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Found 4 results

  1. Celebration currently has "Light Jest for Fo: Kill 23 Champion Isopods" mission. I was not sure if it was intended for Jackal creatures to be spawned as part of Epic missions or not.
  2. 1) Is the damage armour is taking, it is way too much too fast. We spend more time repairing our armour then healing. I have a high ql scale set with damage runes on it all and I was taking 6.00+ damage hits and if I had not kept the window open to keep an eye on it I would have lost pieces quickly. This has to be wrong. 2) Warmasters, they are becoming invincible and we are unable to kill them at all, we killed all their turrets and everything else that had spawned. We tried to dispell it to see if that helped but it did nothing at all. The only way to finish the rift was to force it to end by burning hearts. This has happened at a couple of rifts that I know of so far. This has to be wrong as well. 3) The new sounds chosen for them, they are just bad, the summoners sound is REALLY bad. Please rethink these, or just change them back to what they were. We are enjoying having new content with the rifts but a little fixing and tweaking will make them even better. Thank you for your attention to these issues Sun
  3. Attempted to priest up at the Jackal starter town. Chars have 30 Faith as libila and attempt to become priest at the Beacon of Freedom at start town. Just get [16:17:26] You must be close to the huge altar in order to become a priest. Moved around and attempted to priest from all reachable locations and not able to priest. Attempted to priest on Dinkle Fentler Morker
  4. Since the rift mob fix on 1 Sep, Serenity rift is bugged out. Burned all required hearts to start Wave 3, not a single mob spawned since then. Burning further hearts is rejected because rift is currently spawning. I've logged a ticket too on #91853.