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  1. It told me to post it on the forums, here you go ? I was trying to log into Normal Wurm, it happened while launching the game
  2. Auction ended sold to griper i cant post it so we will need to figure somrthing out PM me
  3. Want to sell 1.5ql 84c rake, A tool for working the fields. It has a benevolent aura. Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [84] Winner pay postage form Deli Auction ends in 48 hours Starting price 1 silver
  4. i would like to order an 80 ql chain set. i live on del can you post from del to keep the mail cost down my name on game is Tobi.
  5. I dont think it says it when it is unfinnished but when i pick it up it is blue and in my inv it says it is rare
  6. Auctioning a rare unfinished trash heap, it probably has no benefit other than being a nice light in your house. You see a trash heap under construction. Ql: 3.3927276, Dam: 0.0. The trash heap needs 10 plank, and 2 small iron nails to be finished. This can be mailed to the winnier, so shall we start the bidding at 2 silver.
  7. yes something like that bjornyngvan
  8. i would like to create a large wooden fence that you can not see over it could be made of 4 shafts 10 planks and 4 large nails. the large wooden fence should look like a normal house fence.