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  1. Deed: Hello Kitty Junction (840, 1585)
  2. Any .bat file can be modified with a text editor such as notepad++ and just add a line at the end with the word 'pause' and it will give the 'press any key to continue' opiton, which as long as there is no 'clear screen', should show what came before. Then scroll up through the window to see what transpired.
  3. I'll be at work but have fun everyone ! xD Get him to throw me some healing salve if he has any on him xD
  4. Thanks Enki! I had a blast on my alt-Eyelykekatz xD he started with 18FS and now has almost 24 xD
  5. If anyone wants to help out, I'll be at my place at M22 for the next week or so taking care of repairs and such.
  6. What I'm saying is it's not possible.
  7. You have no idea what Kimico would want or not want.
  8. I would not be surprised if your neighbor did it to you, based on what I know and have read. But I wont be one who does that sort of thing. And as Kimico's neighbor still, I will be repairing and imping fences.
  9. Um, you can't bash fences if they are on deed, unless you are a member of that deed or someone gave Kingdom permissions, so that's a moot point.
  10. I disagree with that last statement. Sometimes unforseen circumstances come up in life. We can't always see what's going to happen. If she was able, she would have put upkeep on it. She loves this game and was really happy when I moved in as a neighbor, to have someone to talk to. So, before deciding it's okay because it's possible, think of how you would feel if something came up that prevented you from keeping up with it, after putting in this much work. You wouldn't complain to your friends for helping you out. You would thank them. It irks me how many people think it's 'okay' because it's possible.
  11. Wow. As a neighbor of Kimico's, and having spoken to her apparently just before she last logged in, i know she didn't have plans of this disbanding, so something must have come up. That deed was her pride and joy. And she loved it here. She didn't quit by choice. ChampagneDragon seems to have been drug through the ringer on this for trying to help a mutual friend. That place is enormous. And she was introducing a friend to the game, so something came up. In that instance, we should do our best to support our friends and help them keep what was once theirs until they return. I know a few players who would agree with me on this. I've had people do it for me when i had to leave for unforseen circumstances and while I didnt ask them to do it, they did. It's what friends do and it's the neighborly thing to do when someone stops playing unannounced. I know she had new things going on in life and any number of things could have occurred. So, my two cents, I see nothing wrong with what CD did. I would have done the same or even moved them over to my deed to safe keeping, but none of it was done without public knowledge and chat logs would show that. I commend CD for trying to do something for a friend. It's the right thing to do on Wurm, as long as we dont break any rules doing it. Too much arguing about the way things were done and not enough 'hey let's help a neighbor who worked her butt off to get where she was with all of those horses'. Look at it this way too. If your neighbor in real life went on an extended vacation unannounced, would you bash their fences or hop the fence to acquire what was in their backyard? I think not.
  12. That doesn't always work. That was my first approach last night. It refused to let me save it because of folder permissions. It seems Windows 10 is throwing all kinds of 'you can't do it quite that way' issues. So much simpler in linux/unix. Anyway, they 'should' try it that way first. The thing about opening CMD as administrator is most people just do Windows-R to open a run window which does not open it as administrator. They need to go to cortana, find command prompt and right click that and open as administrator to use that.
  13. If it's windows, there should be 5 files inside that etc folder. You may need to modify settings to see system files. are you logged into the computer on an account with administrative rights?
  14. As an administrator, I used to blacklist sites we didnt want users going to by adding them to the hosts file and directing them to localhost
  15. Which is why i said to set it back to read only before copying. Yes, I know being administrator is not the same as administrator's group but if you go into advanced settings you'll find that your account has full admin rights otherwise it would not allow you to overwrite the file to begin with. Any time you change permissions on a file for the purpose of editing, you should set those permissions/flags back to the way they were when you found them.
  16. Windows 10 requires you to copy the file to desktop or another location, modify the copy after disabling read only, then put read only back on it and copy it back. it's because the etc folder is also read only. despite admin having privileges. So, i keep a copy on my desktop now. it will prompt to replace and then ask for continue on privileges.
  17. I'd like to note that you could just comment out the line when we are past this by place a # in front of the added line xD Then it's there in the event it needs to be done again.
  18. Thank you. Modifying to manual DNS in my Adapter settings to the google DNS did the trick in Windows 10.
  19. I seem to have a problem with import. I have no problem adjusting elevation, but how do you move the terrain so that it lines up with the elevations? I imported a Xanadu Map and the elevations were shifte 1 tile north and west so the elevation did not match the terrain properly. is there a way to shift that all at once?
  20. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, the rest of the party is in the STOMACH of the beholder.

    Never summon anything that’s bigger than your head.

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try rerolling again, and hope the GM didn’t notice…

    Don’t sweat the small stuff. Gnomes, for example.

    A rod of silence means never having to say you’re sorry.

  21. I used lift area once i determined that it was -282 at the vertices. so since it's 10 above water, level I raised it 292, but i had to do it 100 at a time. any more than that and it seemed to not do anything
  22. Has anybody tried importing a deed from Wurm Online that's near the water? It puts me several feet underwater
  23. Had to tame him to get access to his inventory. Forgot about command line options
  24. Word to the Wise: DO NOT 'give' your ebony wand to a horse. I didn't even know you could do that. I'd never seen 'give' on the menu before. I did not know horses had inventories ?