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Found 1 result

  1. Life as a priest, it's a risk you take. Thing is, it just means I run 2 clients instead of one and bring nothing extra to the game (since the alt is ALWAYS a free alt) but a bit more lag. What I propose is priests are able to perform some extra activities but their skill is effectively capped at 20 (same as their free alt). This includes, but is not limited to, woodcutting (no cap for vyn), mining (no cap for mag), digging (no cap for fo), packing, paving, construction (nothing requiring a skill over 20), improving items (all imp checks use a capped skill level of 20). Why? Simply because everyone gets around the priest limitations it by using a free alt and this is just going to make life easier and give priests nothing new except a little less rage and more time for people. It will reduce lag on the servers and, more importantly, might be that little extra push some people need to prem up so they can priest up. "Oh but what about pvp?" Well funnily enough all non-mag PvP priests get a spell that non-mag PvE priests do not get. How about we make this a freedom only feature? "Oh but you get magic" Yep and we also get capped skills. Seems fairer than complete "YOU SHALL NOT SOLO UNLESS YOU RUN AN ALT AND BRING LAG TO THE SERVER". "But... Status Quo..." I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the massive sound of change going on in wurm Edit for Clarity : The cap only applies to skills priests cannot currently use at the moment. This means improving items, continuing structures etc. So a priest with masonary 50 will still have the same masonary 50 craft rate for stone bricks, but will only imp objects as a 20 skilled character, nor will they be able to plan and continue stone walls. The 20 cap is lifted if faithful is turned off. (But an increase in the faith hit to balance this out)