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  1. WTS potions

    Oils of the weaponsmith mailed, thanks!
  2. WTS potions

    bump for potions
  3. WTS potions

    Last pendulum mailed, thanks! Out of pendulums for now. I'll start casting again as soon as I receive new ones.
  4. WTS potions

    Pendulum sent, thanks!
  5. WTS potions

    bump, updated the title to reflect what's left
  6. WTS potions

    Pendulum mailed, thanks!
  7. WTS potions

    some potions still left and the last pendulums
  8. WTS potions

    Potion mailed, thanks!
  9. WTS potions

    All mailed, thanks!
  10. WTS potions

    Pendulum mailed, thanks!
  11. WTS potions

  12. WTS Blood and Potions

    1x Red Dragon Blood - 1s If this is the price then CoD to Justamayor please
  13. WTS potions

    bump, I'll be adding potions and lower cast pendulums soon.
  14. Lancaster's Enchanted Skiller Tools

    Iron sickle 1.00 QL 93 CoC 2s CoD to Justamayor please.
  15. Black Dragon Slaying

    The wind doesn't help but I'll try to be there. Justamayor, 90FS