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  1. "Why should I go Premium?" people ask. Well here's an answer to most (hopefully all) of your questions! Going Premium isn't just an upgrade for yourself - it benefits the entire game by putting more money towards costs that the game needs to run, things like development and things like the cost of the servers, stuff like that. There are three clusters of servers out right now, split between 2 sets: Freedom and Epic. The Freedom Clusters consist of Celebration, Exodus, Deliverance, Independence, and Chaos and a newer group of two called Pristine and Release. All of these servers are PvE only with the exception of Chaos. Chaos allows for player-killing, deed raids etc. and includes the HOTA event, or Hunt of the Ancients which is a capture the towers affair with the winning alliance taking a unique (to the event) statue and some rare resources. The Epic Cluster is a cluster of servers that consist of Desertion (MR-Home), Serenity (JK-Home), Affliction (BL-Home), and Elevation (Everchanging map of contested territory.) All of these servers have PvP without penalty enabled, all of them offer F2P with the exception of Elevation, which is P2P. Here are just some of the advantages of upgrading to Premium: Limitless skills. Skills as a free player are 'capped' at 20. This means that you cannot gain skill past 20. As your characteristics all start at 19.5, when you train skills (such as digging or carpentry) that increases these characteristics and they are blocked by the skill cap, you are therefore left at a disadvantage compared to the players who purchased premium early.Religion & Enchantments. As a free player you can follow one of four gods being either Vynora, Magranon, Fo, or Libila (Epic Cluster and Chaos only.) However, as a free player you cannot become an effective priest due to your faith cap. Priests get access to something called enchantments, these can be placed on items by the religious followers of the four deities (Vynora, Fo, Magranon and Libila*). The enchantments can add a range of benefits to items ranging from increased skill gain upon usage to added damage in combat.Better Economy. Non premium players are not as capable of making money as premium players are due to their skillcap, so going premium could help you get the things you want and help you raise money by yourself without the need of paying real life money to do so, even though that is an option.Better items. As a premium player you get the ability to get your skills past 20, so once again you have access to better items. A higher quality item can speed up your timers with that item, make it take less damage, make it more effective and things of that sort.Access to better stuff. With uncapped skills, you can do things like ride more animals, tame better things, sail different boats, build larger buildings etc..Better Community. More random people willing to help you out in a jiffy due to the fact they know you might stay around longer because you're a premium user.Deeds Deeds are placed by settlement forms you can buy at any trader and when planted these things form villages and grant a few nice bonuses. the biggest factor is that with over 30 days upkeep, buildings, fences, walls, signs, lamps etc will suffer no decay. They also provide things like guards, which offer protection from animals and players. You are also the only one able to do things on your now owned land with the exception of the villagers that you choose to add and give specific permissions to, you can also claim land with your perimeter in case you want to expand your deed so nobody else can plant in your planned area. Deeds typically require less manual maintenance than an F2P settlement due to less decay and (probably) higher QL items.Priest Status. As explained in religion and enchantments, you need premium to become a priest, or if you're on the epic cluster or Chaos, you need the premium to become a champion!Epic: Faster skillgain. Skillgain on Epic is at least twice as fast as the freedom cluster. This allows for players to get in to the thick of the action much faster in PvP and many people find it far less of a grind than Freedom due to this too.More 'effective' skills. Not only is there faster skillgain, but the skills are actually more effective than listed too, so with 40 skill, you can create items up to 65QL relatively easily. This effectiveness is on a curve, so as you get higher and higher, the additional effect is smaller - meeting at 100.Valrei map. The home of the Gods. Completing missions will not only help your kingdoms chosen God to move around the map, collecting items to attempt to win scenarios, but you will also gain bonuses for helping. Completing missions will usually trigger spawns of unique monsters in enemy lands, while winning a scenario triggers a large event, often permanently scarring the map. Freedom: No Player versus Player / Kingdom versus Kingdom with the exception of the Chaos server.GM enforced rules regarding destruction of property and similar (barring Chaos) - Ensure you read the Game Rules! To transfer between Freedom and Epic: You can freely transfer between the Freedom Cluster and the Epic cluster through the use of an Epic Portal. Each server will retain different skillsets because each server has a different skillgain speed, Freedom has the vanilla skillgain speed whereas Epic is sped up about 3x and all the skills operate on a curve. I might've missed some things, just post below if i did. Hopefully this helps some people decide on servers, and if they want to go premium. Sidenote: Freedom Stones takes you to the PvE server clusters where you can choose between Celebration, Exodus, Deliverance, Independence and Chaos (Once again, PvP), or the new set of Pristine and Release. all of these are F2P, with the normal P2P benefits listed above. The Epic Portal can take you to the epic cluster where you have a choice between Elevation (The Battlegrounds), Desertion(MR-Home), Serenity(JK-Home), and Affliction (BL-Home). All of these servers offer F2P with the exception of the Elevation server which is P2P only. And another thing, you can sail between any of the servers within a cluster. - Update How to pay for premium: Pay through Paypal at the wurm shop. Cost is 16 Euros for two months. Search Google for an online currency converter if Euros are not your native currency. Pay 10 Silver at a deed token for 1 month. Note, you must be logged in, in-game to do this. Please note, Onetoofree AB does not refund lost premium time spent on Golden Valley - the tutorial server. Thanks to Mr.H
  2. If you are raiding a deed and picking a door, the defender and unlock and relock the door to constantly reset the attackers lockpick timer, making it impossible to lockpick
  3. [Fixed] Artifact Logout Bug

