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  1. Since you still get like 1 point per action with a setting of 0, try 0.5, that should correspond to have characteristics raise roughly the same speed as other skills, including your 2x skill modifier. That would probably still feel too fast though. The lower stat divider is the one used when characteristics are less than 31 and the upper stat divider is for above 31.
  2. Good job and thank you for the mod! Not sure if it exists yet, but a spell that would lock the target in place for X seconds or until damaged would be nice. Also, more debuffs or longer lasting buffs would be cool.
  3. Just spam light token or whichever is your faiths cheapest spell. Skillgain in WU do not depend on the difficulty of the spell, so the skillgain tips on the wiki are somewhat irrelevant.
  4. I had number 1 as well. This is an issue with Intel integrated graphics. If you have a computer that also has an nVidia card or similar, check nVidia control panel and make sure only that graphics card is used for wurm. 2. May be due to running 32-bit java on a 64-bit machine. Pasting logs might help us point you in the right direction. I had a third issue that users may come across as well, Wurm didn't play well with my touch screen AT ALL. I.e, I had instant crashes because of it. A fourth issue is the UI scaling at extreme resolutions, like 4k. You can make the text bigger, but graphical elements of the UI stay the same size. None of these issues I believe are due to Windows 10 at all.
  5. Happy to be of service
  6. New version out to fix crash with new version of agos mod loader, please see:
  7. A fix is in the works for this issue
  8. I wrote a fix now, thankfully I have my very own QA team in the form of @Hepfemso will probably get a new version of skillmod out within the hour. Unless there are more bugs of course.
  9. A fix is in the works, just have to juggle the release with my other deadlines.
  10. There you go, new version I'll be keeping extra watch for a while for any potential new bugs
  11. [16:07:41] Weapon smithing increased by 0.3663 to 21.5667 So, got it working again, just gonna clean up code a bit and then I'll post a new release
  12. Hello all, sorry for not watching this thread while I was gone. I will see if I can find someone to have full access to the github repo so that you are not dependant on me. I've confirmed there is a bug with weapon smithing, as long as you are not running a challenge server. I'll try to get it fixed sometime this week as well as doing some clean up in the code so it is easier to follow.
  13. It should be, since items can be drawn already at a set position. They can also be outlined and "dyed" to give similar effects as in the video. It is likely quite a bit of work though, especially to check "collision" for such items that are limited to one item per tile.
  14. Considering the dev team is from Sweden, I am surprised this is not implemented yet. As a King on my WU server I would of course enjoy simulating the glory of our Swedish king:
  15. Instead of the multitude of commands to move bigger items around like push, pull, pull gently etc, do the following: When "Move" action is used on an item, highlight it and add the model to the position of the cursor. If you don't want instant move, add a timer with length = 5 * distance from original location to complete the move. Video from fallout4 as reference, (3:50)
  16. I would suggest an even more invasive approach apart from the ones you mentioned. Combine loads of keybinds into a single one and send the correct action to the server depending on context (i.e. tool activated and what you are mousing over) e.g: primary_action { dig, mine_forward, forage, improve, continue, ... } secondary_action { flatten, prospect, botanize, repair, ... } n-ary_action { ... } Obviously these should be bindable and some work will have to be done to ensure uniquely available actions (i.e. introducing more tools, add binary modes such as "move-mode" to be able to bind push, pull, turn) On mouse over with a tool selected, add a textual overlay with what contextual actions you can do with what keybind, i.e: [C] Dig [X] Flatten [F] Examine [Unbound] Pray Then, remove the right-click menu and let MOUSE2 be bound for something more useful TLDR; Yes and remove right-click menu
  17. Plan for a Plan

    Diagonal walls should be implemented together with round walls imo. To plan round or diagonal walls, you can revamp the planning system as such: You select a start point on a Tile corner. You select a mid point on a Tile corner. You select a end point on a Tile corner. Now you have everything you need for a Quadratic Bezier Curve, to make it diagonal, just place mid point in line between the start and end point. You can play with possible curves here:
