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Found 7 results

  1. Example: -You have 10 cotton in your inventory. -You combine them into 1 cotton ( weight = 10 ) -Now you want to store 5 cotton in a BSB and keep 5 in inventory. -You hold SHIFT + Drag the cotton to BSB -The usual amount window pops up asking how many you want to store. -You choose 5, store 5 cotton in BSB and keep 5 in inventory Unless there is a good argument against it but can we make this a thing, please? What we currently have to do is throw the full cotton ( weighting 10 ) in the BSB and take out 5 cotton again from the BSB and the above suggestion will reduce the required actions to do this.
  2. CAN THIS OR SOMTHING SIMILAR BE ADDED TO THE WURMPEDIA.? [21:56:58] <Harpoon> is it possible to quality lock a shelf in a bulk conatiner unit (4x BSB's in 1)? After testing by Shenjiwurm, it was found that padlocks can be attached to the individual Bulk Storage Shelves within the Bulk Container Unit, not the Bulk Container Unit itself. This then allows a permissions popup where individual shelf quality locks can be selected. [22:12:42] <Shenjiwurm> (Cel) ok guys, attach lock to bsb in the bcu and then you can set ql lock
  3. Server: Deliverance Date: May 26 Item: Seryll lump, QL 54.35, Rift reward Ingame ticket: #62655 The seryll lump, weight 0.25, was placed in a BSB. When retrieved shortly afterward, the lump was weight 0.22. There was no material in the BSB. Effect was tested again. Input weight was 0.22. Retrieved weight was 0.19. No seryll remained inside BSB.
  4. Dropped 36 fresh crushed reed fibres in bsb but it turned in only 17 fibres, pull out all 17 put them back in and got only 12 now. Had 7 seryll lumps, 3 of them were 29.02, ql and 4 of them 29.82 ql, no damage, 1 of higher ql was 1.3kg weight all others 1 kg. I dropped them all in bsb to equal ql ( was lazy to light forge), and forgot will lost 0.3 kg from that 1.3 kg lump but then that 7.3 kg seryll turned into only 6 lumps of 1 kg each. I lost 1.3 kg of seryll
  5. Members of alliance are unable to rotate Food and Bulk Storage Bins on an allied deed. They are able to push and pull them, and are able to turn other objects (forges, crates, beds, etc) without issue. Village members can turn BSBs and FSBs, it is only alliance members who cannot
  6. It's possible to drag an item from a bulk storage bin into a container partially filled with water that you cannot place inside otherwise. Small bug but I figured it was worth reporting anyway.
  7. Most people I know that use priests create some sort of items to sacrifice for favor. The most common ones in my experience are door locks, yoyos, cordage ropes, and jewelry. Most people I know also create hundreds or thousands of these at a time, because it's more efficient to mass-produce something than to produce a handful at a time. These items end up lying around in backpacks or satchels or in piles of items on the floor, adding to the database and contributing to lag in a densely populated area. Cordage ropes can already be put into BSB's. It wouldn't make much sense to allow BSBing of jewelry, in my opinion, but that can be discussed. On the other hand, door locks and yoyos are very easy to spam out, and door locks are the only type of lock that does not come with a key, meaning that the exact ql of a door lock is of no consequence (other lock and key combos could get very messed up if we were allowed to BSB them). Therefore, it would make perfect sense to allow putting door locks and yoyos into BSB's, not to mention the added convenience.