    When you log out on deed inside of lets say, your house, if you have a floor or roof above you the artifact will be placed inside of the floor or roof and sometimes this will make it unreachable causing you to have to bash your roof. It should be placed on the actual ground floor or the floor you're standing on.
  4. [Fixed] heavy armor penalty bug

    when i log in i always have the heavy armor penalty to casting and archery, even if i log in naked. it's pretty frustrating having to equip and equip armor every time i want to cast on a priest after logging in or crashing because i left the world.
  5. [Fixed] Artifact Bugs - charges

    #1 - When you dig up an artifact it goes to the old full power. Its supposed to be like 30? charges now, but if you dig it up, its 120. There has already been a patch note that this has been fixed, it was never fixed, and i think the previous bug reports are still up Patchnote where this was supposed to be changed: #2 - You can still teleport with artifacts. This was complained about, then changed last year so you couldnt, and then several bug reports were made about it because it never worked. You can vteleport, you can karma, and you can recall home with artifacts right now on the live servers, so as far as i can tell the patch did not work for this one either. Same patchnote as the above
  6. Embarking Bug, and Memory Leaks

    my experience knowing a lot of these groups, they usually abuse them a year after reporting them because they don't get fixed, in most cases, until they are blatantly and heavily abused. not to mention up until recently, 99% of the people who abused anything didn't even get so much as a verbal warning. Embark bug isn't related, its just a heavy inconvenience that has been around for over two years now. (also the leading cause of death on the pvp server is people getting the embark bug, which is just shitty when the only way your game gets pvp is because people crash)
  7. Similarly to my last post about strongwalling, requires two accounts. Can use a cart or a wagon and throw it through the wall, and at a corner at a certain angle you can disembark through the house, either to put yourself in or outside. With animals its a bit trickier, but you can unhitch animals through walls as well. I can't really give exact steps to reproduce as it requires some messing with to get it to work, but, with like 30 minutes messing around in a house corner you should be able to do it reliably. I hope this is close enough, the only thing better i can do is record a video of it.
  8. Map Reset for Chaos

    every poll ever made like this has been winning in the yes section. we had a merge poll with 85% yes and 170+ votes and it wasn't enough even to get more than a "its never happening"
  9. Map Reset for Chaos

    so riddle me this server pop = 20 prior to reset it resets, it gets 100+ players for over a year before finally crumbling slowly to pre-reset numbers worth it or not? i'd wager yes, thats a lot more money, and a lot more players, and a lot more fun, even if its only for a year. (because that is what happened) Maybe i'm a fool for not enjoying the game where i get to play kill the same 10 people over and over and over in the same 10 ways over and over and over because they ignored every guide you wrote, every piece of advice you ever gave them, and they don't learn from their own mistakes. New map = more players = incentive to split = more pvp also, i vote yes to these every time, but, the dev team i believe has stated that a reset of any kind is a last resort, so ye. if we did get a reset id like to see the chaos map stick around as a freedom map though. it has a lot of history and is the best map made since notch left the team, no map the current staff has been able to put out has even remotely come close to the quality of that map. The elevation one was a joke, they gave us a complete ###### one, so bad to the point where people would be excited for anything else, and then followed up with the current one. I guess that tactic works on people who even know it well :/. Also to @IberisEnjoy getting any of these polls to work though, you will be bombarded with no votes from people who just absolutely have to put their 2c in, who have no intention of actually playing on the server, many of which who have quit long ago, and quite a few who have never stepped foot on the server. It's a big reason why absolutely nothing relating to big balance gets changed on PvP either. also @ScribbleWU pvp servers don't succeed because everyone cheats, and client mods/hacks for WU, some with pvp designed explicitly in mind are freely posted here on the official WO forums, and there is nothing any server owner can do because they aren't allowed to develop a proper anticheat, at most they can reduce what information is sent to the client, but it doesn't matter because what the majority uses out there is already undetectable by the best server sided stuff ive seen so far.
  10. Fatigue system needs to be looked at

    hey guys you have a lot of time, dont spend it grinding in the game, spend it doing other things in the game because its not healthy to grind for hours on end. ok mom gosh
  11. delete pls - no more content from me thanx

    tour of ascalon next thnx i need eyes on my hours of turbonerding
  12. Fatigue system needs to be looked at

    you really arent putting an argument here i guess when your iq goes below a certain point, nobody can have a logical debate with you.
  13. Resizing deeds around Epic Buildings

    +1 should be moved by GM's, resizable-through?, and destructible. I had a bad experience with a Battlecamp once, where rolf decided to place one on DSC and leave us to deal with it for a year and a half making it so we couldnt even resize our deed to cover what it was planned for.
  14. Punishlife - your mail

    ??? for a person who doesnt roll on anything i sure do whine a lot i guess at least the very minute amount i do get, doesnt go to freedom and sold instantly while i whine on kingdom forums about losing because we have no good gear.
  15. Valrei International. 018

    thats not content, thats more of the same. You aren't experiencing anything you haven't experienced before. And the second half is balance changes.
  16. Punishlife - your mail

    hey punishlife i bought a new rear 120mm fan for my pc with three day shipping for 23.99$ and it hasn't arrived despite being 6 days ago can u make me 1 ???
  17. really a suggestion more for epic than anything would be nice if bundled with an ability to modify what servers are tracked.
  18. Shield Bashing

    sb goes up slower than body str past a certain point i can also tell you anyone above 70 either used a large number of alts or exploited it.
  19. Revert SOTG damage reduction Nerf

    no remove true strike, remove sotg, scale armor reduction back up, scale weapon damage down SOTG is, and always has been a crutch for people not smart enough to think outside of a safety net and i lose respect for anyone that supports such imbalanced mechanics.
  20. LF a Worker (Chaos)

    I understand this is probably a unique offer and something not a lot of people see very often, but having had some success with it, we figured we would try to expand on it. We are looking for people to help with odd jobs, bulk creation like brick/mortar/planks, tower construction, digging, house construction, meme viewing and criticism, whatever. We name the job, you name the price if youre willing to do it, it goes down good good. When you aren't working, you are welcome to utilize the faculties our kingdom has to offer, free meals, housing, free enchants within reason, free imps/creation within reason (obviously don't ask me to make you 50 chisels at 90ql and give them all 90woa, thank you). Obviously you are welcome to go and come as you please, and escorts can be arranged. You are also welcome to participate in any kingdom events as long as you abide by our kingdom rules If you are interested or have any questions, please post below or PM me here or on Doctorchaos ingame. If you cannot reach me for whatever reason, contact the people listed below: Egard (Ckczk ingame) Rudie (Xsamuraizx ingame) Mclovin (Bloodmaster ingame) Orlaz (Polan/Mith ingame) Ausimus (Ausimus or Cartier ingame) Darklords (Warrior ingame) Obviously we are looking for people who are a bit trustworthy, as our kingdom is built on trust and we dont want to have someone around where we have to be a stickler about every little permission, so we reserve the right to refuse anyone this position. If you are concerned about your safety, Punishlife can vouch for us (if he isnt too concerned about his profits possibly being split, lol.) as he has been with us over here for a while doing these odd jobs, but having more wouldn't hurt.
  21. Shield training

    its around 10 minutes maurizio.
  22. LF a Worker (Chaos)

    We have found two people who are interested and will be giving a shot, if they decide they don't like the workload, don't like us, or don't like chaos, ill update this thread again so we can fill the positions once more.
  23. Catapult and Trebuchet testing!

    i -really- doubt that, considering the amount you have to winch to reliably hit max damage, and to account for distance. especially considering shotgunning just got nerfed too, so you cant remington 870 down entire longhouses anymore.
  24. Mounted speed balance

    Then my question becomes, why are you here debating what is or isn't an issue on a PvP server you don't play on and haven't played on in months?