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  1. Admin commands no longer working

    Thank you, that worked!
  2. Admin commands no longer working

    I have the same problem as OP, no matter what I do in the GUI (both WU & Dedicated Server) there is no adminpwd active in the game. There is a property in the 'serverproperties' table 'called ADMINPASSWORD'; it's the only place in the wurmlogin.db that I found something relevant. I stopped the server, then updated the field into the adminpwd I want, and then restarted the server. GUI reads the property and displays the value in the corresponding field. However, when the server starts, it clears the value and there's still no adminpwd active in the game.
  3. Wyvern

    I was wondering how you made this 10c reward for voting on wurm-unlimited servers list.
  4. Looking for a home on Xanadu

    Sent PM
  5. Cruding Xanadu

    Comeback Raemus had been away for 25 days, but came back yesterday with high hopes of more cruding towards the set goals. She found the (Latio) shack almost decayed away, with only two walls still standing (at 80-90 damage); luckily the containers and items inside were ok, only needed repairs. All her fields had become grass; but she could not replant as she couldn't find keys for the FSB-BSB where she had stored her resources. She added 28 stone bricks to the guard tower (Masonry: 9). In the animal pens she found a pair of horses and a foal - plus one of her cows still alive! She repaired the fence so that the animals don't get lost (Carpentry: 15). She tended all crops she found (Slyther's pumpkins are ready for harvesting) and groomed all animals (Animal Husbandry: 3). She would have played more, but as she couldn't access her resources and she didn't feel like foraging again for hours... 2 hours of gameplay: /uptime -> You have played 2 days, 18 hours and 47 minutes.
  6. Cruding Xanadu

    Adventure! Tended crops (Farming: 6). Made a floor loom and imped BSB, FSB, crate, barrel, large and small chest, handcart (Fine Carpentry: 9, Carpentry: 14) . Started cooking casseroles (Cooking: 5). Imped oven and coffin (Masonry: 8). Mined (15) iron ore and created and imped medium mauls x2. Woodcutting (15) with Sickle (4). Then went on an field trip to find cows for riding! To the north of the lake Raemus found an huge abandoned deed (Damien's?) where everything was in huge decay - and repaired everything (Repairing 9 -> 16)! She dual-wielded sickles and killed 5 bulls, 1 dog and 2 roosters, (Fighting: 3) which provided hides and a precious pelt! She found 2 cows, which with great difficulty, due to steepness of the terrain next to the water, managed to lead to Latio where Romulous built a fenced area to keep them in. The abandoned deed has an abundance of olive trees, that during their harvest time (it's almost here!) will provide olives for oil for making our compasses! Due to miscalculation, Raemus left adventuring without her trusty carving knife (or a saw), only a hatchet and her sickles - which inevitably brougth her to the very difficult situation of not being able to make crude campfire! Why? Because although she could cut trees down (sickle or hatchet), and chop them to logs (hatchet), and produce kindling (hatchet), there was nothing that she could craft with a hatchet and a log that would have as by-product woodscrap! She came up with an ingenuous solution to this: she chopped down young trees, that only produce woodscrap! Observations on food: Risotto(hot) of 6ql raised nutrtion to 56%. Eating casserole(hot) of 21ql retained nutrition to 56%. Eating casserole(hot) of 18ql dropped nutrition to 54%. Eating casserole(hot) of 21ql dropped nutrition to 51%. Eating casserole(hot) of 21ql raised nutrition to 52%. Overall, 13 hours of fun time well-spent: /playtime -> You have played 2 days, 16 hours and 52 minutes. I will be away for the following two weeks, due to an unexpected trip that came up. I hope my three colleagues will keep the diary alive! Cya
  7. Cruding Xanadu

    Guys, there IS tar in the BSB; I brought some the day before yesterday...
  8. Cruding Xanadu

    Welcome! Get in contact with Romulous to give you permissions to the shack, we keep the FSB key there, in the forge. Conquestor is the guy who's building the mansion above Latio - and above all, we started on the Guard Tower!
  9. Cruding Xanadu

    Tools spree and impalong Apart from sustenance activities, like tending the fields (Farming: 4), Fishing (10) and making stews (Hot Food Cooking: 10), the main focus today for Raemus was the creation and imping of iron and wood tools. After Mining (12) in the darkness of the tunnels for a couple of hours, because a campfire could not be lit as the floor of the cave was level with water level, she gathered enough iron to make tools and stuff. She bent her back over the small, and the large, anvils, and made: hatchet, pickaxe, butchering knife, leather knife, awl, trowel, branding iron, pliers, wires, hooks, large padlocks, short sword, long spears, shovel, sickle, scythe, frying pans, cauldrons, and scissors. These, and all she had made previously, she improved as much as possible, the main showstopper being the lack of a pelt (Blacksmithing: 16). Then she turned to woodcrafting and made: grooming brush, rope tool, fruit press, and shield (medium wooden shield). These, and all she had made previously, she improved as much as possible, the main showstopper being the lack of a pelt (Carpentry: 12). Conqueror crafted a Food Storage Bin, which he locked, a Bulk Storage Bin, which he can't 'plant' quite yet, and a Training Dummy! Romulus crafted more chainmail parts for everyone: gauntlets, sleeves, and pants! In the evening, Raemus invested all her wemp fibre into making ropes for everyone (Ropemaking: 2). She went on a scouting expedition to collect animals, for riding-fighting-butchering-leather... unfortunately, she lost both the sheep she found, and the bull, which proved un-ridable for newbies. In the end, she compromised into killing her sixth rooster with her longspear, in a short and easy fight (Fighting: 2). The expedition proved a social success though, as she met neighbors: Talston and Albern in their hidden retreat. The collective decision was to start on a Guard Tower, so she went digging (17) for clay. Observations: a. Crude campfire is always 1ql and lasts (with 20kg log) about 30 min. b. Cannot take stew from a barrel with a pottery bowl, but can with a cauldron... c. Nutrition down to 18% by eating foraged stuff. Raised to 39% with hot stew of 25ql. Then fell to 33% with cold stew of 25ql. Raised to 42% with hot stew of 30ql. Raised to 43% with hot gulash 10ql. /playtime -> You have played 2 days, 3 hours and 44 minutes.
  10. Cruding Xanadu

    Iron at last! Raemus tunneled 4 rock wall tiles (Mining: 11) towards the iron vein, and destroyed 5 crude pickaxes in the process. An interesting feature to note is that, while the crude axe gives Woodcutting-level QL felled trees, the crude pickaxe always give QL:1 rock shards! Invested some time in improving wooden tools (Carpentry: 10), although the lack of a pelt made this process somewhat frustrating. Raemus made 10 pottery jars and improved them (Pottery: 12) that will be needed for expeditions. Note: it seems that campfire made from kindling and woodscrap (crude campfire) is always 'birchwood campfire', no matter the type of wood one uses. Romulous and Conqueror broke to the iron vein - no more rummaging! Conqueror will be making a training dummy, and Romulous started chainsmithing for our first armor gear (2xboots and coiff at the moment, 10ql). Slyther has broken into her own iron vein on the opposite side of the lake. Only 4 hours of gameplay yesterday: /playtime -> You have played 1 days, 11 hours and 48 minutes.
  11. All Servers Online-NOT

    still out
  12. Best Crudist Area on Xanadu

    We've had a discussion about when the project will be finished, as two of the guys have prem-ed their crudist chars, and the other two haven't. I think that a suitable goal for a non-prem char in the crudist setting is to come the end state of having all the items of the starter kit ( At that point, the char will be a starting newbie like any other, and the concept will have been proven. Any thoughts on that?