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  1. Guards only work on surface been so forever, I do not see it as a bug. Put a mine door on the entrance to fix the problem with guards getting trapped. Your target also need to be near the tower on surface to come, guards can roam far away from tower outside its range of 20 tiles.
  2. There is no console commands that do actions like digging or go into 3rd person. You always need to press a key to do actions. What you can do with console commands is to change key binds, toggle ui or say things in chats. It could be useful if we could so we didn't have to relying on external macro tools to example fill queue with actions.
  3. You can bash the walls but effect will not be as you wishing. It will leave wall plans and house will be incomplete. You can as well just build arched walls looking better than wall plans.
  4. Slope is opposite, there is no more than 8 dirt height difference between any corner.
  5. I made a farm where some tiles flat on north side, 4 slope on south and west sides and 8 on east side. Maximum 8 slope from corner to corner but check still fails. I assume it a bug. both 4 on each border and flat top and bottom border and 8 sides works, illogical that it should not work as combination.
  6. Use the store in game. O or esc to open main menu.
  7. Close all the old servers and get rid of years of mistakes an exploits. Compensate old players somehow so the can start over on new cluster. Merging north and south will do nothing good to wurm. 10 half empty pve servers what good it adds to game? pvp has restarted on defiance so no need to maintain any more pvp servers. Connected pvp to pve was bad idea from start anyway.
  8. OK I think I figured out why it show why it does. It because you have skill update every 0.1 so the normal prayers you do not see the updates every time since at 51 faith each prayer gives less than 0.1. Please be sure when that in UI of settings that Skill tab updates to Always.
  9. What you can load into a rowboat you can load into a sailboat as well, same volume. Requires 23 BS tho. I do not believe anything changed since loading to those items, so no patch notes. It will not only be on the 21th borders open so can transfer items and animals at a later date.
  10. food fits in with water and sleep powder is food
  11. I figure it out, was because I had dragged 4 sleep powder in the barrel without notice it. When you try fill it you get that error.
  12. Already salty water in it and fill from ocean.
  13. Just notice I could not fill a small barrel full from ocean. [12:36:20] You wouldn't be able to carry the weight of the water. Only carrying 83.17 total with a body strength of 23.641991. Barrel fill 44.89. Caused by 4 sleep powder being in barrel. Misleading error message.
  14. Look like sleep bonus is used up to fast rather than sleep powder doesn't give a full hour.
  15. On new servers the crops grow very slow, often stay at freshly sown for several days rl. Also crops harvest ql seems way off, getting q 1-3 with 11 farming even on easy crop types like potatoes. Xanadu never had this type of issues despite it always lagged. Server is Harmony.
  16. Just odd I can repeat it many times and noticeable difference using the low ql starter shovel instead of newly created shovel.
  17. Just started in new servers and used my starter shovel to clean forge to get ash and average ql is about 10 (random fro 2 to 12), shovel ql7. To my surprise when I used a higher ql shovel, ql26, the average dropped to ql5 (less random all around ql5.2). I had expected shovel ql to improve chance to get higher ql ash not worsen it. Ql also more consistent.
  18. I don't know the limit but it at least 20 characters, could guess on 25.
  19. Almost all rare I have created is by improving. It seems the chance has been reduced I fail a lot more than I did in past, maybe high skill reduces chance. Things like ships, it is much more likely to improve them rare, because of high item count.
  20. you cannot use jnlp anymore you need to use the launcher, download via play button on home page.
  21. I used tea to get to 70 so not sure what your experience is with. Maybe 30 to low a skill because to difficult?
  22. Just look like old mines, that caved in, below and not really a bug.
  23. There is a bug about houses and planted items. On a deed inside a incomplete house another player planted a bsb, bsb is empty but even Mayor cannot pick it up. If it matter the house has floors. If use pickup keybind: [14:14:18] The bulk storage bin is firmly planted in the ground. I expected mayor to always to be able to pickup planted on deed. Reproduced with another bsb. Maybe related to: