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  1. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/125146-wts-accounts-lots-of-them-crafters-priests-etc/ a couple mags there
  2. Bridges the other week now bugs.your spoiling us.keep up the good work
  3. After hearing whot another player wrote in another thread(Klaa).Rather killing these with a sword,maul or axe.Why not give a use to Bows and arrows to kill them with.Ducks beeing for low skilled players and swans beeing a little harder.Have they fly if attacked to 1 tile away(if not killed b4 they reach the player)and do a dive attack of some kind.
  4. Im not saying we shouldent.But the reason i would like to c lilies is they would improve the appearance on lakes and water edges witch at the mowment look bland.May be even have a frog jumping on them.woad looks like a weed thow and dousent grow in water but why not make a suggestion thread if you would like woad to plant and harvest
  5. I think most of us love unique mobs and hate having to wait a month on each server for the next 1.How about having lion kings,scorpion kings the Rat king.Mobs like that.1 each week apart from the week we get the original unique. Dont have them doing damage to deeds that could be too mutch with them sporning each week.they would sporn off deed and if there pened they could ever clime or jump over the wall depending whot would work best for that mob. I dont think any 1 wants to see the market flooded with potions so rather giving potions out how about a random skill gain instead for players who are in local or who attack it.And maybe 1 random item like a bone or skull. I think this would help the community get to know each other a bit more and possible help keep a few more player playing the game as there should be more to the game than grinding skills
  6. +1.would be nice if we could make and use barns
  7. To add a bit more to lakes and ponds.Have ducks and swans sporn on inland waterways.make them like chickens were they could be killed if you wished to do that.i would like to c them on lakes and not in players deeds so having them drop eggs might not be a good idea.I think they would make waterways a bit more realistic
  8. I know weve all ready got cave bugs and scorpions.But i think it would be nice if we had lilies to plant at the edge of lakes and ponds.Not only would they make the scenery look better but make it so we can harvest them bye plucking the flowers.These could be used for making red dye mixed with water
  9. -1 hire some 1 todo the work for you if you dont want to grind the skills yourself
  10. i had the same problem.Only had a 1 tile space thow.Rope works on the test server not shore about wood thow i dident get the option with a 1 tile space.It might be diffrent with a 3 tile space thow
  11. can you get under that bridge in the first pic?