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Found 106 results

  1. Greetings Wurmians! Sadly I don't have the time to play anymore, so I'm now selling 77 Silver coins I still have in my bank for 75 Euros. I'd like to receive 75 Euros for it, that is less that an Euro for a coin! SImply post here or in a PM, any higher offer before any transaction is made will be considered first priority! I'll let you guys know as soon as the offer is sold. My character is located on Chaos at The Landing. Deliverance at Green Dog! Cheers.
  2. Greetings Wurmians! Sadly I don't have the time to play anymore, so I'm now selling 77 Silver coins I still have in my bank for 75 Euros. I'd like to receive 75 Euros for it, that is less that an Euro for a coin! SImply post here or in a PM, any higher offer before any transaction is made will be considered first priority! I'll let you guys know as soon as the offer is sold. Cheers.
  3. As title states. Selling silver coins 1:1 (euro:silver) I am paypal verified, Have made quite a few transactions in the last 500 days
  4. As title states, I am in need of a farm hand, preferably someone with access to a boat and interested in gaining farming skill. Duties: Sow roughly 1k tiles every 5-7 days, Tend once (or more if you want skill) Be able to deliver goods, manage sales A boat may be required Located on Independence I can provide A sizable farm field, Good quality Meals, and a place to build a temporary or permanent residence. Tools/ Weapons/ Shields/ Armour improvements and enchants could also be provided as payment. What I am hoping for how ever is a person who would be interested in taking a Share of the crop (Mainly wemp and cotton, 90+ql) as payment, and I would be willing to work out a very fair split. You would handle all deliveries, (I can help if sales if needed) Please PM me with a bit of info if interested, and we can Chat from there. Thanks
  5. Please PM me offers here or ingame to Kazui. Paypal preferable for me.
  6. ~closed

    As the title says, I ​have coins for sale! Gold coins for 95e each, or I can break them up to smaller amounts in silver at 1e each. Paypal verified only. Sorry guys, all sold out!
  7. I've seen more than one mission where BL has to sacrifice 0 calves. Does this mean that until the mission expires nobody must sacrifice a calf? Is this a bug?
  8. Wtb Coins

    My usual supplier has went MIA, Looking to purchase 1g if the price is right. Im sure noone will be as low priced as he was though. Smaller amounts would do as well. PM me
  9. ALL SOLD, CLOSE PLS 1 sold to Ragonark 1 sold to Shalaris 1 sold to Lyfe 1 sold to TailosDenmark 1 sold Revelation 1 sold Archaed alot of less then 1g sold in past
  10. Selling 10s servers are the follows: Exodus and Celebration pm me for all dettails
  11. i got 110 silvers for sale 75 Euro via paypal, pm me if intrested
  12. I am wanting to sell 50s for 40 euro/ $50 US dollars PayPal verified and have coin on both PvE server clusters PM me here for more information. Note: I expect the money to be on my PayPal before i accept the COD for the coins..thanks
  13. 2 gold coins for sale, can be bought separately. 95E each Buyer can send me an item with 1 gold CoD, or we can organise a meetup (I'm on Exodus at the moment, or on Elevation if you happen to have an Epic alt)
  14. Looking for serious players to help mine and dig a large area on my deed! Noob players are welcomed! Requirements! BSBs Keys/locks Pickaxes/shovels Food What will i supply? Water barrels only! Job status? Diggers: [font color=red]Not Hiring Miners: [font color=red]Not Hiring Job Description: Diggers: You will simply remove all the dirt from the area I have marked. Level the area down to rock. Simply as that! I will pay you per BSB filled plus cost for the BSB and lock/key! Miners: You will simply mine the rock surfaces down to flat level. This will take some time so i am offering 1.25 times the normal rate of a full BSB of rock shards! Pay: Dirt: 1s per 1k Rock Shards: Price negotiable! Location: Bad Company, On Goblin Pen. Need more info? Look at my Signature! Questions? Contact me in game. Either Getsome (new main acct) or WantSome (alt acct) Other info! You will need to supply your own transportation to Bad Company! I am way too busy to be picking players up to bring them to my deed! You want the job? You work for it! xD [update] I am currently not hiring anyone as of right now due to internet and Client problems with Wurm Online. last week my area got hit with a bad storm which knocked out my power and caused internet problems. I am also having problems connecting with Wurm =/ I will keep this post updated whenever i get this stuff fixed!
  15. SOLD for buyout - Trithian This auction is for 1 gold coin (100 silvers) to any server Starting bid: 85usd (about 65 euro) Buyout: 110usd (about 85 euro) Bidding increments: 5usd Private bidding/buyout allowed: Yes Sniper protection: Yes Payment will be via paypal as gift/family (you cover all fee's if any) in USD (paypal will convert) alternate payment via amazon is acceptable (add 15% to your bid price) I have several dozen gold sales, please check below if you wish to see them Good luck and happy bidding If you buyout please PM me so my iphone notifies me that I have a mail and you can get your gold quicker
  16. [Close]

