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  1. perpetuum is what I play. Occasionally Eve. For whatever reason I like Perp better.
  2. what if it was only weapons, and just replaced the "rare" tag?
  3. As a cool new idea that has no actual benefits to the user I thought it would be neat that if you spend an X amount of time working on an item (say 300 tries of improving or more) that the item then reaches a point where it is given a name, much like we currently do with horses. So it becomes a "unique named" item. I'd like if it stays completely random, so that the cool name items might actually be worth money ^^
  4. So we've officially started the "Born in Blood" alliance which is our cities attempt to create a rather large (by our standards) empire covering the areas of Olive Road, the desert lands, and Oak Road. I am currently in game and we are half the population currently logged into the server (just from our city alone) so things are still going strong and we just finished one of the most massive structures on the entire server... Our arts and crafts building. It is a public building open to all I recommend you come see our city sometime and see what we're all about. We're a friendly bunch... as long as you join us ^^ I will post pictures soon of the arts and crafts building. I should also mention that the entire structure was made by just one of our members - Samsurin. He's got some of the highest crafting skills on the server
  5. Can we please get the slate requirements for floors lowered significantly? Right now it requires 63 slate shingles, 15 concrete, and 10 mortar to make one slate floor tile. It doesn't even look that good! I think the rock floors look better imo. Seems silly to have such an ugly floor take so much work no one will use it! Also can we get a slight bump in paving skill increase? Honestly It's getting really annoying having the whole city packed and paved by everyone raising their skill up.
  6. hate to break it to you but everyone I know on the PVP servers macros in some shape/way/or form. I don't macro, but that means now days I only mine and woodcut because I'm so sick and tired of making bricks or shingles. This is the only game that makes my wrist hurt after play. This is the only game I also play while doing something else because half my time is spent grinding. First off, you guys saying "macroers will use this" are naive. You have no idea of the powerful, FREE macro programs people use. When I played UO I used to use EZ macros, which would record your mouse strokes and keyboard presses so that you could macro mining, which required you to move around from different spots and not stay in the same place like all wurm actions require. Staying in the same place? Man, macroing would be super easy on this game.
  7. Kegan, how about we just have you put in our floors for us? Everyone knows getting carpel tunnel syndrome making slate shingles is exactly why I play this game. Making slate shingles is the most fun I've had in ages. It was a good change. No Kegan, it only means that everyone will either forget about floors and leave ugly structures, or they'll put in the easiest to build flooring possible. We want variety, not more time making bricks. We do enough of that already. Not everyone can play every hour of day.
  8. Not only are they rare, but making floor tiles with the materials is a month long process for anyone with a life. Right now my 45 floor tiles is going to require like 2800 slate, 160 ash and more! Jeez
  9. why is everyone so concerned about bots? This game isn't nearly popular enough to ever warrant bots. You need a market big enough that justifies it.
  10. I'd like to see the ability to place floor tiles in caves/as well as reinforced walls. Being able to build doors in caves would be awesome as well! I would like to build an underground facility that looks cool. I think others would love to see more in their mines than just reinforced walls Probably not standard house walls, just metal sheets placed against walls would do. Nothing fancy, just something other than... rock.
  11. QBERT atm we're still trying to get people used to using our forums and vent. It's usually pretty empty though, try just messaging us in game until we can get people used to using them on a regular basis Same to you agent. Keep trying, we'll find you
  12. Anyone else find it kind of absurd that it takes 63 slate shingles to make a single floor tile? Don't get me started on marble... Not to mention how rare these materials are. I'm hoping these requirements are going to change eventually, I've got several floors to do on a 9x5 structure O_O. Not that I don't want to spend the majority of my game time making shingles... lol