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  1. I said proof in wurm and I also said I knew it was possible in other games. Please read next time.
  2. Which isn't possible. Therefore the rule shouldn't even exist.
  3. lol, you asked him why he doesn't have anything else better to do.... you might not have directly mentioned it.... but it is obvious that everyone is hostile in their responses to this question because of his rep. I merely brought it up directly.
  4. As far as I know this isn't possible within the game limits of wurm. Other games like WoW, yes, but not wurm. If I'm wrong I would love some proof, till then everyone needs to stop trolling this thread and being assmad because Nos isn't a popular person. This was a completely legitimate question since multiboxing is having two clients open and it isn't possible to send one key command to have multiple boxes perform the same action.... jesus christ this community is so toxic.
  5. Why is this a topic? Do you people have nothing better to do with your time than think about writing on coins in a game? If your answer to that question is "No" then please for the love of humanity get a hobby or a job or something other than worry about stupid irrelevant garbage such as this.
  6. As you can see I am wearing all three items but the goal isn't updating. Even took all my gear off and put them on one at a time, didn't make a difference.
  7. lolol that is why I said in a deed on ele that is in an alliance so that can't happen
  8. How about this. Once an emp abdicates three players in a kingdom are chosen randomly by coding and can then be voted on. The three people have to have been in the kingdom a minimum of 3 months and belong to a deed in an alliance on elevation. Maybe with a few other checks but those are the two big ones for me. People vote on who they think would be best and that decides it. This system gets you the best of all sides, randomness, chance for a new player to be emp and a since you can't decide the three people there is no guarantee that a vote can be dominated entirely by a larger group of players.
  9. basically it is now a requirement to have 90 butchering if you want to participate in a dragon slaying
  10. I dunno, maybe so a kingdom can have a reliable emperor that will stick around for a long time instead of getting a new one every month because the people that have been in the kingdom forever try daily and can't get it but someone that doesn't ever play comes over from the homeserver and gets it in one try then doesn't ever login or play and abdicates 3 weeks later. I'm not talking about our current emp but past ones. If you have a valid reason opposing this please state it.
  11. Let a kingdom vote for their ruler......................................... ffs
  12. I'm not going to lie, I'm lazy and don't want to search for this. But is there a way this program can alert you when a new name appears in your local? Would be really nice if I didn't have to go paranoid mode on my local when chopping wood on elevation.
  13. ooh haven't bumped this in a while. Also please report to me for any and all lamp placement within the horde. If I see a lamp placed without going through the proper channels I will spend 12 hours bashing that sh**