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  1. Many people will not like this, but good job. Either hard code something so that it can not happen, or let it happen.
  2. Yes, enchanted grass does not count as grass. Have to pack one of the enchanted grass squares, replant with grass, plant hedge, then re-enchant the square. Enchanted grass should count as grass.
  3. Very nice so far Rose, if you can fit me please: #14 Male short brown hair, brown stubble beard taming/leading a chicken
  4. +1 to placing NPC bartenders for those who want to add flavor to their village. I am not sure why the game goes to such lengths to decay finished food items, I make a thousand at a time and throw them all away to make room for another thousand that will be slightly better then before. There are also plenty of other ways to get max nutrition, that allowing some form of extended life on finished food is not very game breaking
  5. I would be in favor of 1 respawnable dragon that does not drop hide. Would eliminate the loot drama while allowing people the oppotunity to see/kill a dragon. edit: Would want this along with new dragon model, more like the dragon on the hota statue then the "dog" model.
  6. I know you already said that you were part of a larger village and did not feel like things were yours, but villages are an excellent place to start. Let them know that you intend to strike it out on your own and are looking to get some skills to be able and most villages will give you the help you need (not all, some villages are geared for community spirit). I assume you are planning to be premium, not that you can not live by yourself as non-premium but it is much more challenging. A boat is a great way to strike out, and actually safer than a cart. The major difference will be that you are far more likely to look for homestead spots along the shore with a boat rather than the interior areas that have much more room available normally.
  7. Sure, just can not be too picky about where you want to live. The area around the starter deed on every server is usually full of people, but get out from there and things thin out quickly. Depending on the server you may not be able to find all the resources you are going to want close that has not already been taken, but you should be able to find most within reasonable range. Just have to get out and explore and find what you want.
  8. Alot easier to figure out if a fence is a weapon, or if somoene is intentionally making something so large as to grief someone. At this point though, I don't care. Lock the thread, 23 pages of this is too much. Plenty of ideas have been given. Time for Rolf to do whatever he planned on doing from the beginning.
  9. Then keep it simple, make it so off-deed fences can not be bashed at all. Increase decay rate so that they dont last forever. Make repairing them faster/easier so that an active player can keep them up. Lets get off the who has bigger tracts of land argument. Remove the troll ability to bash fences, so that avenue of griefing is gone as well. If a hole develops in the fence, then the owner beware, just like when a deed owner finds out some setting was not set right and they were robbed blind. edit: Might do well to get away from random decay ticks with fences like this so that player can not say he did not know his fence was going to drop. Have some set pattern of decay that a player can predict.
  10. 1. Change perimeter to only be a space between deeds, so 1 maybe 2 squares around a deed to allow pass through. edit: the perimeter rule, as it currently is, is broken as evidenced by the past 5 pages. 2. Tag fences on-deed to the deed, tag fences off-deed to the creator. 3. Off-deed fences can only be bashed or repaired by the creator, should be somewhat accelerated decay, with somewhat accelerated repair so that off-deed fences require "active" players. 4. If a deed drops, then those fences get tagged to the Mayor. 5. Limit the number of off-deed fence squares that can be tagged to 1 player (maybe 100 fences). 6. Have some rule to prevent blocking in by off-deed fencing. (personally I think somehow tying off-deed things to a house writ somehow is better, but this is another suggestion)
  11. Free players add to the game, either as people to talk to when the servers are low, or as slave bulk labor. They are the pool from which many future premiums can come from (if they can put up with this game as non-premium, then they are likely to premium when they have a chance). This thread is not trying to limit free players, but rather come up with better protections for them, because they deserve to protect their stuff also and the legal enclosure rule is not adequete. This game is a sandbox also, so people should be able to do things in a manner that they choose, like placing fences in the wilderness. In this case however, there should be some risk, to take a large portion of land without paying for it should not be for "free". The legal enclosure rule can not be maintained. Either an area is completely guaranteed protection (which generally has been from paying for it) or it attempts to let players sort things out for themselves. Legal enclosures try to do a little of both and a lot of neither. IMO, legal enclosures was worth a try but is a broken concept. Highways on the other hand work reasonably, but over time you can see that the map becomes overrun with them. Even though people and deeds might change, the highways are always there. There probably is a better way of dealing with the highway rule.
  12. I believe branding just allows villagers of that brand to lead the horse anywhere, even on deeds that dont allow leading. If the horse is offdeed and unattended, then anyone can lead it.
  13. Perhaps a change in how houses work. Make a "wall" that is part of the house writ and follows housing rules, but can not have a roof over it and can grow grass. House walls can not be bashed, but they do not make an easy way to protect animals for any length of time however. By making an outdoor area of a house writ, then a person has protection along with some outdoor area. Applying the same housing rules would allow a new player with 20 carpentry to be able to make almost a 3x3 (not quite) area writ in any manner they like. If they want more space, there are plenty of premium players with higher carpentry that will usually go plan a writ for someone. A deterrence may be needed to prevent people from placing a large number of houses to lock down an area, but I imagine a limit on number of writs held by a person could be set (preferably offdeed limit, unlimited writs ondeed).
  14. Begin with by eliminating Perimeters. They do not work they way they are intended, very few people use them for expansion potential and almost all people feel they own that land. Ownership entitlement leads to conflict when 1 person saying that he is paying for the land (which he is) and the other saying that he does not own the land (which he does not), eliminate the entitlement. Take this ownership entitlement elimination to the next level, where it is land that is not even payed for, and you will begin to make a difference. There are other ways to protect our items in game without putting a fence around it. Put all the stuff you dont want stolen in your house for instance. (And holy f^%k dont jump all over me by saying you own 9 million horses/cows and they wont fit in a house, or you don't log in for 4 weeks at a time and the animals will die. Don't have that many animals, or make a donut house). A completed building offers protection that nothing else in the game does, use it. Everything else is at a persons risk, maybe do a better job of preparing people for this idea. A fence can show that you are doing something inside of that fence, and most people will leave you alone, but a fence is not a wall. Fences should offer deterrence, not ironclad protection, pretty much what a fence does in real life. I have a fence around my yard but someone can jump over it and take something out of my yard rather easily. Even if I call the police, little is likely to be done. But if they break into my house, that is another level of enforcement that the police treat differently. Another thing is to let people know that much of the "griefing" that occurs, happens within an easy distance from the starter deeds. You want to reduce your risk? Move away from the new players that do not know better. Every server has plenty of space to settle on (even free, and good land) if you get far enough away from starter areas.