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  1. Time for change

    So micro-transactions, an extra 20 levels of skill cap every 6 months and a host of 'kill 20 boars for the trader' missions to progress then? No I don't have anything constructive to say because I'm not sure what this thread's bickering about.
  2. Give everyone drake set from registration along with their newbie tools. Voila.
  3. I think time just ceased to exist, because Protunia's right.
  4. Eyerobot has found the drake set. Two locations not found yet, one is a helm.
  5. Down to our last 5 locations, one of which is the drake set! Exciting stuff.
  6. Found so far; The Haunted Galleon up north(1i) The mine underneath Shadow Realm (1i) The cave canal (1i) The FM stash (70q stud) The Tranquility Glade-pond stash (10s)
  7. GET MAP HERE Look for small, red chests or backpacks. May be on corpses, in altars etc.
  8. Won't need lockpicking or bashing, priests will be glad to hear. Be prepared for LOTS of scanning the terrain and exploring mines though.
  9. Rolf needs to put this on the login/client pages. Needs PvP symbol on the Epic cluster part though.
  10. You would have to remove all homes, not just hots, for any kind of balance.
  11. shouldve been one big map instead of elevation and pmk's ^ Right now the home servers could be set as none-kingdom, with the existing towns/towers remaining as they are. About as close to one map as we'd have.