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  1. I always thought it would be more fun if sotg offered no damage reduction until 2% or less health where it would give 99.9% damage reduction disoriented, likely dehorsed, almost blinded by red mist, crawling slowly but nearly unkillable fits more with insanity edit: maybe change that % (i think its 48/49 bit i am tired) so sotg still has effectively 2x health, but this way at least people can hurt you enough to take out of the fight for a bit. also one little change could make knowledge path an option for pvpers: make the level 9 skill protect fighting skill and affinities too
  2. I like change, maybe players can play postman now. When rolf closes a door...
  3. tents no model either
  4. remove curve and increased skillgain on home servers?
  5. I just got question 14 after 70 attempts. Interestingly i got it first attempt after i logged out (which reset the 10 tiles rule) maybe it helps to restart client after each attempt, or it might be coincidence.
  6. Nop, it doesnt even let you attempt to cast, fail message looks like: [18:04:15] You fail to find a weak spot to direct the power to. The wall still stands this time.
  7. It seems this doesnt work even for mayors on their own deed. I get the same message: [18:46:17] The settlement has not been drained during the last two hours and the wall still stands this time. I can mine away reinforcements yes, but i was actually trying to disintegrate an ore vein and came across this for reinforced tiles too. I think they follow same rules as reinforcements, at least you can attempt to disintegrate them off deed. On deed though, it cant be done atm.
  8. I'm trying to disintegrate using a priest in an allied village With mining permission off for allies: [18:16:15] That would be illegal here. You can check the settlement token for the local laws. as it should be :> but turn on mining for allies: [18:16:36] The settlement has not been drained during the last two hours and the wall still stands this time. Mining with a pickaxe works as normal not so urgent i guess :>
  9. we already have portals from home servers start deeds --> ele start deeds and back on epic now. At the very least you could get start deed to start deed portalsfor chaos :> Maybe the freedom to chaos one will send you back to where you left, while chaos to freedom you have list of servers to choose. I'm not so sure about : it kind of assumes the kingdom is entirely united behind the emperor, what about villages that arent on friendly terms with that village, are they just left without same convenience? otherwise +1 :>
  10. Previous keyring topics have been about being able to unlock/open multiple locks with one item, since a recent patch this is no longer a problem :> options seem to appear if you just have right key on your person somewhere, you dont even need them activated. Soooo i am resuggesting keyrings :> No fancy keyring features I am thinking of, just a keyring as a normal "container" that can only accept keys and can be dropped on death etc etc. Not for a great need :> but i think they would be kinda nice as fluff and for extra inventory sorting . It feels odd to keep them loose in backpack or satchel I am thinking: Can be made of all metals :> just for stylish glimmersteel keyrings :> and can be improved with blacksmithing (already have tiny needles, wont ruin blacksmithing grind) Small keyring, like one you would keep rl housekeys on, maybe 0.15kg metal. Can hold 10 keys And a large keyring, like a jailor's or guard's keyring in films can hold 50 keys! and weighs um 0.45kg? XD also i would love it if these ones could be equipped on hip :3 any ideas? (also please no "magic keyrings" that keep keys after death, i think that might turn rolf off idea :>)
  11. I am not so sure of this anymore. It seems either i am _considerably_ more lucky than the other serious meditators in bl, or beautiful is alot better than an an exquisite rug (with a more powerful enchant) at 80+ skill. Its possible lesser types of rugs are even better at high meditating skills.
  12. As in title :> i'm sure anyone training lockpicking would want same change. Maybe if devs have a little bit of time they could change
  13. Please :> it seems like i should get more than one fruit per tree per action, when they can only be harvested at certain times. Maybe a variable yield based on forestry skill?
  14. That happens more often than you think.