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  1. I agree, that is the greatest risk to WO. All that WO has over WU is the larger online community. Individual opinions on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing vary.
  2. Are you agreeing or disagreeing? People already play WO "because those games -arent- Wurm." doesn't really add anything... Objecting to WU because people who don't like WO might play it, doesn't make much sense. Objecting to WU because people who play WO might leave because some aspect (such as the "grueling grind") is able to be tweaked is WU, is just trying to force people to play your way. WU can have exactly the same "grueling grind" if you want it. I think "feeling of community" is over stated, often. People will still have their communities, and the forums and such. And they'll actually have more control of the many negative aspects of the community. "Level of detail and variety" I would expect to be the same in WU, if not more so once the modding community get hold of it. And what part of minecraft makes it not a "sandbox"?
  3. Why do people already do that? There is no shortage of other MMO's or Minecraft servers to play in the other ways already, those people are already busy NOT playing WO. If they dabble in WU, the WO community at worst, loses nothing.
  4. Great move for the game, many small groups, clans and guilds have long wanted to run their own servers. WO's problem with retention is so much have a steep learning curve, but a very cliquey community, and a very small, very toxic part to it, which discourages and repels new players, this may help with that. I think very few existing players would leave, but some new players will certainly migrate from WU to WO. So it seems fairly low risk to me, you'll make money from the sale, and hopefully net out in front on the WO players.
  5. Will I be able to buy a copy of my characters from WO? Will I be able to buy a copy of my deed from WO? Will I be able to buy a copy of a selected servers pristine map? Obviously, not a major deal, but would be nice, rather than having to replicate them, but it might be a viable income source.
  6. When you say it depends on "interest for the Windows version", you mean the windows version must sell before you'd consider doing the linux version? a ) do I need to buy them seperately? (that would be unlike other Steam games) b ) doing windows first and using that as the yard stick to judge if Linux is worth while doing... does not grok
  7. +1 suggested years ago ( Now, can I buy a copy of Independence as well, to self host? Ack, just discovered no linux support initially, but depending on how the windows version goes. That is probably a/t to how it should go.
  8. When purchasing premium in GBP by CC, the 6 month option costs more per month than the 4 month option: Months Price £ Per Month 12 months 2 14 7.00 84 4 25 6.25 75 6 40 6.67 80 12 70 5.83 70 Paying in EUR, and I think other currencies the price for 4 and 6 months is the same: Months Price Per Month 12 months 2 16 8.00 96 4 30 7.50 90 6 45 7.50 90 12 80 6.67 80 Also, your conversions rates really suck, 80€ is currently less than £60, so in future I'll be paying in EUR!
  9. Has been posted in suggestions quite a few times over the last couple of years; MrB hinted that barn doors were on the way...
  10. Rolf gave the early adopters much more valuable gifts than the last few years. Those gifts are transferable to other players. The game has an economy directly linked to the euro. Whether you paid silver or outside money, makes no difference. Every silver in game was originally purchased with real money. Rolf giving items away (or even creating items with inherently high value to players such as drake etc), providing the means for those items to be sold and transferred, and then arbitrarily removing the value, can easily be seen as a bait and switch con. To late, it's already done, these are "gifts" that are several years old that we're talking about. There's no monopoly, only limited supply.
  11. Not arguing that, just stating that it's fair to be against the proposition. It's your opinion that these things should not be a "gub dang investment", and I'd like to agree with that, but many aspects of the game actively encourage this. Basically all the argument is, is that people without these items want them to be cheaper, because they can't afford them. Everything in Wurm equates to money in one way or another. If they are put on traders, they should go on at current market values, 25s or whatever, at the very least. The only change then is that they'd maybe be easier to find to buy.
  12. And? Wurm is a game where you spend real money, so it's entirely valid to protest the deliberate devaluing of an existing commodity. So, having paid the whatever euro currency equivalent for them, I'd rather not be made to feel even more silly for paying real money for virtual goods, by removing any chance of being able to recoup some of that if I ever choose to cash out (I mean the risk of that is inevitable, but it does seem rather malicious, and possibly litigable, to arbitrarily introduce an item that becomes a valuable market item, and then reduce that item to basically worthless).
  13. Why did a member of the dev team re-post this, is the question. You don't like the game, fine, why does someone apparently with implied extra credability re-post it, without clarifying what the purpose was, which I still can't see. Cranky doesn't like wurm much; ok, sucks for him to have to play it then, but so what?
  14. It's good and required, leave it in. Wurm is a survival game, and you live in an area which includes aggressive creatures. Your deed is not meant to automatically be an isolated island of safety. Go to Wurm's home page and read the section title "What can I do in Wurm?". Pay special attention that this survival concept isn't described at all. So What gives your the right to decide how others players should play? If a fenced off deed was protected from mobs how would this affect you or your game play? Seems to me it would actually enhance it as fenced deeds kill less wild aggro. Also, from a historical precedence aspect no-mob-bash fences have a long history of working just fine. How about a new type of guard that prevents all mobs(including unique) from coming withing 5 tiles of village tiles? Essentially mobs will never path find onto a deed, we could even apply this for mobs doing a attack path find. I didn't decide how others should play, I expressed an opinion, based on how I play, about liking a recent change, ansd disagreeing that nobody liked it. My opinion is that this change is a part of that statement, and no where does it say the world is maintained by spirit guards. Personally, at least for PvE, I'd like to see spirit guards removed, and tower guards downgraded or removed, though I'll conceed that would be perhaps to hardcore and even more unpopular.
  15. Yes, you need to protect your stuff. I didn't notice that guards were much weaker, mainly because I don't have any. I have fought trolls recently, and while they are harder, they seem more in line with what they should be as one of the toughest spawns in the game. Yes obviously I know trolls bash fences, that's what the thread was about. If many people think that templar's are not strong enough, then perhaps that can be tweaked. Having them "easily able to solo a troll" was broken; trolls are fearsome and should always be trouble. Having a single templar should not be a cure for a local troll spawn. I would expect a templar is at best, as a paid for game feature, equal to a troll, so a 50/50 fight solo. But I was disagreeing with "Serves no purpose. No one likes it. Remove it!" I believe it serves exactly it's purpose, and I like it. It may need some tweaking, but the idea is good.