  18. I had another idea to also improve density of players in WO (albeit, i'm hardly the first). As I understand it, a lot of the issue is that "prime real estate" i.e. coastal areas, are deeded very quickly. There are a ton of one-man deeds. There are even a ton of alt deeds that just include a trader for free cash. This obviously creates a lot of area that is deeded, but very sparsely populated. Instead two things may be done: 1. Remove traders or simply force all traders to be public or something. If you keep them, have them not buy stuff, all their profits go to kingdom coffers instead to be drained through foraging etc. 2. Introduce a plot system. A plot is a part of a deed. Any premium player may have one plot for free of a fixed size. Plotted part of deeds do not count towards deed upkeep, or at least reduced rate. This should increase the incentives to get more villagers. Removing of mailboxes for a EVE contract system does not have to make things inherently harder. For the contract system to work, you would have to build another object in place of the mailbox. Lets call it the "Contract ledger" For the buyer: Go to Contract ledger press add contract Select visibility=Public or Private (private requiring a character name) select "hatchet" from filterable dropdown menu Select QL=70 +- 5 Select Rarity=Normal Select Reward upon delivery 20C Select drop-off-point "Sloping sands contract ledger" Two options now to have this contract fulfilled, The seller may personally transfer the item to sloping sands, upon arrival accepting the contract The seller may create a courier contract to move a hatchet to sloping sands, complete with collateral. When the courier delivers the item, the seller may remotely complete the buyers contract. See how it works in eve online in the video:
  19. I think the mailbox actually are bad for the community. An EVE-online system where you can have a contract to pick up something at a specific tile in deed is better. Allow courier contracts as well together with collateral. Works great in EVE, in wurm you have the added benefit of actually catching a glimpse of the person you are buying from or selling to or the courier. Also, one may consider that the mailbox is "stealing jobs" that many wurmians would enjoy doing. Furthermore, you may get local economies since the market is no longer global with almost free shipping, which is great for trade.
  20. I love having ideas, most of them are rubbish, but what do you guys think about this one: Implement a new type of deed called "Plot". You may have one "Plot" for free (without upkeep) if you have premium. Plots can only be planted on another deed with mayors permission. Plots contribute to deed upkeep, in effect meaning that if you take on premium players as villagers in your deed, you will get a cost reduction, also, you will have a cheaper deed if you make a small deed for yourself, but not a big one. Just a way trying to put people together a bit, since there are a ton of one-player deeds that are essentially empty and dead most of the time. Suggestion will give higher density and potentially also provide more un-deeded land.
  21. Plan for a Plan

    While a lot of suggestion are very good and fun I still don't believe that the amount of content, i.e. item X, feature Y etc are the real show stoppers for players trying to play wurm. Did you see somebody saying "I quit because I couldn't transport animals on a boat"? I agree its a very needed feature, but Wurm has bigger problems if it wants to reach the masses. Example: In WU, it is apparent that a lot of people fail to configure their servers. Its easy to be elitistic about it and tell them to L2Computer or "join an existing server". They want their own server and it should be easy enough that anyone can do it. Now, that doesn't really address WO, but the concept is similar, it is the learning curve of a non-intuitive UI. I appreciate the time and effort put into the current tutorials. It is however still a very bad tutorial. I pretty much see three ways to go about it: 1. Design a new tutorial If this is done, it needs to be a total remake. Consider not doing it in the MMO setting, but spawning a server locally (and automatically...) for the player to get a fresh tutorial instance. The tutorial in this case REALLY needs to be interactive, popping up windows of text that you have to kill manually is not good enough. 