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  1. Looks that way, a deed upkeep price increase for older deeds.
  2. In it were added so you can activate container instead of item in container so able to queue up sow/plant on tiles to max queue. Please add that feature to planting in pottery planters as well.
  3. 5% size rune also increases volume by almost 10%. Makes volume rune obsolete. Intended?
  4. I do not see why this is a bug, the advisor should not give advantage over getting converted by a player. It just means advisor has 0 religion skill. Religion advisor purpose is to give players a chance to start a religion without access to a pvp server and they do.
  5. Any bridges connected to the enclosed areas? It know that building or fences connected to a bridge let creatures pass.
  6. I started wurm in beta, only one server pve + pve together but as far as I remembered only 2 factions white and dark and similar as now 90% mostly pve and 10% pvp. It was a factor maps only lasted for a limited time so none really got very strong. Everyone helped when the few pvp attacked . I also think it a major factor that you have to invest rl money into it. I am not against playing in a world where pvp is possible but I preffer it me taking the risk and my home is relative safe and my allies helps to protect against enemy's. What I experienced in other pvp games is it fast ended in I could not trust my own alignment everyone abused the inexperienced and betrayed their own with no consequences. With pmk it turns into everyone against everyone and no room for pve. It is almost impossible balance and I have to see a game succeed
  7. When Freedom started it was by closing down two servers. In my opinion that was a good decision. Chaos should never have been connected to pve by sailing. Now there is to many servers and dead clusters on sfi. A merge will only make that worse and cause a descent in player count to go faster. At Steam release there were a one time golden chance to clean up the server mess but none had the guts to do it, like Rolf had. Now it to late to fix, sadly. Pvp in wurm can only support one server, it why defiance never gets a success, keeping chaos kills it. Epic is long dead and influence nothing anymore.
  8. I cant figure out exactly what cause it, running it from a shell might provide more information where in the process it goes wrong. I would first look into if proper driver for your graphic card is installed.
  9. Suggest you try restart pc and try again, be sure to only try open one client.
  10. then I have no idea how to help you further. In linux it print a lot of information about locations and java version so on.
  11. no, text written after the command?
  12. correct, and press enter see what happens, copy text it print, it can give some information about why it crashes. You copy an area of text by mark it with mouse then right click.
  13. The key is you need to run the launcher from command window. run cmd.exe to open a command window. Windows key + R to get run command then type cmd press enter.
  14. Isnt there some text output in command window?
  15. You need to try run it in command prompt, hope it gives more info what goes wrong. 1) Right click start icon and chose properties and copy the command that executed. 2) open command prompt, run command cmd.exe 3) right click window and paste the line in and press enter Hopefully an error printed when it stops. Paste result here to get help figure out what is wrong.