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  1. Agreed, last night i had the same thing. Logged out again earlier and just got back on a little under 2 hours later and no armour again. Both times there have been client updates... maybe that is the reason?
  2. Hi, could you send me the Pickaxe 4QL 86CoC 1.15s and Sickle 1QL 84CoC 1.15s please. CoD to Wurzel, thanks.
  3. I was too. If your using a 64bit OS you need to be using a 64bit version of java. If you use a 32bit web browser you will also need the 32bit version of java. I think java automatically instally the 32bit version so you will have to search the site for the 64bit one if you are using a 64bit OS. Additionally i found that i had to uninstall the old jnlp file and download it afresh because the old one continued to use the 32bit java after the 64bit version was installed. Hope this helps
  4. When i left you you were on the east side of the little bay at 37x,43y on the Inde map ( http://wurm.dhcd.co.uk/map/Indemap.png ). Good luck in your search
  5. Just recieved my freshly imped rug. Tyvm
  6. Hey, can i get the coc/woa hammer and the shield please. CoD to Wurzel, thanks.
  7. Ill take the leather knife (#8) please. CoD to Wurzel, thanks.
  8. ill take number 2, the 88cast please. Mail to Wurzel, thanks.
  9. Hello, Could i get the Butchering Knife, Iron - QL9.98 - CoC79=== 0s 94c please. Again mail to Wurzel, thanks.
  10. If it can be mailed ill take the Sickle 65coc 60c please. Mail to Wurzel.
  11. Or just the 1 if theres only 1 left now. Thank you.
  12. Ill take the grooming brushes please. Mail to Wurzel.
  13. Hi, could i get the Fruit Press, willow 34ql 64CoC - 70c and the Cheese Drill 40ql 77CoC - 80c please. CoD to Wurzel, Thanks.
  14. Thank you again Noodleberry. Great tools at a good price with a fast and friendly service. Highly recommended.