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  1. And the shields on the knarrs
  2. Glad to see this in after so many years. Great work!
  3. Awesome! Happy New Year
  4. Done.
  5. I'm already down as an imper, but my friend Blarster would also like to come to imp for carp, fine carp and leatherworking. Would also like to a room for one or two if possible.
  6. I think it's great that they've used Wurm as inspiration to create their own unique game instead of simply cloning it. It's common for players of a good game to start seeing missing features or things they think the developers got wrong, then feel inspired to make their own spin of their favourite game. Most of course don't make it past the 'side-project' stage, but a few like LiF do.The fact the LiF devs have played Wurm means they'll have a better idea of what to do and what not to do with their own game. They obviously arn't out to simply clone Wurm. At least from what I've seen so far. The entire games industry is built around taking an existing idea or concept and trying to approve upon it, or throwing something original into the mix. But, IMO the problem starts when developers instead decide "oh that game makes a lot of money, lets clone it" to get a piece of the pie, without even trying to make it different. Then we end up with a mess like on Android and Steam. LiF does not fit into that that mould (at least not yet!).
  7. I'll be there! I'm good to imp for BS, jewelry and chain smithing. Can also do carp, masonry and 73ql ores/logs if they run low. Can do pre-imps up to 50ql on weapons, plate and fine carp if there's a backlog. In-game name is also Syncaidius. Will bring a large crate (or more) of 70ql+ logs too.
  8. That is great to hear! I've yet to see another game dev that can stick with a project as long as Rolf. MMOs are a huge undertaking, especially for such a small team, but Wurm has outlasted many of them over the past years and Rolf should be proud of what he has achieved so far. It's had its ups and downs, but there is no other game like it. I hope you enjoy your time away from Wurm@Rolf, but most of all, remember to keep feeding the server hamsters!
  9. I started in June 2009 on JKH, about a week before Independence opened. That was probably the craziest week I've ever had in Wurm. Someone told me a new PvE server was "opening in 2 days". I had no boat, no shipbuilding but was sure as hell going to get to the "new server" somehow. Lots of keels died (back when failing actually ate the whole keel) and someone gave me a mooring rope. I finished the boat literally hours before inde opened. And that was the easiest part. I died so many times I in the first few days of inde i stopped counting pretty early on. There were no roads to stick to, no guard towers, and very few deeds with guards. But that was one of my best weeks in Wurm! My first deed was a size 5 homestead which cost 10s to buy. Wurm had papers for different sized deeds before the resizable deed system arrived. Unfortunately that was the only pic I took of it. The spot was awesome though.
  10. While I do think something needed to be done about hell horse carts, I don't think this was it. The timing is pretty bad too. Instead reworking the whole hitching + animal system would be better to give us more alternatives to horses and at the same time solve the overbreeding issues that Wurm repeatedly runs in to. Over the past 5+ years its been a repeated cycle of too many horses then adding something to kill them off. Then people breed more to counter the nerf, so something else is added to kill them off. Why not give other animals useful advantages (and a trade-off for each) instead? Give people a reason to breed other animal types besides leather, meat and skillgain. A few examples: Bisons being really good at pulling stuff at good speeds, but not mountable (similar to now, but more speed!) Bulls being good at tanking damage when mounted, but really slow movement Horses being fast when ridden but unable to take much damage Hell horses doing what they already do now (fast but love burn you if not tamed) but perhaps also make them suck at pulling carts/wagons Crocs - slow but can carry rider across water, take considerable damage, etc Bears - Good all-rounder but not great at anything Sheep - Can pull small carts a bit faster than a player, suck at everything else Those are just examples of what could be done. I'm sure there are hundreds variants and setups but for the love of <insert wurm god> make them all more useful, mountable, hitchable and most of all let us fit equipment on them all. Something like that would obviously effect PVP pretty considerably, but wouldn't more options in terms of mounts be a good thing? Especially if they had decent pros and cons. I can't speak for PvP players but again, this was just a suggestion. But in terms of the topic, the nerf basically made hell horses useless (or close to), which puts pressure back on to horse breeding. So the cycle starts over.
  11. Looking great! Awesome work so far.
  12. I usually keep them at 3 - 4 months minimum out of habit. You never know when you need a few weeks break.
  13. +1 Too many times I've put out a high-ql anvil for public use, only for it to go walkies a few hours later. Sometimes I miss the 50kg anvils... newbies didn't get far with them.
  14. The community part is mostly the reason I go to slayings/rifts/impalongs. Just wish I had more time. The griefy rift terraforming has to go though. I don't see what value it has on PvE servers where the landscape + everything on it is valued most.
  15. Couple of pics from the Rift: