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Found 106 results

  1. All 55 Silver coins for 45 Euro, or 1 S = 0.9 Eur. Payment VIA paypal
  2. Hi all, I have piled up 50 silver coins for sale currently. I have a verified paypal account and a long track record of happy customers. See here: I can also walk you through the process if you are new to it. Basically you need a paypal account and a mailbox in wurm. PM me here on the forum for exchange details.
  3. Selling gold coins at 90 Euros each. Current Stock: 4.5g Willing to do discounts on 3g or more. PM me!
  4. Greetings fellow Wurmians. I would like to sell one gold coin (1s = 0.95 euro). Paypal verified, with a long history of similar transactions. Pm me here or in game if interested.
  5. The Art of Rare by Picotto prologue Picottos journey beginns several years ago... catching fire on the first hours playing wurm online ... sadly not every pc setup likes wurm too... playing some time taking a break ... the last time 5 years ago i didnt even see cocéd tools.. this will change this time... starting back 6 month ago glad setup is running .. in my bags left some stuff that didnt decay... first 10s for premium... starting bulk bricks and mortar.. 1 week later grinding several hours a day ... catched fire again.. bought some silvers and prem for euros (i totally recommand support developers spend at least some cash for a great game) building up my deed.. making some friends ... one day i dont even remember why i started prepairing some picks... ressoures for 100 creations gathered.. started ... rare Pickaxe... 2mins later.. rare Pickaxe.. wow that were 14s ... how the hell could you grind bulk for so long.... Chapter 1 Motives watching people in GL being frustrated on failing imp rolls ... newbies or rejoiners trying to get there prem seems impossible... thought of selling my xp and time spended ... nah i decided to share with everybody ... instead if my guide seems any help to you (and it probably will) send me a gift instead ... appreciate some coins or rares ... i would have gave tons for this knowledge "wasting" so much time on gathering information Chapter 2 The Stats All information here depends on my own xp, the wiki and other players.. i like to see how it works for you ... Rare Hunt 5s-70s possible per day 15s average Raise your chances by 100-300% Time played : ~ 2 month / 12h day Ressources gathered : ~50k iron / shafts Rares Created : ~ 100 rares / 3 Supremes Predication Rate : ~ 20% (Chain Method) Longest Grind without Roll : ~ 7 hours Most Rares in 30mins : 4 Money made : ~ 400s Most of the tries were Pickaxes these numbes were rough and pretty much experimentaion included you will get the extracted infos Chapter 3 The Preparation Get the ressources for the item you want to create 500/1000 is a good start get your deed bonus to 10secs ( put up some trash bins to get rid of large amounts of crap dont count on imp rolls !! this is creation only get a decent % of that tool for sure shot roll Be Patient Chapter 4 Rolling in Dub SOLO SPAMMING start your ingame wurm timer on 99h your rarity window should be 10+10secs now (confirmation on 20secs basic) that means 1 creation every 20secs is needed... NOT MORE start timer and created wait for every 20´s 40´s 00´s and create that would be a total of 180 creations per hour 180 shafts+180pickaxe heads needed continue this until you cant stand it or run out of ressources keep your ressources available and dump your picks remember every walking around and missing the hit could effect your chances BUT DONT TAKE IT TO SERIOUS!! (i was grinding NOT only 1 day for 20+ hours THIS COULD BURN YOU !DANGER) DUO SUPPORT SPAMMING For this method you dont need much preparations.. buy some iron+shafts.. set your alt on the forge and make heads.. your main can now created the whole day MULTI SPAMMING Prepair as many ressources as you can .. run the spamming on multiple chars... SOLO CHAINING Did you noticed getting no rolls for hours .. and then 3 crappy rock shards... (some accourding to different TIERS of rareness) USE IT !! This is for players with very low time as always prepair your ressources... just play the way you like .. Kick starter : soon as you get any roll ... jump and create your item try 50 -100 creations stop if nothing pops out ... i testest it like 30 time in about 20% of the tries i got a chained roll MUTLI CHAINING use method above ... but start as many alts as you like on Kick starter.. iam pretty sure now THERE ARE SERVER TIMES FOR RARES seems to be some relation here Value Kickstarter use easy value items like Horseshoes.. wait for the first roll .. and switch to your favorite item Chapter 5 Try it and smile some GUESSMATICS here : Spamming with 2 chars for 3hours about 1k creations needed 1k shafts = 1s 1k iron = 1s the chance of getting at least 1 rare in this session is pretty high! 1 pickaxe – 6s now =4s earned Note if the maximum rarity window is 30secs your ressources are lowered significantly!! This could be yours after some Days Feel free to test it out and tell me !! Changes possible
  6. Hello, I have 50 Silver coins for sale currently. Can split them up in smaller amounts. 1 Silver coin = 1 Euro. If you take all, I am willing to give a discount. PM me for details. Thank you :-)
  7. Hello, I'm a bit insecure and don't know what to think, so maybe someone can help me. I don't know what happened to the silver coins I bought along with my first premium membership. I withdrew them from the bank because I wanted to have the silver with me in case I found a nice place for a settlement (I thought that I needed the silver with me when placing a deed). I'm pretty sure I put them in a chest in my first (locked) shack when I got there because my other (found) coins are still there and I don't usually like to carry anything valuable with me if I go exploring or just cutting wood/getting new water. I died a bit later, in an area that is small but full of trees and also has boars, bears and hellhounds from time to time. Unfortunately, since you can't see the direction when you're running, I don't know where I died exactly. Being convinced that I didn't have anything valuable on me I didn't go back very fast to look for my corpse. Then I started to move my stuff from my first shack to another area where I wanted to build a bigger hut and suddenly found that my silver coins were missing. I've tried looking for my corpse since then but haven't found it so far, so I can't be completely certain that I didn't have the coins on me when I died. But it seems so unlike me ... and I'm not sure if the corpse may have disappeared by now. It's kind of bothered me since then that the game just "ate" my 8 Euros and I'm not exactly sure whether I should just accept that this was my own fault (me just being a noob and not knowing all these things) or if this was a bug (or something that should never be possible in the first place by design). This is keeping me from buying new coins as well ... it just doesn't sit right with me. And then there's the possibility that the money just disappeared from my shack due to some bug or game mechanic that I don't know (money doesn't decay, does it?). I just don't know what to do with it. Has anything like that happened to you? Or is there any way to find out how the money got lost? That would be some kind of reassurance I think. Silberry
  8. wts 20s