    I currently have a few gold coins for sale. Verified paypal only. 65euro each! And before anyone posts about price increases and all that stuff, I know! This is a last chance at low price gold coins before the price hike!
  17. I decided to make this poll to check how many Wurm players wants to have PaySafeCard payments options next to Paypal payments. Maybe it will show how many players really want/need another way to pay for Wurm and initiate further steps in this direction? Please vote and give feedback!
  18. I have played some game that are free and games that charge by the month or that charge by the item. None of the games I have played are the same as Wurm. You get to play up to lvl 20 without premium. After premium you have to find work. Thats life. In real life you have to get a job after you are old enough. Its the same here. You dont have to be a master craftsman to find work. I have played for about 2 years and I see ways to make money. I know players who pull real money out, thats a bit harder but to just earn premium is not that hard. I want to give a few examples of how you can play for free and enjoy yourself while doing it. -------------------------------- I was on my boat going to my gold mine. On the way I saw an open mine. Outside the mine was a box full of logs. Lots of logs. It also had nails. there are players looking for fences to be built. Yesterday some guy wanted to buy dirt. We all get free shovels. A week ago a pirate killed me and took my things. He sold them and was paid with paypal. Im not upset. I made a mistake. Point is you dont have to pay to play this game. If you are young and dad wont let you use his credit card. Well it is time to get a job in wurm and build your own house and be your own man. This game is full of old people with money be kind and work hard and you will find loyal friends. Even loyal bandits who have no problem sinking your ship and sending you home naked
  19. In game coins/Cryptic Points/Master keys for wurm coins 63,637,013 Engry Credits 1050 Sto ingame Cryptic Points 6 Master Keys Looking to increase my wurm silver for depeltion of my points and coins in Got Lifetime Subscription no monthly fees, 500 Cryptic Point Stimpid had account for many years, sold Master keys ingame for 1,500,000 - 1,600,000 over time gained 63,637,013 EC Sto doesn't hold my interest as much as wurmonline always had Wurmonline character on Deliverance server
  20. Hi everyone! I want to be able to transfer to a premium account some time in the future, and I don't exactcly want to pay money for it. I'd like to pay for it with silver coins, if at all possible. I understand that silver coins can be valuable, and I only ask a small amount of coins. I'm hoping that I can build up the coins over time. I am currently located very close to Rainbow Lake. If you're interested, private message me or leave a comment.
  21. Hi, It would be nice to have the sum of coin value displayed somewhere in the windows (trade window between players, merchants, traders, also in inventory). Could work on that way, when someone select some coins the tooltip will show the sum value (currently it shows only the number of coins). Like it does while we select multiple items for combining, but with the value of coins appear instead of the number of them.
  22. [Sold]

    Selling gold coins! That's right, those gold coins! 5 gold coins up for sale at the moment, possibly more to come later. 1 gold coin for 60E, verified paypal only. Buy 2 or more for 55E each! Thank you and please BUY!
  23. Hey there, It's been a while since I played Wurm (about a year) and I've decided to start a new toon with a friend on the new server. Now, my existing toon has some silver in his account - can I somehow get that silver over the the new character? I didn't play enough / remember enough about Wurm to know if thats possible. It'd be nice to have that silver on hand right away, you know?