2. Make the game play intuitive enough that players don't really need a tutorial, except for the more advanced stuff. Much harder, but much better. As I stated earlier, keybindings need to be easier to set. The UI also must contain all possible keybindings. Consider dumping the toolbelt and opting for a proper UI-element where actions/tools/spells can be added. On the steam forums, someone suggested that instead of "activate tool + right click + select action" just left-click and the game should check inventory for correct tool and automatically execute an action. Maybe in wurm it would be better to have right-click as "execute aciton" and left-click as select. Use space or something for MOUSE_LOOK. Obviously, above is hard since there are a lot of things one can do with a single item. TAKE and DROP actions should be in the default keymappings, thus you can eliminate two possible actions. For push, pull, rotate etc, other keymappings can be used. "No target" option as a contextual option on every object is very weird, since every object ISN'T in that context. Keybinding should be default here. Examine should be a keybind. Every spell should be addable to an actionbar (or the toolbelt if you really want to keep it). If you find after all these reductions that there are still several actions that you could logically link to an object, i.e. Stone altar can be "Improved" or you can "Pray", bring up a radial menu with those two options with keybinds listed for the actions i.e.: Improve - [P] Pray TLDR: Remove right-click menu, most of actions can be made into keybinds or put into an action bar, find a better use for right-click. 3. Both of above. Other stuff: Try to remove as much "wogic" as possible. Why can't you configure everything in game? Why do you need item X activated on item Y to create Z, but activating item Y on X does not create Z? Overlayed text messages for important stuff. The event log is easy to miss and can probably in many cases be made redundant. Try to rely more on the modding community for new features/items etc. Wurm already has a lot of content, it is not the missing killer feature. EDIT: Spend the entire winter with the entire team just discussing and making a plan on how to make the UI better.
  22. Plan for a Plan

    Sailing: Maybe not something everybody wants, but it would be fun if sailing was more active. I'm hardly a sailor, but there could be actions that both the commander and the passengers could do like "Trim sails" etc, giving a small speed boost to the ship. In PvP coordinated actions will increase chance to catch up to or run away from an enemy ship.
  23. Plan for a Plan

    Some smaller fixes/features that may have a great impact: WU only: -In default keybindings, have everyone join an irc-channel, that way new players can easily ask for tips and it will be easier to form a WU community -Make the server setup a lot more user friendly, i.e. get available IPs from OS and populate a dropdown list instead of having people enter it manually (ofc not where you will want external IP and that IP is unknown) -Anything that makes modding more easier and allows the results of such modding to be more easily stolen implemented in WO. Both WU/WO: -Make entire contents of inventory autodump along with descriptions of items, ql and enchants in order to: -Make a much better keybind UI where toolbelt setups can be added. -List all available keybinds in this UI -Consider remaking the tutorial, adding UI-elements similar to Toasts on Android so that you can: -Display a keybind or some simplified tutorial info in above "Toast" without the user having to kill a dialog box -Consider moving other important info to this "Toast", i.e. server events. Maybe not everything that is in the event log now, but some of the more important parts. -Fix instant crashes on Linux -Make the entire UI scalable, including icons, so that the game is useable on extreme resolutions Modding and content: Externalize as many options as feasible, maybe creature templates can be defined in XML or similar scheme instead. Can potentially (legal stuff pending) allow devs to focus on more game-changing features, such as building in caves, while the community creates creatures and items that can be cherrypicked and incorporated into WO. I could write quite a bit here I think but the main ideas are: Enable modders to do improvements that are easily reusable in WO, especially for the "smaller" but time-consuming stuff. Thus increasing time devs can spend on cool new stuff that is more complicated. Hire ago if he wants to be hired
  24. Hi, Only every 4 launch finishes without an instant crash for me. Additionally, fullscreen is offset so the whole window begins at like pixel 200x200 instead of at 0x0 Also, I cannot choose any other resolution except for 3840x2160 which makes the game quite hard to play since icons and other images don't scale. Want me to post some logs? Where in that case? EDIT: I am using beta branch
  25. Hi Ago, About the digging mod: Did you check if it works with digging up artifacts? Maybe they need special handling just like gems.