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  1. Can you reply to my message please

  2. Sorry cancel that, my bank freaked out due to Xsolla and now my bank account is frozen.
  3. Hey Jetter o/ On the in game map co-ords "19 - i" Across the bridge from where you small cart is, there is a freshly cleared steppe area, 2 guard towers on it, and none of the land is owned or even near the local area of anothers deed, All cleared for the taking for newbies in your position.. Also, as Moogien mentioned above, near your cart you will see the public smithy building with a few open iron veins nearby to easy mining and learning to make tools in an area quite safe with plenty of shelters and within the shout range of guards.
  4. Yeah I wanted to call it "Banging on the Anvil" or "A Good Hammering" But Moogien wouldn't let me
  5. This would be good for encouraging more people to make public use buildings to help out newbies without worrying that all the items would simply be taken. It may be true that there are few public buildings so it may be hard to justify the time spent to add this, but perhaps a change like this will make more public use forges / cookhouses etc. +1
  6. I actually had 2 of them in front of the alters already, they look nice aswell but are opposite of colossus, they are too small. If anything, The fact we have tiny statues and massive statues just shows we are lacking medium statues
  7. I feel it would be nice to have an option to make the current god colossus statues on a small scale, about the size of the nymph statue so they can fit on 1 floor of a building. Many people like to make churches and most community markets have an alter square with all 3 main gods, I think it would be quite welcome to simply have scaled down models to put behind each alter or to decorate a specific god themed church. I have very little idea if it's easy or not to scale down existing models or if Rolf + team would prefer to make new models with perhaps different poses for such an idea, but decided I would throw the idea out here and see if it sticks. P.S Also the ability to cut down off deed hedges with a hatchet would be nice
  8. I am suddenly unable to build any floors on the 4th height, I have 42 paving and 78 masonry, I have build hundereds of floors on the 4th and 5th levels on the same structure but recently it says I am unable to build any floors, I have tried building on the floor above, the 4th floor in a seperate building from the one in question and relogging, This has persisted since before the server had restarted for the bridge update so it was certainly not caused by that, I do not have any injuries or skill loss on paving from death. It's not just 1 building, i destroyed a floor on another building to try and rebuild and it still would not allow me.
  9. A set of 4 pillars have been near me off a deed for 18 months, everything from the deed has long decayed but only these pillars remain, they are only 40QL but have not taken a single decay tick in the entire 18 months, does not appear to be working as intended if I am correct.
  10. Best of luck on the RL server, You were my go to merchant guy when I wanted a specific item. Sad to see you go, I wish you and your mother all the best for the future. o/