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Found 106 results

  1. i have for sale 130 silver coins, can be sold in smaller amount 1 silver coin = 1 euro only verified paypal 40 Left
  2. WTB silver

    Need 30-50 Silver @ 1:1. Contact me here or in game (Armetheus). I'm on eastern standard time and won't be in game until after 9pm.
  3. As the title says i want to sell 20s 1s/1e send me an ingame or forum pm
  4. 1 silver - 1 euro.
  5. Bought Please Close I am looking to buy 30 silver thank you PM me with price and I am Paypal verified by the way
  6. As title says ... I need money for premium, so I sell 32s for 32e. Paypal verified. Preferably sell to someone from Pristine or close isles, not experienced with CoD. Monitoring this forum not very often, you can contact me by PM as JirkaSoukup
  7. Hello, I was considering playing Wurm again since I stopped in 2012; there is something quite pleasant about this game in spite of all of the grind. However, what was unpleasant then is still unpleasant now: how this game is rife with elitists who are so obsessed with their little privileges that they complain every time they see them as being put in peril. I am referring, for example, to the trader situation. I see that Rolf is beginning to see the problem with traders, even if he is reluctant to address it. At least he spelt it out in his description of the game here: "You buy a trader contract in order to place them, but you never “own†a trader since the idea is that they should be made available for public access." Yet we all know what happened in reality, with traders in the middle of a 3x3 locked room regularly milked by their owners and their owners alone. I have read that on Xanadu - where I'm not but where I may go as soon as I build a new ship because Celeb looks like a dump where nobody seems to play anymore - the private traders have been prohibited. But what do I also read? That the old Wurm elites are whining about how they can no longer leech off their traders, while the few public, game-owned traders are camped by alts. I do not own a trader. I not only could not afford it, I never wanted one, because I could not see myself grinding junk to sell to it in the first place. When I first read about traders, I immediately detested the fact that I, a once-premium and deeded character who never owned a trader, was in effect subsidizing the Wurm elite players so that they could renew their premium/deeds/alts at a fraction of what it would normally cost them -- and that's if they paid anything at all in real money to Rolf. I suspected that many paid exactly nothing, since established players were bending over backwards to buy the 20-day referrals from new premium members in coins when a 30-day premium bought directly from the store would have cost them about half the price they were paying in coins -- and if there is one thing I know, it is that generosity towards new players does not exist in this game. It's a no-brainer that this preference only makes sense if the coins used to buy the referrals were money obtained for free in the first place. I see that cash shop prices have increased drastically last year, by 60 percent or so. Yet the trader money fountain remained in place for more than a year, and I'm guessing it still exists on servers other than Xanadu. In other words, while traders continued to drain the game's money to the established elite, the rest of the players were paying for Rolf's reluctance to turn off the faucet. To re-inject coins once taken out of the game by one of the existing sinks (upkeep, premium, etc.) is bad enough. To re-inject coins in a way that only a select few get to benefit, when the sinks affect everyone who paid any money, is worse. I cannot say if Rolf's company is struggling, but there are at least two serious problems with his game currency flow which at first glance undermine his business model. The first is traders. The other is players' ability to cash out of the game by selling their coins on the market. Yes, the buyers of those coins will re-invest them in the game or sell them back at a markup to someone who will. But any private buying of coins only makes sense to the prospective buyer if the asking price is lower than what Rolf sells the same coins for in the safety of the cash shop. By allowing the private buying and selling of coins (many of which, one may suspect, were obtained through traders at a cost of exactly zero), Rolf in effect enables people to undercut his prices, reducing demand for his own supply of coins, crippling his income and forcing price increases on everyone to compensate for this. Simply put, the traders have to go. Not just the private traders, but also the public ones. Or at the very least their ability to buy stuff from players. Every coin that went out of the game through a sink should never go back in the game, except under exceptional circumstances. Traders are not among them. And as I always highly disapproved of the notion that a player can cash out of the game, since I would never have wanted to do that myself, I think that Rolf should ban private transactions between players. I have seen old posts by people here who refer to the player base of this game as "investors" and "workers", as though everyone's main preoccupation was with making a buck and exploiting some other sap into cutting 500 bricks that you're too lazy to make (while harping on the virtues of "self-reliance"). And frankly, it shows. You know what I have seen this game called? A pyramid scheme. But it's especially ironic that here it's not even the guy who created the game who seems to benefit. Instead, it's all about a little, very vocal, very vituperative, elite at the top which wants to parasitically go on draining whatever life exists in this game for the sake of a few bucks while they frantically insist that the game must absolutely not be made easier for new players. And frankly that has to end.
  8. Close Please

    Looking to sell 1 gold coin for 100e. Post or form PM me please Payment via Paypal, in-game exchange via Mail. Buyer Pays fees. Thanks!
  9. Close

    WTB 1 gold coin, or at least 80s. 1 silver - 1 euro.
  10. Seeing how we can do things like break the server, by attempting to pick up 15k iron coins, break the client by trying to drag 3k+ coins into the bank at once, or even give coins derogatory names, I think we should change the way the ingame currency works. Rather than a quantity that physically exists in individual coins, let's eliminate the coins completely and switch to what most other games have, which is essentially electronic banking. Let the client display your banked and carried wealth. When trading with someone, you chose how much to trade them, yet no physical coins move between characters. When you die and you (or someone else) loot your corpse, you find a "bag of coins worth x" on the corpse. This will make banking and trading much easier, but best of all, it ELIMINATES tons of extra server work load. Many people I know have thousands of irons from praying. If I only know 1% of the total Wurm population, then it would be easy to assume there are hundreds of thousands of irons in existence. The servers have to track every single coin!! This seems a mutually beneficial feature request for players and Code Club.
  11. with 3k+ iron coins, I could repeatedly "flash crash" my client. It wasn't a full crash to desktop, just a 3 second crash and auto reload. I would just open bank and try dragging all coins at once to make it happen. To get coins in bank, I just started dragging smaller selections (about 30 at a time) until I was down to 1800ish coins, then tried dragging them all again and it worked just fine, doing the normal 100 at a time. I never dropped coins on the ground, remembering the server crash from a few months back
  12. Wishes

    So have a gold coin and no immediate need to buy anything, thinking of using it for a wish. What would you wish for?
  13. Found
  14. Gold coins

    100e per coin.
  15. Close please

    Purchase complete, thank you all.
  16. Close Please

    Want to buy 1 gold for 90 eur, paypal.
  17. Selling 50s for 50€, PM me on the forum please, i'm not online often atm.
  18. Supreme Forest Giant Strange Bone This item will transfer it's supreme rarity to an item of your choice. Does not work on unfinished items / boats / carts / etc AFAIK it is a 100% transfer rate, I have not heard of anyone failing to transfer rarity with their bone Start Price: 60s / 60e Minimum Increments: 1s / 1e Snipe Protection (Auction ends no earlier than 2 hours after last bid). Private Bids: No, please keep all bids public. Private buyout offers are okay Buyouts: Make offers Pickup / Delivery: Pickup Required ( I will NOT COD this) * Auction Timer: * I can CoD you for payment, and you can create a new toon and i'll /vinvite it to my deed on pristine so you can mail it to yourself if you want. Pickup Location: Demon's Reach (x9, y21 / L - 11), Pristine
  19. WTS 16 silver coins - 16 Euro, Paypal verified