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  1. so to get this right... I have to attend a rift, any rift to collect the materials there and build my portal to Jackal? Will there be any way to build it from common stuff you find in the world?
  2. This is a very old house. Made right after multi storey got implemented. It has serveral floors. 3 to 4 to be precise. I want to "redecorate" it and was trying to remove the ceiling on the 1st floor. I was able to destroy the floor but not the floor plan that remaind. I received the message that i cannot remove the tile, it would cause a collapse. Then i tried to remove the tile on the second floor. Same message. Even wenn i tried to remove the actual roof tile/roof plan it got the same message. So i cannot remove any floor tile or roof tile in this house. Is this a bug? Is there a way around that. I do not want to destroy the complete building. But as of now i cannot see how to do it but to rebuild the complete house.
  3. as far as i am aware this a lovely feature and not a bug. This was introduced some years ago that humanoids can follow you through a locked door/gate within a certain time window. I think it is around 10 seconds or so, not quite sure.
  4. you should check your faithfull button
  5. same for me. even with lanterns off.. snow is way too bright.. seems to be like this forever
  6. big -1. most of the new furniture have that generic IKEA look. Beds are one of the few left that have different wood textures. the one you have chosen is probably the most ugly one. apple and cherry look very pretty.
  7. Seems like you can only collect snow from stone slap tiles. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature..
  8. funny, i got the impression that aggro range got increased alot. Can't even sneak past creatures that are "miles" away...
  9. do you run multiple clients at the same time? like an alt or so? this can sometimes messes things up.
  10. worked fine for me just a few hours ago
  11. Must have been a pretty short sale cause both sites sell it for 28 Euro.