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  1. I'm having the same problem with the reversed textures. Roofs, walls, and bridges are all wonky. Weird-looking bridge
  2. Ingame map

    Is there a way to change the dimensions of the in-game map? I have it showing my world after following these steps, but it's squished to fit the size of the old freedom map.
  3. That would be the preferred route, yes, as they're already at 3 actions as opposed to the 1 action for locks (and 4 for squares, if you count all the string required). I practically never see anyone using yoyos or sheets, just because locks are easier. That's really strange, as I was making yoyos with that amount just a few days ago. Tested it myself, though, and you're correct. Either way, I like to think that Wurmians aren't such imbeciles that they'd ruin the rest of the shaft just to get one yoyo. Just to give an idea of the size comparison here:
  4. As things are, yoyos are made using a string of cloth and a shaft, but they only require 0.1 kg of the shaft for creation even though the whole shaft is used up. I suggest that either we use pegs for yoyos, which are already the correct amount of wood, or make it so that making a yoyo does not consume the whole shaft. It's a huge waste of wood if you don't make arrow shafts or pegs to reduce the shaft weight before trying for a yoyo.
  5. Grabbed it, might give it a shot tomorrow. Looks like it could be useful.
  6. [15:39:18] Congratulations! You have now reached the level of Thought Eater of the path of knowledge!

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      yaaaay grats! soon you'll be enlightening me!

  7. I can no longer meditate in my house, I can't make and imp things like signs in my house and have a place to put them, I can't have BSBs separated by QL ranges without pushing tons of things up stories that I haven't built yet because I don't want a big house. If you're going to limit decoration items per tile, it has to be more than 5, because this just is not working at all. My house has become mostly non-functional and I don't want to have to build a stupid tower or a mansion. Making more container decorations is not a solution. I don't want a coffin for small barrels. I don't want a boat in my living room. I want to be able to organize things in chests and barrels and the like according to how much visible room there is on the tile. Five small barrels or armour stands do not visibly fill a tile in any way whatsoever, and the limit makes things look totally unbalanced. I can't even build the table and chairs I was hoping for at some point. It's great that the items per level has been fixed, but this other limit was not something I wanted to wake up to at all. Edit: I also forgot. Even if I did want to make my house bigger, to make it big enough I would need a much higher paving skill to get the upper floors. There is no room to expand horizontally in this village at all, and I don't have the time or inclination to grind paving to be able to have a functional, yet ugly house.
  8. This was the name I made up years ago for my priestess on Ragnarok Online. It's supposed to be derived from 'verity' or 'veritas' which is Latin for 'truth', but I switched letters around until it sounded OK and wasn't already taken by another player.
  9. [09:48:15] You may now queue 3 actions.

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  11. Something of this nature would be really neat, especially if we got more cosmetic clothing items. You could put clothing in this storage and make armour stay on the armour stands, and it would allow more greater storage of any future cosmetic clothing items as people seem to accumulate them...
  12. If you know how to swim, you use less stamina, and it's possible to regain stamina in the water irl by treading water or doing backstroke. As for tacking / any sailing skills, I am 100% in favor of that. I would love the sailing system to see some more love and a skill of its own.