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  1. [RESOLVED] Trolls Pass Locked Doors/Gates

    as far as i am aware this a lovely feature and not a bug. This was introduced some years ago that humanoids can follow you through a locked door/gate within a certain time window. I think it is around 10 seconds or so, not quite sure.
  2. Loosing faith due to keybind usage

    you should check your faithfull button
  3. [FIXED] The not so random hives locations.

    surprise surprise...
  4. Snow blind and graphics

    same for me. even with lanterns off.. snow is way too bright.. seems to be like this forever
  5. Things badly needing a cosmetic overhaul

    big -1. most of the new furniture have that generic IKEA look. Beds are one of the few left that have different wood textures. the one you have chosen is probably the most ugly one. apple and cherry look very pretty.
  6. bought don't c;lose yet..

    what do you consider a higher quality?
  7. Patch notes 23/DEC/16

    Seems like you can only collect snow from stone slap tiles. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature..
  8. Creature aggro behavior: meh?

    funny, i got the impression that aggro range got increased alot. Can't even sneak past creatures that are "miles" away...
  9. Invisible creatures

    do you run multiple clients at the same time? like an alt or so? this can sometimes messes things up.
  10. Cows and bulls requiring taming

    worked fine for me just a few hours ago
  11. Get 66% off in the Wurm Unlimited Daily deal!

    Must have been a pretty short sale cause both sites sell it for 28 Euro.
  12. Animal husbandry annoyances

    People have so many horses because of the stupid trait system. If there were no traits at all people wouldn't need 40 plus horses to get the good stuff. WOA is what makes horses fast, not the dumb traits actually. I can get a wild horse to run quite fast on high end gear.
  13. Animal husbandry annoyances

    I hear ya.... I think wurm is the game i played the longest when it comes to a period of time. Almost one year of my life, BUT did I actually play the game that long? Not really, cause most if the time i am watching movies, listening to audiobooks or do something else. Sometimes it feels like waiting for a bus to arrive, sitting in the doctors waiting room and so on. The other day i had to repair all my ships, it took be almost 45 minutes to repair all ships.. 45 minutes ###### minutes. Yeah, i could do it daily...but that would result in the same amount of wasting time. Just shorter per day...
  14. Not quite sure what you are talking about. Could you give some further details please?!
  15. Slow change of focus

    So when is microsoft going to buy Code Club AB now that you are handing it over? Oh wait, that was a different game...
  16. What is Rolf up to these days?

    Well, I still remember his post like 2 or 3 years ago when he said he is working on stuff that is basically in the game already like flying, jumping, climbing over fences...
  17. More Bank Space

    The idea is great but so many things have been suggested to give the trader some usefull items for sale and nothing got implemented.
  18. More Bank Space

    nah, Rolf prefers the creation of free storage alts
  19. Since you are loosing water, food and nutrition while being offfline not sleeping in a bed, it would make sence that we also gain favor
  20. Water/Food/Nutrition/Favor

    that is not the point
  21. Name and game

    Just me, myself and I....
  22. Returning to WO

    it costs only 1c to mail an item, no matter where it goes
  23. The Sandbag House

    yeah, i was really surprised. never thought sandbox could be "stacked" like that... wonder how good it is against hot and cold weather
  24. The Sandbag House

    New building material for wurm