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  1. Updated maps FULL -> CENTRAL ->
  2. Hellas [3349, 3449] tyvm
  3. Updated maps - increased population! FULL -> CENTRAL ->
  4. Still going strong with more players and new maps! 26 Mar 2020 FULL -> CENTRAL ->
  5. End of year map available:
  6. Celebrating 1 year of continuous online presence. Huge thanks to everyone that's visited, whether they stayed or not! Here's a link to the map as it is now: All are welcome
  7. Thank you very much! Here is the link of the High Resolution ground map for all concerned:
  8. For new players, there's signs at Esperia detailing directions and distances to clay, tar and peat. The mapviewer output bundle has the whole map with deeds and coordinates, with html and css to compose from the grid pieces it contains. The screenshots from that are what I provide as image maps of the server. I would very much like it to be hosted somewhere, to be available to everyone for easy reference, but I don't currently have the capacity and cannot be paying for its hosting.
  9. Actually, I do take a picture every 2-3 weeks; it's a cool idea you're proposing! I'm a big fan of such a cartographer skill as you propose (being an explorer and terraformer and roadmaker myself).
  10. You are welcome on the server! I'm sorry to disappoint, but I feel it defeats the vanilla spirit to provide such amenities to players. But if you absolutely need something more, I can provide the 'mapviewer output' zipped file to get better orientation within your browser. Its size is about 25MB.
  11. Our Reddit post:
  12. Our Facebook WU Group post:
  13. Our Website!
  14. Our Steam discussions ad:
  15. Checking the server logs, this is what I have surmised that happens: The server starts normally then gets a SEVERE heap space error when it accepts player connection "Dec 08, 2018 11:02:53 AM com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer tick INFO: Accepted player connection: Socket[addr=/,port=53386,localport=3734] Dec 08, 2018 11:02:58 AM com.wurmonline.server.Server run SEVERE: Java heap space java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.<init>( at java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocate( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.<init>( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop( at Dec 08, 2018 11:02:59 AM com.wurmonline.server.Server shutDown INFO: Shutting down at: java.lang.Exception at com.wurmonline.server.Server.shutDown( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop( at" then goes into SHUTDOWN then (for some unknown reason) RESTARTS "Dec 08, 2018 11:07:22 AM com.wurmonline.server.ServerLauncher createLoggers OFF: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Wurm Server logging started at Sat Dec 08 11:07:22 CET 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dec 08, 2018 11:07:23 AM com.wurmonline.server.Constants logConstantValues" Keeps reporting: "Dec 08, 2018 11:08:24 AM com.wurmonline.server.Server run INFO: Elapsed time (1557ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 1" ... "Dec 08, 2018 11:09:10 AM com.wurmonline.server.Server run INFO: Elapsed time (1327ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 33" but LOGing stops at #33 and it's totally unresponsive to connections or anything else (afaict even the DB connections are closed). Could it be some java code glitch?
  16. I host my server on Citadel Servers for more than three months now without any problems. Suddenly, since a couple of days ago, noone of my players can login to it; they get stuck in intro splash screen with the message "Retrying Steam authentication ..." The server is reported running (after several restarts) and even displays one player logged in (even report the server up and 1 player logged in). But when I try to login, on the server selection screen, the server is displayed as having zero players. (I'm not 100% sure, but when I restart the server, the number of players becomes zero but immediately, after at least one unsuccessful login, it increases). Has anyone faced something similar before? Citadel Servers seem to believe it's some kind of internal server code that's creating the glitch, but there has been a suspicious sudden restart of the server on their part at about the datetime the problem started... I read the other posts with similar titles, but nothing proposed there worked for me: I have no-mods running (except for mapviewer that's been there since the start) and server (and/or client) restarts didn't help at all. Does anyone know the root of the problem? What should I do?
  17. Esperia is the capital of Ogygia, and starting to come to shape by the players.
  18. Ogygia started on Aug 31, 2018, and it is here to stay! It aims to provide the original hard-to-survive experience of Wurm. Login at Esperia and march forth to conquer the 4096x4096 map. Vanilla: everything 1x, no mods, characteristics start at 19, all skills at 1. No deeding costs - deed fees enabled. 40k mobs - 50+% aggressive. Farm tick 23hrs, Mining minimum hits 51. No shortcuts, no amenities - do you have what it takes to survive?
  19. For some reason, I was sure that Steam had to be 'not running' when using this method. It works now, thank you very much.
  20. I tried to do the steam_appid.txt method to run alts, but the client crashed with message: "Unexpected crash while setting up login The error was: <Could not start SteamApi Shutting down (Steam is not Running)>" Does anyone have any insight on this? Has something changed?
  21. I have the same problem as OP, no matter what I do in the GUI (both WU & Dedicated Server) there is no adminpwd active in the game. There is a property in the 'serverproperties' table 'called ADMINPASSWORD'; it's the only place in the wurmlogin.db that I found something relevant. I stopped the server, then updated the field into the adminpwd I want, and then restarted the server. GUI reads the property and displays the value in the corresponding field. However, when the server starts, it clears the value and there's still no adminpwd active in the game.
  22. Wyvern

    I was wondering how you made this 10c reward for voting on wurm-unlimited servers list.