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  1. As someone who walked the shores of the first golden shore, its sad as hell to see what this game and community sank into in the years I have been gone. Now I understand why so many of the people I met here are making their own story on amazing WU servers better than any experience we ever had in the old WO. Yet the answers the showrunners seem to come to are always continue to half deliver and retreat to another avenue.. I'm so disappointed to see such a large part of my life that was WO turned into a cadaver.
  2. It's hard to tell from this but its my only snap from this day, There were around 20 greenish spiders and about 35 trolls (the trolls were locked up on that tiny island) many other mobs about 10-15 crocodiles and goblins as well, this is how we do our hunting with style on affliction.
  3. it happens from patch to patch as far as I'm concerned its just a bug.
  4. I strongly prefer the "pop culture" reference titles over more lore friendly titles they add to the release of immersion which is good because when you get too immersed over a certain point the game becomes less enjoyable so every bit of balance is good.
  5. Jobs?

    Much better than my job :3
  6. Jobs?

    I'm contracted with Chamberlain roofing and construction, I work on basically any commercial building you can find in the cities of Oklahoma and some in Arkansas Like these: OKC Skyline: Tulsa Skyline:
  7. The problem is not that adding content is blocking the devs from fixing bugs it is that the people set on fixing the bugs do not have a set priority list that complies with people who play the game. They have their priorities and every time I suggest some game breaking bugs for certain things I need to do daily they are always insisted as low to lowest priority. New content keeps the majority crowd here so that the team can afford to keep working on the game at all.
  8. No, the pvp crowd would NOT like this. -1
  9. Who are you people and how did I get here..
  10. -1 I've Been HOTS 100% of the time on my main accounts all the time during Epic and Wild that I have played. There have been certain situations that are not as easily possible on MRH or JKH due to the rep systems. Such as the griefing alts that log on just to kill noobs and peoples horses because they are too lazy or scared to come do it on their main account. The only thing we can do about griefing alts is /support them and the GM's will "ASK" that they be put on KOS at the starter deed, in reality it is a long road to actually getting one of them KOS'd it took many many many /supports to get a group KOS'd recently. However annoying and focus breaking these events may be, There are some of us in HOTS that take care of these things ourselves because we understand the rules or lack thereof to the point we are not as bugged by the occurrences. I myself take it upon the time of action to kill these griefers to get noobs gear back and I set them up with horses if they are to lose one. Sometimes I feel like the people who make these accounts are Trolls who don't know how to actually create a reactive event therefor failing in their objective though they are too close minded to understand that they have failed. The Line to acknowledge here is that the true HOTS members are not bothered by these events we deal with them accordingly and we signed up for the lack of structure the day we kneeled to Libila herself. We will continue to do as we please..Kill who we want..and react the way we want, because this is how our kingdom and religion molded us in this scenario. When there is broken glass on the floor, you should not be thinking about fixing the untouched glass on the table.
  11. I don't understand why people are so angry about the helm change.. It's not that big of a deal as you guys make it out to be its definitely not pay to win like I saw someone say wear a ###### basinet helm you toad.
  12. I agree with shads We don't make a annually big deal out of everything like the 9/11 attacks and that's helped the world get past the events so why are we still remembering this event do we not want to get over it or what? seems like the world wants to act like a teenager and feel that nothing can change. Anyways, I was young and in the hospital for xrays and I remember getting pissed off because the doctors wouldn't let us watch t.v. they thought the younger kids would get scared by it.
  13. Thanks for the share! If you still got em I can use em for my siblings or some friends. ^.^
  14. You know of the CR nerf correct? Because all you need to repel attackers on your home is competence and little skill, you can get a couple people together then lead the attackers into some guards and focus them down. Or if you live in a canal/bay you can arrange archers on two sides of them and have them shoot at a single target making him take hits from at least one of the groups of archers meanwhile you can advance on the two sides left for melee. It does not take much to repel attackers on your own homeserver the biggest problem is players and not having enough that have the will to help defend.