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  1. Well, after yet another restart, it seems to be working... I'm getting the message about a lack of coins in the treasury. Now I can't log in for some reason, lol. Thanks for responding at least, lol.
  2. The mod shows up along with the other mods I'm using (digging like mining, a deed mod, a skill mod, and creatures on water) and the rest SEEM to be working. The digging mod and the deed mod certainly do. The messages show in the Event tab, right?
  3. I've installed the mod (dropped the bountymod folder into the mod folder and renamed .disabled to .properties and placed that with the rest of the property files) and for whatever reason, we're not seeing any messages at all. No money drops and there is no message. Is there supposed to be a message if the kingdom bank is empty? How can I know for sure if the mod is working properly if no money is dropping?
  4. Thank you, Webba, I'll have to use your mod now, haha.
  5. LOVE seeing new mechanics! Great job!
  6. Does anyone know how to check the amount of money the kingdom treasury has in it? I looked in wurmeconomy.db and the 'economy' table seems to be the best bet, but I really don't know. :/ I'm running into a problem where it seems the traders' accounts aren't refilling, so I think the kingdom bank might be empty, but I've no way of checking or refilling it, haha. Thanks! -Llurendt
  7. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    The one that works with Ago's Modlauncher seems to work just fine... I haven't made a deed with it yet, but it certainly doesn't crash. EDIT: It actually shows the right numbers for what I changed (removed the minimum upkeep cost of 1 silver).
  8. Patch Notes 3 December 2015: Bounty Mod! Another Deed Mod - Allows modification of deed costs... No more minimum upkeep!!! Priest Mod is next on my list.
  9. Nice! Do you have a thread for the mod in the mods section? That'll help get it tested, haha. Thanks! Edit: Though I WILL let you know if I have any problems.
  10. [15:48:18] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Old alert lava spider! [15:48:18] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with Old alert lava spider! [15:48:18] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with Old alert lava spider! [15:48:26] <June Smith> Hahahaha! [15:49:47] <Llurendt> Wow June, you're a psychopath, aren't you? [15:49:50] <June Smith> Yes! [15:50:05] <Llurendt> lol [15:50:05] <Maratdesade> lmao [15:50:10] <Ewok> lol
  11. It does not seem that traders reset on server restart. Has anyone tested this at all and found otherwise?
  12. Still working on the bounty mod (trying to get additional features added by the mod owner). We're also looking into removing minimum deed upkeep... 1s minimum doesn't make any sense if I'm not trying to earn money with the server, haha.
  13. I would like a mod to put deed upkeep back to the old values and remove the 1 silver minimum on deed upkeep. So basically, it'll just be "a certain amount of iron per tile in the deed" now, rather than the current "a certain amount per tile or 1 silver, whichever is greater." Let me know if you can help with this... thanks! -Llurendt
  14. Hey Walker, thanks for the response! As far as ranges are concerned... I could see that being low on the list. The drop chance I mentioned in my mind is basically a global drop chance (i.e. a 50% chance that money will drop when you kill a mob.) Hopefully that makes sense.