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  1. Blossom Canal Project

    @WurmholeThat's great to hear. If it does come to cutting west to landslide, the 5-depth limit would not be a problem, as making it deeper is really just a nice-to-have. The main priority is to make the canal sailable and ensure it cannot collapse again, as it has in the past. If anything comes up around your deeds, you'll be first to know. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    That worked. Thanks Samool.
  3. Blossom Canal Project

    Thank you to everyone who has provided information about the canal's history. One reason I asked was so that I could gain a better understanding what went wrong on previous attempts, then hopefully avoid making the same mistakes this time around. I've updated the canal map with all of the deeds I could find along the route in order to gain a better view of where the canal could (or not) be routed. It also shows the sailable part(s) of the canal. Please let me know if I've missed any nearby! For now, the canal is likely to stay in it's current state until a suitable entrance location can be decided on (hopefully!) near Blossom. There are a lot of deeds in the area that I need to get in touch with, as I dislike working in or near settlement perimeters without permission. In the meantime, I'll be reinforcing whatever I can in the sailable part of the canal to prevent it reverting back into swiss cheese! That would explain why the current entrance does not align with the collapsed canal tunnel. Thank you for pointing that out. Of course, if the canal cannot fit in that area without messing up accessibility around Blossom, then it's a no-go, but it's too early to tell at the moment. One issue is that the proposed entrance is within Blossom's perimeter. @Tildamentioned previous work on an alternative entrance near Blossom, so that's also a possibility! If for no other reason, I think this would be a good one to include a walkway along the inside of the canal. There is almost every ore type (except tin and slate) in and along the canal walls, which would likely be a huge benefit to neighbours and newbies alike.
  4. Blossom Canal Project

    @TildaI had no idea you and Perecles had worked on the canal. A lot of it has survived, it's just riddled with collapses. There's also a few underground docks and some long-forgotten boats down there. I'm a bit concerned about deed permissions halting the project again too, but hopefully something can be worked out if it becomes an issue. Also, if there are two entrances at Blossom, I'm open to whichever one people prefer. I'll head over there and take a look later! There's no rush. I'm sure there is enough work down there for at least another two months. Thank you for all the helpful information!
  5. Blossom Canal Project

    Ah, that's good to know. Thank you for the insight Explora. Hopefully the experience will be better next time!
  6. Blossom Canal Project

    This ancient, beautiful relic has been lying in ruins under Pristine for what seems like an eternity. After the first time myself and Blarster founded Walnut Cove, we started fixing it up and seeing how far we could get just by following the original route of collapsed tiles and reinforcing it along the way. We made it to Dragons Keep, which was much further than we expected. It's now been almost 2 years and the canal is still incomplete, which is my fault because I really should have made this post long ago! Anyway, here is a summary of the canal status: Both entrances are open (Blossom and Walnut Cove) but not connected yet Blossom entrance is above water, so this would need fixing Canal is sailable from Walnut Cove to just beyond Dragons Keep (knarrs, sailing and rowing boats only) Many collapsed tiles The canal floor needs lowering for larger boats The Ceiling needs raising Lots veins in the way which need popping Walnut cove entrance is at a 90-degree angle from the waterway, so you'll get slammed into a rock face during strong winds No walkway inside the canal. I'm not sure if this is needed as there is a highway directly above. Currently, I've based the canal route off what I and Blarster have restored, combined with what I could trace back to Blossom using the partially-collapsed remains of the original tunnel: (Enlarged version here) The route is not set in stone. It may end up being the final route, or maybe not. I prefer not assume everyone is going to be happy with the route given how populated it is with deeds along the way. Hopefully something can be worked out, or alternative ways around located instead. If anyone would like to suggest any alterations or corrections to the route, please do let me know via PM or by posting here! I do not have a character capable of popping veins (except mining them) or fixing the entrances and there is plenty of mining left to do, reinforcements to be made and veins to be popped. Lastly, thanks to Jugurtha for bringing the subject up in local/PM and basically giving me a kick in the butt to revive the project! I would love to know about the canal's history and what originally caused it to be abandoned, as it seems like a lot of work went into the original tunnel. We found it snuggled away in a corner with no water access, which was really weird. If any of the original tunnelers are still around, thank you for starting Blossom Canal. Please know that a lot of your work has actually survived! If anyone would like to help with getting the canal finished, please drop a post here or PM me. My ingame name is also Syncaidius. I'm usually on after 5pm UTC, but sometimes sooner.
  7. Pristine Community Map

    Please add Walnut Cove 861, 1122 Ty!
  8. How is Wurm?

