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  1. What happened to your deed? I visited to pick up the wagon and leave you the silver and all the houses you were building were popped??? Are you planning on disbanding?

    1. Liandal30


      Also i was in your mine when i was knocking out some walls and getting more rock shard for you i noticed a pile of 90 ql bricks and rock shards.


  2. Thank you for the great service and I made a new friend. I will be a returned customer
  3. how are those horses.. sorry thyey got alittle older than i had time to update but hey theyre  a good lot. well luved. let me know if ya have any other needs as dar as horses equipment and thanks for coming my way.. i dont anybody else would deliver there.. but if you ahve needs i cant fulfill there is my competition ?fizziepop? just make sure and tell her that i sent you she'll get a kick out of that.. otherwise i hope to hear from you.. and as you can se my typing is terrible too. something else we have in common.. oh and i just gave boirth to another 5 speed which is still a young foal.. so the future looks bright.. take care />salamon and it was a pleasure meeting a vet such as yourself. and welcome back.. 

  4. Im looking for horses measage me in game or here izmanie Piebald young female 4 speed can check which if interested in 5 mins upon receiving...1 Piebald aged 3 speed as well male 3 silver obo can deliver in Xanadu 1 Blood bay Adolescent 3 speed female... 1 Blood bay 3 speed female young horse 3 silver and can deliver in Xanadu looking to buy maybe more
  5. I dont like this new crap not at all

  6. horses

    Hey looking to buy 6 horses maybe more contact in game and or here. will pay extra for delivery
  7. all horses all ages all traits 5 copper each im just north of green dog izmanie last home
  8. lol u no shadow if i hadnt gone out we'd be fine. and weres the 5 hour sleep bonis
  9. any takers on how long they will be down
  10. wow its my fault i took my horse out for a ride
  11. selling 2 sleep powders 1.5 each