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  1. In future trader will just be an investment you put on your deed, along with paying for deed or perimeter tiles. If you disband the deed the investment is gone. It only make sense to be able to relocate the trader within deed borders.
  2. I assumed that title and Get drunk journal entry were same goal, I have title but not fulfilled the journal entry. I have to get drunk again?
  3. The term trader deed is negatively in my view. A deed only made to drain traders. Exploit the mechanism. I hope they just disappear and the traders too, long time deeds have traders payed back long time ago. Actually I had hoped traders were just removed all together and the items on then could be purchased from deed tokens, similar to marks shop. If I had to decide, I have no influence on it, there would be no reimbursement :p Traders doesn't really have a purpose anymore in wurm.
  4. Yes that is Real Money Trade (RMT) so no longer allowed.
  5. I never liked player gods it should just have been removed at last religion change. I hope all other epic changes on freedom will also be removed.Make something different to replace missions does not make sense to have it on freedom. The chopping made all priest equally, not sure how you going to balance favor between the gods.
  6. I think it not a good way to have combined sail control on ships with movement key. W and S key should only control movement of ship like it used to. Either right click to control sail or new key bind. It is annoying and not very intuitive to have to press W key 4 times every time you want to start sail. Now If you want to stop you have to press S 3 times example to regain stamina then 3 times W to start sail again... Before you just press once. Key press not queued so you cant just press 4 times on w then go, because on every action there is timer bar you have to wait for. In practice I have less control over the boat as I had before.
  7. I played on jackal but not really the way I was supposed to. I did not really like the idea and concept of rifts and jackal beacons so when I started it was more to try it out, but mabe could have some fun and help out by play with my small group of friends from Freedom. I had to start from beginning to have a chance to skill up and so, so that I did. This is my personal opinon as a player. All from the start I struggle with bugs and bad game mechanisms. No proper hunting around start and nothing respawned Leading to very hard to get simple things like pelts and rugs Rift beast were more annoying in start than adding to fun, they came way to early before any had a chance to skill up to fight them Was depend on live near start deed because was only entrance back to Freedom Moved to area looked like good hunting an hour travel from start but as soon all killed nothing really respawn (south vs north spawn issue) I was to late to get beacons before the materials for lodestone decayed (bug), didnt want to use deeds to defeat them wanted to be able to fight them but spawn issue delayed me in that Skill gain for improving skill way to slow because of reuse of epic skill system but without curve you improve very fast and short action timer with reduced skill gain and no improved skill gain over skill level as on freedom I continued play because I used Jackal as just a new server and it was fun because a lot of things I could skip that does not make sense on so short time span server or very boring to grind. I skipped making roads, nice deed design, religion, meditating. Guess I also lost motivation on Freedom and nothing to do as high end player, especially with my friends (should be a focus point for further development of Wurm). If temporary server concept for pve should be repeated I think there should it would be beneficial with another concept for beacons more similar to pvp towers. Now you are allowed to settle far from anyone else but not allowed to get a deed. If beacons had to be placed within a limited range of other friendly beacons and enemy beacons blocked building it could have given a more interesting game play. I think Wurm should focus more on small groups instead of see everything as one big community. People have different interest and not all like each other or find it fun to play with random people. Coorporation as a big community will never work. Many medium and small groups can though game mechanism indirectly work together, example by have to clear beacon and build beacons to fight the Jackal. I also think it should be made so you cant use Templar and guardsr to defeat the beacons. It OK you had to build a lodestone with rare materials on freedom but I think it should not be a limitation on Jackal, go back via Freedom beacons should have been possible. Now my Freedom alliance more or less died out. Getting fighting skill should not be limited by a poor spawn system. I think it should be considered that we started with 20 skill similar to challenge server, no point in have to grind from 1 on everything or it should at least be a lot faster to get up to useful skill level. Jackal should have been a pve war with a front line. Then if creature AI were a bit more intelligent so jackal form groups to attack into freedom areas and possible attack freedom beacons similar to we attack theirs. Could make the community grow and start to coorprorate for a common goal.
  8. Full Steam Ahead

    My point is change the crafting to be more interactive or dont touch it at all, QoL is things that annoys me and doesnt bring me value as a player, that I cant keep animals alive unless I put them in a house because else the food decay in 2 days and before they have a chance to eat it, or the constant repair of stored tools on deed, lantern always decay whenever it used or not, there is many things to pick from. I mention fighting because other games do it a lot better where players have multiple options to fight and you have to use your brain to do good and use different strategies depend on what you fight. Similar approach could be taking to crafting so you as player didnt just have to chose right action depend on what game tells you but you actually had multiple choices and effect depend on previous result and success of action. Another thing is skill gain get rid of the illogical system where you need to use worst tool to gain skill.
  9. Full Steam Ahead

    because I want to make it a game where you as player need to make choices and your choices influence what happens in game, to one situation there is not only one single good option there is several and outcome is different depend on what you chose. Your suggestion just make it a lot more boring and grindy. If that was only option I would prefer not to have improving at all and just get skill by creation. What fun is there in play a game where you just press a single key for hours every day?
  10. Full Steam Ahead

    This would be a bad idea. The only thing I would get rid of is having to select the right tool. If you dig you automatically use a shovel, if you hammer you use a hammer and so on. It also what makes fighting boring you do not have to do anything, best in most cases is actually just to not do anything just wait for result, a very randomized result. Fighting should be interactive so player skill matters.
  11. I think it a good idea to start a new steam server. I think it a bad idea to keep current servers. I think it a bad idea to make wurm pay to win with cash items shops. Actually I thought about we needed to merge all servers into one to have wurm survive, to many half empty servers and only way in my mind, is everyone in same boat so all server closes and none survive. Splitting wurm up further that WU already did, I think it a bad idea. I hope an eventual new pvp server will be only epic style portals, was a big mistake to connect wild to freedom and only caused a lot of pvp issues that would not have happen if thiefs could not sail away to safety with loot.
  12. I do not agree you can make that conclusion from jackal. Jackal were mostly made for old players. I am a vet and why am I still here? In my view wurm have changed since I started and not for the better in general. Only the players keep me here. The big challenge in my view is to not lose the soul of wurm and same time improve wurm. Wurm is a niche game and I think it should stay that way. There is a lot of room for improvement without chasing the vets away, and it not necessary to make everything easier and easier as I feel many "improvements" have focused about, and it didn't attract more players maybe even the reversed. Why should it be a contradiction to keep vets and attract new players?
  13. Trader deeds have never done anything good for the game, they less of a problem now server population is so low. Just don't do the mistake on new servers. At some point servers need to be merged into one or two hopefully we can get rid of them there.