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  1. It will be nice to attend a large Impalong after being gone so long. I can bring Ship Building, FC and Carp skills for sure. Working on LW as well.
  2. Alright. Well thanks for the quick response. Off to dredge I go hehe
  3. I'd like to get 40 large crates of dirt from you What times are you available ?
  4. I used to own the land you recently deeded and was in the process of retrieving items I had left behind (lamps) and noticed you had deeded it but had not done any development yet. It has been brought to my attention by @TeeeBOMBthat I should have probably let you know first before taking the lamps I had planted. My apologies. If you would like these lamps back (8 gold and 8 iron), let me know and we can make arrangements for me to return them. Regards, Kage
  5. I'd like a room for Kagetenshi and possibly my Priest: Tysmiha, please
  6. Deed: Hello Kitty Junction (840, 1585)
  7. Any .bat file can be modified with a text editor such as notepad++ and just add a line at the end with the word 'pause' and it will give the 'press any key to continue' opiton, which as long as there is no 'clear screen', should show what came before. Then scroll up through the window to see what transpired.
  8. I'll be at work but have fun everyone ! xD Get him to throw me some healing salve if he has any on him xD
  9. Thanks Enki! I had a blast on my alt-Eyelykekatz xD he started with 18FS and now has almost 24 xD
  10. If anyone wants to help out, I'll be at my place at M22 for the next week or so taking care of repairs and such.