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  1. Bump. It's been a while since the last update post, but also a lot of progress. From the north side, the walkway now stretches from Blossom to the midpoint deed near H15/J15, thanks to the work of@Wurmholeand@Ohanawho have dealt with a maze of old tunnels, caves and dropshafts. From the south side, it now stretches from Walnut Cove to Oasis Motel and Market. We are very close to having both ends of the canal walkway connected, which means a nice, flat land route from Paramount Lake to Blossom will be available, but it will be some time before it is cat-eyed as there are many veins to be cleared, as well as flattening the tunnel floor. @Musehas also taken out two more marble veins which were blocking the waterway, making it that extra bit nicer to sail the canal. Also, a big thank you to@JDBookerfor handling all of the various deed permissions the canal crew has needed over the past month, without which, things would have been much more difficult. I haven't been around as much as I'd like due to RL, but thank you again to everyone who has come down to the canal and popped more veins. Your efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed.
  2. In no particular order: Rimworld Space Engineers - Alot of fun with the exploration enhancement mod (and friends) Witcher 3 - Still haven't completed it after 3 years. So many great side-quests. Really packed with content! Kerbal Space Program TES: Oblivion Battlefield 3/4 - BF1 isn't half bad, but nowhere near as good as the previous. Warframe Civ IV or V Oxygen Not Included Factorio Path of Exile Minecraft - Especially with mods like IndustrialCraft 2 or Thermal Expansion Already over 10 games.
  3. Bumperty bump. There has been a lot going on down in the canal this week! Firstly, thanks to@Anarresfor taking time to prospect every vein (at the time) in the canal, so that the rest of us know exactly how long we'll be staring ourselves blind at them. Even took out a lead vein while doing it! @Ohanahas been busy mining out the walkway from the northern end, which now stretches beyond the canal's turning point. @Tildahas closed the old southern entrance, making it a lot less confusing to navigate. @Musehas been on a vein killing spree for the past few days, along with a few strongwall casts: @QueenRockshas also been slaying veins at both ends of the canal: Lastly, I've dropped a deed roughly at the midpoint of the canal (H15/J15) to fix some nasty old reinforcements that were sticking out into the waterway. It's also likely to be the location of a surface access tunnel (with highway connections), sometime soon. Thanks again everyone. It's surprising to see how fast the canal is progressing!
  4. +1 a thousand times to this. I've lost count of the number of times, when trying to move boats a little, I've unmoored and gone flying several tiles, while fumbling around to find the anchor and moor again!
  5. Bump. Work on the walkway continues from the south side. Some of it has now been reinforced. As for veins, another has been slain today, thanks again to@Tilda! We also have@Jospicycamped out in the canal with his larder full of who knows what, chipping away at a copper vein for the past few days: EDIT: Just received word from Jospicy that the poor copper vein pictured above has now passed away. RIP. Thanks again to everyone who has taken time to come work in the canal!
  6. Same here. Very surprised to find out that larders don't work as expected in a boat. Hopefully it's just an oversight. If it is intended, it's very silly!
  7. @JDBookerI've been trying to find out who actually started the original project for some time, so thank you for clearing that up! Please know that your original work on the canal has not gone to waste. A lot of people have been helping out to ensure it is restored and actually stays open permanently this time around. I only have good words to say about you. The last time I was starting a push to restore the canal back in 2016, you were nothing but helpful the entire time, so thank you. You are more than welcome to help with the canal whenever you feel like it. The canal is fully sailable for shallow boats and work has started on a 2-wide walkway, but there is so much left to do.
  8. +1. So long as there's a graphics setting to disable mirror reflections. Then lag won't be an issue for those that want to avoid it.
  9. Much of this is not really a 'need' but a 'want'. Not everyone wants to skip ahead and have all the tools on a plate and more than one account right from the start, if ever. You also don't have to start your own deed or have coins in your pocket from day one. There are plenty of other alternatives. With the number of game mechanics Wurm has these days, there is plenty to do without having to think about coins at all. A deed helps, sure, but you don't have to own one to play and enjoy the game. As for rares, those are not limited just to veteran players. Newbies can just as well create a rare/supreme/fantastic and sell it as the rest of us. The game isn't solely about coins, 90ql tools supreme items and raking in cash. Though, some people like to treat Wurm as a personal cash cow, but that's for another topic. Many other MMOs let you skip all of this for an extra cost as well, as you're saying is a requirement in Wurm. Take Eve, if you don't want to spent hours grinding for ISK to buy all the skillbooks/ships you need to get off the ground, or to buy high end stuff, you buy Plex to give yourself a cash boost. In World of Wacraft, there is character boosts. Neither are on the cheap side. Wurm is definitely on the cheaper end, even if you want to skip the grind. There are more popular MMOs out there with far worse grinds and far higher costs to skip it (Archeage being one of those). Very valid point. It's definitely something that is hard to put a value on. There are oldies happily living on 1s/month deeds just fine, but there are others with massive deeds. But, I believe most MMOs have their own unique costs. For Wurm, it's decay. For Eve, it's PvP/alliances. For Warcraft... well you're all good until the next expansion messes it all up for you. For Archeage..... I need not say more. There are plenty of MMOs out there.
  10. Nope. Wurm is very much on the cheaper end of the scale right now. If you buy two months premium at €16 (roughly £14), that puts it at €8 (£7) per month. Compare that to (in the spoiler) : It's safe to say, Wurm is not overpriced. Agreed. However, the devs are definitely pushing the graphical quality higher as of late. When I took a break a year ago, the water, lighting and shadows did not look as nice as they do now. Performance is also better. There is still room for improvement of course, but render/graphics programming is one of the hardest parts of a game, so it's unrealistic to expect that to change overnight. Without advertising, yes, it will die. The issue for a long time has been the lack of advertising. As you've already mentioned, the graphics are a likely obstacle for many potential players, so with the development work that has gone into Wurm over the last 12 months, it may also be better to wait until after the majority of the graphics/performance upgrades are finished before advertising. I truly hope that they have plans in place to advertise, because the game sorely needs it. The couple of times I recall any kind of advertising (Xanadu land rush being one of those), it only ever had a positive effect on player count.
  11. Bump. I've been slacking off with the canal the past couple weeks to catch up with our own deed. But now i'm back to mining out the walkway. ? Meanwhile,@Jugurtha has been busy chipping away at the ceiling to make it all nice and smooth: @Ohanahas also done some insanely fast and awesome work to fix the northern entrance, so that the walkway entrance can now be two-tiles wide: @Tildahas also donated a set of marble braziers for the canal, with the first two going into position a couple of days ago: Thanks again to everyone involved!
  12. The detailed OP makes it sound great. +1
  13. Bought a blanket appaloosa named Piedog a few days ago. I had also previously bought a 5 speed horse and gear for it after returning to Wurm. Very fast and reliable service. Would recommend without hesitation.?
  14. The place is looking great. You've done an amazing job on it Virus. I missed your last impalong but I'll definitely be showing up for this one. I can do black/jewelry/chain/plate smithing. I can also do masonry and carpentry. I should also have weapon smithing to 70 by July. Feel free to sign me up where needed. Edit: I would also like to have a room.