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Found 35 results

  1. This time i would like to auction supreme Horde of the Summoned kingdom baner, which is product of my bad decision to imp banners in front of my workshop i bit before i dig in to fine carpentry grinding but never the less, realy not sure what is the right price for them as i never saw any selling, so will start bidding with 2,5s and set ridiculusly high byout because i want to see you guys competing for it and see how high can it go . Starting bid: 2,5s Min increase: 50c Buyout: 15s Sniper protection: no Reserve: no I belive banners are no longer mailable, and i'll decide if i will deliver deppending on outcoming price, since i really don't have time to deliver because of my real life job, pickup will be in NW Deli. But will discuss that after the auction is finnished. Happy bidding!
  2. Ever fancied getting your hands on a set of Black Legion goodies? Well look no further!! Package includes the following; 1x Black Legion Wagon 1x Black Legion Banner 1x Black Legion Flag 1x Unfinished Black Legion Guard Tower 16 x 91ql+ [Rare] horseshoes all with 90+ BoTD Casts (One for each of your horses hooves ) We can also supply 4 decent horses to help tow your new goodies to your deed Bundle is to be picked up from Libila Market on Deliverance, or Delivery can be arranged (Without horses) Collection and Delivery - Deliverance - Free Delivery - Independance & Exodus - 1s Delivery - Celebration and West side of Xanadu - 2s Further afield will be disscussed. Starting bid 80s Bid increments of 5s Buyout: Entertain us Private bids: Not accepted Private Buyout Offers: Accepted Auction will run until the end or If a Buyout offer is accepted Happy Bidding
  3. We're going to auction off a set of our kingdom items, one wagon one banner and one flag. With all proceeds being distributed amongst all Black Legion villages on the Chaos server. These items are only able to be created on the Chaos server and the kingdom currently has a sales ban in place, so this is a unique opportunity to get your hands on these items before anyone else. Starting Bid: 5 Silver Minimum Increment: 50 Copper Reserve: 10 Silver, however all bids until that point will be considered. . Delivery can be arranged for all servers excluding Chaos, Pristine & Release. Pickup available on Deliverance. These items will lose their unique look if the kingdom ever disbands so please bear this in mind when bidding.
  4. Hello folks, would you like to be the envy of your neighbours with a beautiful red and gold wagon? Feast your eyes on this: Isn't that the most gorgeous wagon you've ever seen? And now you, the general public can also acquire these wagons at no risk to your own life and limb! For a generous price of 5 silvers you can Pick up a wagon at our new up-and coming high end HOTA Market Exchange deed (Top Notch) on Exodus or have it delivered to any coastal spot on Deliverance/Exodus for 6s, 7s for Independance/Celebration. Same price as other kingdom wagons but at least twice as good looking! Now also selling Banners/Flags for 50c each, and also unfinished Mol Rehan Guard Towers (mailable) for 1,5s each. Orders can be placed in this thread or by PM, please state your favoured wood type at the same time (default is oakenwood). Get one today and make your neighbours tremble with envy!
  5. Another quality auction brought to you by Black Forest Smithy (Click to view merchant) #1 Supreme HOTS banner 30ql bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 5s reserve 20s buyout All items have 30 mins sniper protection Happy bidding!
  6. close pls

    looking to buy the op things. can pick up from anywhere on freedom except chaos. pls pm with price and location got jk banners/flags only need MR
  7. I am looking to buy a few/bundle of HOTS banners, will negotiate price on them and such. hoping to get them asap >
  8. These banners and flags will only appear on unstable client, on the regular client they just appear as white banners Selling both flags and banners for 50c each Currently in stock Pickup or mailing, i live at "The Awesome Miku Hatsune Fan Club House" on deliverance at 8x41y Price for mailing is 10c/20c per item (cod) + 10c/20c (sending in a small barrel) depending if you are on Deliverence or not. Pm me on forums cause i play most of the time on chaos, but i have my alt over so i can login at any time to do the trade.
  9. Basically with there being PMKs on epic and vast amounts of villages across Freedom, I think it would be nice to have these Alliances or Villages represented by something, an emblem or a logo. Upon joining a village, or an Alliance this logo or emblem becomes something you bear on lets say armour, shields, bardings, flags, banners etc. For example the crusader cross on this horse. Or the crusader Logo on this shield; Its probably a risk giving players control over their own emblems as some of them could end up looking just downright silly and I know it might be easier said than done to have players just upload their own images into the data base, not to mention finding a place for them to fit on the textures of armour and bardings etc, but if it really worked I think many players would kill for something like this, to represent their community or just show it off. I think something like this would perhaps have to be limited to the larger Alliances or Villages due to the sheer number of villages there actually are around the maps and servers. Maybe something that needs to be bought via a trader perhaps. Regardless its just a cool idea I had in my head which I think people would like, im sure given more thought it could be vastly improved on.
  10. "The game also supports custom PMK models. So you can submit your own flags etc to the art team." Taken from How do I go about submitting a Flag graphic to the art team exactly? are there certain dimensions it should be or any rules in particular I should adhere to? Any more info would be great, thanks