    Unfortunately that's because it is low. It's the lowest I've seen since 2009. Here's the premium accounts graph: Last year we dropped to 3k premium players and I thought that was low. Now we're less than 2400. At this point I think WO has corned itself. The population is spread far too thin to get the same experience you could have years ago and the solution to that is to close some servers, but nobody wants that (understandably) because they will lose hundreds of hours of work they've put into their deeds. Either way, I'll likely get flamed for saying this, but the devs need to start making drastic changes, to both the economy and the population spread, or the game is toast within the next 2 - 3 years. Over the past 10 years I've watched all of the features that kept the in-game economy healthly be stripped away. To name a few: Removal of wood/metal scrap failures - This one had the biggest impact on item value. Back then, when you failed to craft something, you really failed. Now we have mostly soft-fails. Reduced decay rates/damage Removal of inventory decay for most items Reduced tool damage Reduced deed prices/costs Reduced mail costs Breaking traders even more than they were in 2009/2010 That's obviously not all of them., but if anyone thinks the in-game economy doesn't matter in a game like this, they are either extremely ignorant or naive. Removing useful money sinks or features that ensure a certain level of item turnover, is not exactly smart, especially after each one had a negative impact on the in-game market. I understand why each one was removed/changed of course, but no alternative was added for many of them to maintain economic balance. The question I hear most from newbies is "how to make money in this game?". The only answer left in the game's current state is some form of "spamming bulk items", but as expected, not many newbies want to spend hours/days grinding on such items with their extremely low skills, so few of them stick around for long, if at all. The biggest hit of them all of course was Wurm Unlimited. While the idea was good, the execution was horrible. Before WU, WO was well over 6k premium accounts and still gaining towards 7k. After WU, it lost over 1000 players within 6 months. All in the name of a quick buck. Even to this day, I cannot comprehend why WO was not also released on Steam. The economy isn't the only thing in the toilet. PVP is too. Now, I've not done much of it, but I've been around long enough to know that before Epic split the PVP playerbase in half (and then proceeded to decimate it with countless bugs), there were far, far more PVP players around than now. Splitting a playerbase is never a good move (as WU has also proven). I absolutely love Wurm and despite all the above, everything else the developers have added in the last 2 years has been nothing short of amazing, but all of that is going to go to waste if the main problems are not fixed very soon. It sucks to see it die a slow death when so many things can be done to prevent its decline (and even turn it around). It really isn't going to matter how much extra content you add to the game, if the core issues are not fixed, it's simply isn't going to retain players. Marketing it in it's current state wouldn't help long-term, since it can't even retain many (if any) of the new players that do try WO currently. I know this is definitely not what people want to hear, but things like closing servers or significantly altering/re-balancing the economy are going to have to be done at some point. Even if that means implementing a way to copy-paste deeds between servers to avoid the loss of people's time and effort. I just hope it's not left until WO's playerbase is too low to recover, which isn't that far off. EDIT: I apologize if this sounds/looks like a rant, I'm just disappointed to see each year since 2015, the player count decrease in pretty large amounts.
  9. 2017 in review

    And the shields on the knarrs
  10. Valrei International. 050

    Glad to see this in after so many years. Great work!
  11. End of 2017 Map dumps

    Awesome! Happy New Year
  12. please close

  13. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    I'm already down as an imper, but my friend Blarster would also like to come to imp for carp, fine carp and leatherworking. Would also like to a room for one or two if possible.
  14. I think it's great that they've used Wurm as inspiration to create their own unique game instead of simply cloning it. It's common for players of a good game to start seeing missing features or things they think the developers got wrong, then feel inspired to make their own spin of their favourite game. Most of course don't make it past the 'side-project' stage, but a few like LiF do.The fact the LiF devs have played Wurm means they'll have a better idea of what to do and what not to do with their own game. They obviously arn't out to simply clone Wurm. At least from what I've seen so far. The entire games industry is built around taking an existing idea or concept and trying to approve upon it, or throwing something original into the mix. But, IMO the problem starts when developers instead decide "oh that game makes a lot of money, lets clone it" to get a piece of the pie, without even trying to make it different. Then we end up with a mess like on Android and Steam. LiF does not fit into that that mould (at least not yet!).
  15. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    I'll be there! I'm good to imp for BS, jewelry and chain smithing. Can also do carp, masonry and 73ql ores/logs if they run low. Can do pre-imps up to 50ql on weapons, plate and fine carp if there's a backlog. In-game name is also Syncaidius. Will bring a large crate (or more) of 70ql+ logs too.