    as the title says i want to sell 20s 1s/1e
  9. sold

    currently silver stocks sold out.
  10. I would like to sell one gold coin (can go up to 130s if you need more). Price is 1s = 1$ (USD). Paypal verified, with a long history of similar transactions in Wurm. Pm me here or in game, if interested.
  11. sold
  12. wts 55s 1s/1e buyer pays cod
  13. i want to sell 40s buyer pays cod!
  14. It's my birthday soon and I would like to purchase in-game currency. Paypal verified. Toss me a pm. Cheers, Neville.
  15. as the title says i wts 40s send me a pm here or ingame same name!
  16. WTS 15s 1s/1e

    Verified Paypal only. Send a PM on forum or in game (fatynoob).
  17. Since trading via CoD is a big thing in Wurm it really is time for a better bank management. We need a window where you can see the transactions of the last 30 or 50 days (or more). Having to note the amount you have in the bank before you CoD something to be able to check if the buyer paid is a pain in the lower end. Even more when you sell a lot of stuff constantly. BTW this was suggested years ago already but I couldn't find the thread.
  18. Since i'm not playing might as well start clearing out the bank: Selling 1 Gold coin for 100 €. Please PM Offers, don't reply here.
  19. Wts 130s 10s 1s/1e via paypall send me a pm how many you want!