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  1. It would be a great idea to be able to purchase premium time using SuperRewards. I buy my premium time using in-game currency (mostly money that I earn) and think it would be better if I could purchase premium time through SuperRewards. I use Rixty through SuperRewards to purchase a few silver coins now and again and think it would be better if the same options that are available to PayPal purchasers were available to SuperRewards/Rixty purchasers.
  2. Withdrawing from auction. Lock requested.
  3. 3s starting bid. Auction closes in 147 hours (5pm EST Friday). Contact info/location will be given via Forum PM to the winner. Forgot sniper protection... Sniper protection 24 hours Winner will need to pick me up from my current location, kill me on chaos, and drop me off back at home. Buyout 6s