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  1. Agreed Wurmhole. When I first started I fell into a cave that had no fencing around it but had a shack or fence of some kind in front of it. The GM that helped me out deemed it a trap... It seems that anyone who has a back to back fence with mountain is now considered a trap? It was on deli and going down a road that was a main slope. I wasn't paying much attention and fell in at the last second. I was brand new and didn't understand what was going on....
  2. I enjoy the fences being back to back with the mountain... or high slope tiles next to it... Then theres not this weird 1 tile gap between the two... This sucks =\ Aamanus makes a good point. A taller fence would be a nice.
  3. Seems like your just making more work for yourself. More tickets going in about people getting "stuck"
  4. Guards and templars don't know how to leave fences anymore.. If they spawn in fences, they can't get out =\
  5. I am experiencing the same problem currently on cele. It would seem that any guards that have died after the bridge patch will respawn but will not fight when called. They say they are coming but do not.. Two different deeds that I know of are doing this. One of the deeds has a Templar, and when I bring a monster onto the deed it just spams local chat. The Templars and Tower guards seem to be in a fighting stance and look they are about to charge but don't do anything and then finally after about a minute or two they'll pretend that I never called and will stand down. This is all happening on land, the mob and myself are not in a cave just to be clear.
  6. Do you have to do these fixes each time you login? I know this happened to me once after bridges first got released but then it got auto-fixed after a restart. And I can't get in either. This happened several hours earlier with my boyfriend but we had to go to bed. I thought that this was gonna be fixed by now. I'm trying one of the fixes mentioned but it'll take awhile to find out if it actually works or not. =\
  7. This is really just going around in circles now... You guys have given up every single possible option as well as even picking him up and driving him to a location and he hasn't taken that either... There really is nothing left.... At this point I think it's just trolling =\ So many nice people have tried to help you here Clwebb, even tried to keep you from quitting, this happens quite a lot in wurm, the people will try to create options for you.... Do you really want to continue to complain that your money was wasted when the community has been nothing more than helpful?
  8. -1 cotton already takes up a lot...for healing, shipbuilding, fine carpentry, tailoring and whatever else. As well as the other crops used for various things, and for village purposes this would really hurt the newbie experience trying to distribute amongst each other.
  9. I agree Belrindor. it's funny how some people want certain threads to die out, but yet there the ones that come back and revitalize it.
  10. I do not know either person. But like any other concerned citizen for the safety of their belongings and possessions I fully read through this thread as well as the other one. What I have gathered is that this is not Bruhamoffs first attempt to cause problems in the game. Multiple people have stated they they've had issues with him or have noticed suspicious behavior about him. So if Bruhamoff is really interested in restoring his reputation he would've done it long ago. I am guessing that the only reason he cares this time is because someone was smart enough to make a post/thread about it and now he is probably freaking out. Just like the other people said, admitting your mistake and returning the items would've been a good step toward reputation recovery. As well as repairing it long ago. I only hope that somehow Brumahoff has learned his lesson and will no longer do this again. Happy to hear that everything worked out.
  11. For those of you that are opposed to this idea. I guess do not ask for things to be changed or reverted back when something gets implemented you don't like. You say you like suprises and new things... But we all saw what happened with the warmachines... Whether you like it or not... You should accept it... As you are not willing to have an outline. Changes and additions are fine right? As long as its something you like? As well as no plans for bugs to ever get fixed or anything like that. I guess the reason the team doesn't want to commit to long-term plans is. They know they won't be able to keep them. Or they want to be able to say, "this wasn't an intended feature" so they can change and alter anything at any given time.