As the Bone Altar reads, “Are you ready to join the Horde of the Summoned? Know that if you choose not to, you are against me!†The Horde of the Summoned is a Kingdom with a long rich history of war, brutality, deception, and both victories and defeats. It is often perceived as the uncivilized kingdom that is populated by savages who follow no rules or honor, only hatred. The kingdom follows only one God, Libila, who requires her followers to use terror, deception, torture, death, and sacrifices. The Horde is not a kingdom for everyone, and new players will face many struggles, hardships, accusations, and will be forced to earn the trust of others before being accepted. The Horde of the Summoned, commonly known as "HotS" or "HOTS", is the smallest of the four kingdoms (JK, MR, BL and HotS) on Chaos(Wild), and often presents more of a challenge to new players because their traditions and small population. Equipment like tools, armor, and weapons are earned through work, dedication, and or PvP, and tends not to be sold abundantly on merchants. This gives players more sense of pride to rightfully earn their equipment as opposed to be given it for free. Followers of Libila are meant to be evil, and are told to use deceptive tactics in order to succeed. Therefore, the game won't punish you when stealing, lockpicking, or even attacking fellow Horde members. Libila priests also possess some of the strongest spells for PvP, including spells that can drain health or stamina, create mycelium, summon zombies, and even rebirth dead animals (including Champions) into zombie pets. The Horde of the Summoned is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who is in turn chosen by the Cobra King at random when the position is vacant. The Emperor/Empress may appoint titles and honours, and their tenure is judged on the Kingdom stats viewable from any village token. The Emperor is typically considered a figurehead, and does not have absolute power in the Kingdom save for the aforementioned office appointing power. On Chaos, The Horde of the Summoned exists around The Shroud in the south of Chaos(Wild), and hold a very small share of the map. Libila's converting speech Look at you. Pitiful creature. You seek the powers of the Whisperer? They may be available. Know that I personally will not help you much. But I am bound to tell you that she will. To tell the truth - She rewards me for recruiting you. People say much about us. They think we lie. And yes we do. We lie about a lot of things, but not about the truth. Truth is everything will end. Truth is some of us will be rewarded greatly by Her some day. Libila will not accept her having been betrayed by the other gods. Your contract with her is to help her, and she will help you. Her aim is to gain control here, and your goal is to stop the others from gaining it instead. You are expected and required to use all effective means available: Terror, deception, torture, death, sacrifices. Are you ready to join the Horde of the Summoned? Know that if you choose not to, you are against us! [media]
  10. In real world a tournament is a competition between several opponents. Wurmpedia says this : 'The Hunt of the Ancients(HotA) is a contest invented by the deities in order to reward bravery and strengthen the soul of humans by luring them into danger.' Currently we have situation that one kingdom on Chaos control most of the landmass, including area around HoTA arena. It's almost impossible for other kingdoms to go to tournament without getting killed by them because they have group of several high ranked players which are participating in almost every HoTA event. Now HoTA is not contest or competition between 2 kingdoms. One powerfull kingdom goes in, wait for pillars to show up, conquer them and get their price which they sell on other servers to for the benefit of their kingdom. My suggestion have 4 things in mind: 1: HoTA tournament can't start if there is only one kingdom in arena ( this is most important, without this, there is no tournament ) 2: archery and spell casting is disabled in arena 3: players wearing plate, drake and scale sets can not enter arena 4: enchants on armor and weapon are disabled in arena
  11. Can close now.

