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  1. There is a bug about houses and planted items. On a deed inside a incomplete house another player planted a bsb, bsb is empty but even Mayor cannot pick it up. If it matter the house has floors. If use pickup keybind: [14:14:18] The bulk storage bin is firmly planted in the ground. I expected mayor to always to be able to pickup planted on deed. Reproduced with another bsb. Maybe related to:
  2. Thickness of rock can be 0. .
  3. You cannot build a roof below ground. I am not sure how high rock has to be above a floor so you can walk freely, To be safe I would add 20 (2 meters) dont think wurmans so tall
  4. Wurm combat is boring and not challenging. It need to be more interactive so you as player have to make choices that changes the outcome of the fight. Group combat is more or less non-existent. Pve needs a lot more challenges to make it interesting. As player you do not need to use your brain to create strategies and give each player roles to overcome the challenge. Spell casting could play a much bigger role in combat.
  5. Maybe an oversight with new traders, used to be able to buy new one for a some irons coins.
  6. Old game or not it is a 3D game and only runs smooth if you have a dedicated 3D accelerated graphics card. Build in Intel multimedia graphics is not good enough.
  7. Easiest way to get help is by login game on another character and do /support. Alternately send email to
  8. You used to die from those holes, fall damage because of jumping up and down. After a fix you still jump up and down but no repeated damage. It been years since it happened for me but the way I got out was log out for /lotime then when I came back I didnt jump and my stamina regained so I could climb up.
  9. In future trader will just be an investment you put on your deed, along with paying for deed or perimeter tiles. If you disband the deed the investment is gone. It only make sense to be able to relocate the trader within deed borders.
  10. I assumed that title and Get drunk journal entry were same goal, I have title but not fulfilled the journal entry. I have to get drunk again?
  11. The term trader deed is negatively in my view. A deed only made to drain traders. Exploit the mechanism. I hope they just disappear and the traders too, long time deeds have traders payed back long time ago. Actually I had hoped traders were just removed all together and the items on then could be purchased from deed tokens, similar to marks shop. If I had to decide, I have no influence on it, there would be no reimbursement :p Traders doesn't really have a purpose anymore in wurm.
  12. Yes that is Real Money Trade (RMT) so no longer allowed.
  13. I never liked player gods it should just have been removed at last religion change. I hope all other epic changes on freedom will also be removed.Make something different to replace missions does not make sense to have it on freedom. The chopping made all priest equally, not sure how you going to balance favor between the gods.