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  1. Hello Coastis, would like to order follow items: Grooming Brush, Oak 3ql 82coc = 1.2s Pickaxes, Steel Skillers 2ql 89coc = 1.9s Mail to Paulb Thank you in advance!
  2. (Xanadu) - Last Hope

    Our litle deed of Last Hope is looking for one moore player to join us: Introduction Deed: Last Hope Location: I/J 23, Xanadu Deed size: 27x19 Nr. of active members: 2 Our goals ar as follow: We would like to rise in Nr. and prepare to join the ranks of Wurmians traders and mostly to have fun in game, find new friends across the world. Whom are we looking for: What you must to fulfil: ​1) An adult behavior (no need to be 18+ though). 2) To be ready to give some of your time for improving the deed not only look for your own goals. Teamwork ist what counts in Wurm! 3) To be premium player or to seriusly thinking to be one after some time. 4) Know the basics of the game mechanics. Unfortunately my time is limited and cant accept newbie players to teach them. Im very sorry for that. 5) To speak one of the follow lang.: Czech, Slovak, English 6) To be friendly person as the second person on deed is a girl. 7) Sence of humor is needed. Jokes running trough village chat 8) We do not want player that will stay for month and than leave us for his own deed. Of course the circumstances can change but we are mostly looking for long term player. If you stay for longer time we will be happy to provide you some resources and our help for funding your own deed if you stay long enough. Of course you ask now what can we offer you. And here are our curently possibilities. 1. Your very own house. 2. Ressources to improving your own skills. 3. We do not need you to give us silver for deed upkeep. We can handle it on ourselfs. Of course if you hand some over we can resize more and invite more players. 4. Friendly ppl. 5. After starting with trading, part of the profit will be shared to you. 6. Vynora priest If you have any questions or would like to join send me a PM here on forum. Im not responding for few words asks for invites. Introduce yourself, why would like you to join us. The more you wright about you the better. Thank you in advance for you attention. With best regards Paulus (Paulb i.g.) - Mayor of Last Hope Nesquinka - Vynora priest of Last Hope
  3. WTS Dirt (Xanadu) - SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Trade has been done.
  4. WTS Dirt (Xanadu) - SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Still for sale if picked up soon i will go down to 5S.
  5. Hello Everyone, WTS: 11k dirt Transport: pickup only at i / j 23 (near highway between Whitefay and Walkyra Landing on Xanadu) Price: 6S Pm me if interested. Thank you. Paulb (i.g.)
  6. Xanadu Map

    Last Hope - I/J 23
  7. [Closed for now] Mailbox service!

    [18:09:34] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Great service. Fast, worth the coins. Thank you!
  8. ~Independence Community Map

    Hi Writhglow can you please add my deed to the map? Name "Gruberik" coo. 50y 46x left down corner of the coos. Thank you.