    TY for price checks.
  12. Pretty simple suggestion, this would apply to Chaos only for now as it seems to be the only place people are pathetic enough to abuse alts to retarded extents. People from all kingdoms and sides know that alt abuse is stupid, pathetic, and downright annoying, and almost every kingdom currently does it. When an account dies more than once within 10 or 15 minutes, make them wait a minute or two before they are allowed to respawn again, and increase this every time they die, up to a maximum of one hour. This would mean that if you are a legit player who dies in PvP or near a deed, you are able to get right back into the action. Any legit player is also probably going to be more cautious, and take time getting back to the battle, so this likely wouldn't affect them in any way. But an alt, who dies say, 10 times within 5 minutes would end up with a 20 minute respawn timer. The exact times are of course subject to change and are just my basic speculation on this concept. Thoughts?
  13. WTS PVP Account

    Edit: sold
  14. Ready to try out PVP on Chaos? Get to Glasshollow spawn on Xanadu and get ready for bigest change of your Wurm life... Every week we gona have group tour to favorite Chaos village Valley Cove. We dont look for skills, we dont wana have you ready, WE NEED YOU! 1. All you need to do is apply for free ride here or pm me ingame! 2. Register and write Application here: 3. Get to Glasshollow spawn and you are READY to go! More info about Valley Cove you can found here: One Trip could change your Life!
  15. Just found out that our kingdom champ slots and Black Legion's are shared slots. Apparently Enki is aware of this problem and it is part of game mechanics but it is completely unfair for Ebonaura as well as Black Legion and any other PMK that might emerge. Every other PMK on Chaos is allowed to have 3 per kingdom template so why are Black Lighters being held to another standard. If it is a bug please fix and if it is not please make it the same as the White Light kingdoms. Edit: corrected kingdom - template. Reasoning is still there; Black Lighters only have one template while White Lighters have three. Do the math, BL = 3 champs/WL = 9 champs.
  16. WTS Smoke of Sol - Auction Ended

    Want to sell a Smoke of Sol [14:23:53] A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness. It has 1 charges left. Starting Bid: 1 Gold Increase Bid: 5 Silver Sniper Protection: 1 hour PM me with any questions you may have or post the questions here. I can be reached in game as Kilikina as well. This auction has ended.
  17. So now that they made our horses able to eat mycelium on Chaos; we should have the ability to enchant it as well. Now mycelium has same growth levels as grass and can be easily packed by animals, yet we dont have the ability to enchant it. Please make this small change to it, it only affects animals so there shouldn't me much objection.
  18. Bringing up your latest propagandanews from chaos! Here is Deathfell Newsletter, hopefully going to be published monthly to show what the evilfine folks of Deathfell have been doing. The stories written are from our own views (mainly rosedragon)and sometimes shall not be taken seriously. Sit down, have your favorite drink, and enjoy reading the drama of Chaos from safety distance . October 2014:
  19. Mycelium not refilling hunger

    So I sat in Mycelium for 1 hour 44 minutes and my hunger meter was stale at 75%. It only increased my nutrition and not hunger. Is this intended or is it a ninja nerf?
  20. Finally after making a few adjustments the design is complete. Im sorry it took so long but I had to learn to use photoshop myself to finish the hyena. The design represents Libila (ghostly Libila background) ordering her minions (hyena) to destroy all her enemies (Anaconda, Gorilla, Wildboar) In the design you can see the hyena ripped the head of the anaconda off; mauled the gorilla to death and forced the wild boar to submission. Hope you guys enjoy the design. It will be in-game very soon.
  21. I have a Magranon priest, with 90+faith, 50+channeling and 100 alignment. What will happen in the following cases: 1. If i sail to chaos and join a PMK, will i be still a Magranon priest with the same skills? 2. What happen if i sail to chaos, join a PMK and change my religion? I guess my alignment and faith goes to zero, but the channeling skill stay as it was? What happen if i go back to freedom, will i get back my freedomer religion, faith and alignement? 3. What will happen if i join another religion and priest up on chaos and later i come back to Freedom? Please, i need answers and not just guesses, thank you
  22. As the title says... Ex. Name: Principality of Hearthland
  23. Black Legion Wagon

    Today I bring you a Black Legion wagon out of the depths of Azkaban. These are very uncommon to see on the market so this may be a rare chance! It's 80ql and ready to drive. Bidding starts at 10s Increments of 50c Buyout @ 20s Pickup on the west coast of deli Happy bidding