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  1. Planted lamps and brazier damaged on deed

    Banner again damaged, planted on deed plenty upkeep. [21:03:32] Apart from being a symbol of your allegiance and territorial demands, this is also a good indication of where the wind is blowing. The Empire of Mol Rehan kingdom flag has been firmly secured to the ground by Evening. Ql: 43.2623, Dam: 23.1148. @Alectrysstill bugged!
  2. no range check on drag to container

    Check wrong, seems it works as intended.
  3. Seems like a bug you can drag very long from inventory to a container tiles away, much longer than you normally can open and take things in and out the old way. I expected there to be a range check similar to other interaction with containers.
  4. Now again planted lamps found damaged on deed, upkeep over 6 month at all times since last time. [22:25:46] A brazier made from copper. The small brazier (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Evening. Ql: 24.084, Dam: 47.7495. [22:39:19] A brazier made from copper. The small brazier (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Sandyar. Ql: 64.3694, Dam: 17.8656. [22:48:31] A decorative lamp head on a wooden post. The lamp (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Evening. Ql: 24.4325, Dam: 40.929. Deed: Rosenrot Server: Pristine Had similar random decay on lamps years ago and also lost planted trellises and huge decay not that long ago.
  5. Improve-failure odds

    Ql 99 improve were part of old personal goal and in my opinion it doesn't make sense to improve anything to ql100. I improve only for that achievement and a few times more to help others to get their. From experience with BS it really is a lot easier when you 99.9999 compare to 99.1 skill. Get your JS up and it will be easier. Improve to ql100 for the achievement and if there isn't one implemented I am sure they will add one, just because.
  6. I am one of the few players that actually played without bigger breaks for soon 9+ years, almost 10. I hope that focus will be on things I can keep on doing with my friends and not necessary whole player base like rifts. The combat system could need a major update so you actually can influence the outcome of the fight and it not just based on random or way to easy. Another thing is to make fighting challenging for a small group in pve. One where each player had an unique role so there could be challenges where you actually had to work together like in other group focused mmo. All the changes to wurm made it easier and easier and made you less and less depend on other players. Example most weapons could not be mailed so each weapon smith had their local customers now 2-3 weapon smiths can support all 7 Freedom servers. I actually hate grinding skills and only do it when there is no other way. Mining is the only skill I really felt that I grinded and used loads of sleep powders. I don't want faster skills I just want the grinding part reduced where you have to do special things to get skill like use crap ql tools. In my opinion skills should always be gained by normal game play. I think there should be more focus on fixing bugs. Many bugs often major bugs existing for years. Bugs where player need help from GM to play the game should have highest priority. Higher priority than adding new features.
  7. [Fixed] Confession Must Stand Still

    In my experience it only happen when character stand close to a tile border (maybe idle animation trigger it when cross to next tile).
  8. I have seen a new F8 Call guards!

    Combine with ctrl or shift then it more unlikely to hit it by accident. bind ctrl+g "say guards!"
  9. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    I think the journal has to many useless goals, 70 praying my priest is soon 10 year old and not there reward to small, 100 sermons I have been 100 faith for long why 300 hours for nothing? In my opinion good goals are goals you benefit from and would get there eventually.
  10. Do you like the new fishing system?

    From reading some of the comments it sounds like there is an imbalance between efforts vs. reward that has to be adjusted. I don't fish irl but my impression is that the need for expensive gear is more about "don't go down on gear" rather than a requirement for catch fish. I remember a story from my brother as kid where he got a fishing rod to try fishing from shore and without experience he didn't catch anything. Then an old man came by one day and didn't like his fancy rod and went to get a simple stick and attach a line and short after my brother started to catch fish using that. My cousin catched fish with his bare hands from small streams. The complexity irl come more from choosing the right gear for the type of fishing area when you make it into a sport and if you just need fish for eating then there is easier methods. My advice is to make some of the fishing easier with less loss of materials but only for a small selection of fish type, not necessary only small fishes. Bring back if you fish on deep water you get larger fish and fishing in shallow water gives you small fish unless you use fancy gear.
  11. So.. mend

    All this is only relevant because wurm has a stupid illogical skill system where you only get skill using worse and worse tools as skill goes up. Imo there should not be a need to reduce ql of items.
  12. Libila on Freedom, suck?

    It is not unlikely that current skill level affects failure rate. I have more experience improving items than spell casting. when smithing there is fixed hard points around certain ql you fail more. The ql level moves with your skill level and difficulty of item. For me as weapon smith the most noticeable hard point is around ql89-90 then another around ql92. I never looked at code but it is my impression that it not something that is coded into the game on purpose. Explanation could be found in multiple skill checks that gives unintended side effects because the random is from a prbs sequence. Some kind of interference problem.
  13. big damage on trellises on deed

    Plenty upkeep, I usually pay one year+ in advance and rare let upkeep get below 3 months.
  14. Long time ago I made some hops trellises and placed on deed, all planted but not that high ql, harvested them every season since. Now I noticed it seems some of them disappeared. My deed mate examine some of the remaining and they have very high damage. [21:00:02] Some hops growing up a sturdy wooden trellis. The hops trellis (very old) has been firmly secured to the ground by Sandyar. Ql: 29.235249, Dam: 86.19318. [21:00:14] Some hops growing up a sturdy wooden trellis. The hops trellis (very old) has been firmly secured to the ground by Sandyar. Ql: 29.235249, Dam: 86.19318. Strange enough it only the one places down a slope near a mine entrance, I know mine ceiling is very close to surface at that place. Two trellises little higher up the slope has less damage and the one on top no damage at all. [21:02:26] Some hops growing up a sturdy wooden trellis. The hops trellis (very old) has been firmly secured to the ground by Sandyar. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.an...r'. Ql: 30.087263, Dam: 33.236656. They have been on deed all the time and planted all the time and they should not take damage for several reason.
  15. How far down can you mine

    Maximum height of a cave wall is 255, deepest you can mine below water is -25.