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  1. I Just found out about this. This makes me sad. She was great.
  2. Hats off the current art team! I come back from time to time to see what’s been going on. I spent a great deal of time on this project after all. You guys are pushing through things I always wanted to during my time here. The look of the entire game is finally starting to look intentional Just congrats all around everyone.
  3. Kinda sorta. Just checking in. The updates, you guys should be proud. I would hope you allready are. Fantastic job all around. I knew it was in good hands when I left.
  4. Very cool stuff going on in here.
  5. Hay Had seen the update posted on massively. Decided to come check it out. The changes are a long time comming. EDIT: Spelling of "massively"
  6. Looks great guys. Im happy to see such changes finialy happen.
  7. Looks great guys. Im happy to see such changes finialy happen.
  8. Accessible, not easier. Anyway, I dunno. I figured once branded, it was separated from say, breading or selling stock, mainly used for "work" animals. Is it REALLY the case you brand the wrong animal, like it happens So often its a problem? It is indeed imposable to remove brands. Though I guess in this case its not really being used for what brands are for. I find it odd you can re-brand on wild, that goes contrary to what brands are for ( Originally ). I would have thought it would not be possible on wild, to promote PvP. *Shrug*. Its stolen after all.
  9. Lady, Rules are clearly listed.
  10. Are we really in danger of being banned for questioning what rules were broken, so that we aren't banned ourselves? If this is the case I'll shut up, but you must see how ridiculous that is... The rules need a working over. TG be damned, I'm just worried about my own a$$ at this point. Where do I need to draw the line on my own behavior?