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  1. Thank you for swift reply! I have decided to apply for Black Forest Nemeton since it is only about an hour or two by ship from me. Thank you!
  2. Hello, been about two years since I last played the game. I thought I would quit since my new job doesn't allow me much time to play, but it seems one never truly quits wurm. Got the craving bad one day and had to come back! I'm only available on the weekends but sometimes I might vanish for one to two weeks at a time due to my job. I'm looking for a village that is acceptable towards players that go inactive periodically. When online, I'll do my best to help with ongoing projects. During free time I'll most likely be working on either leather tailoring or some form of smithing. (I like making horseshoes and lamps in bulk, :P) Feel free to message here or pm me in game if you think I'd be a good addition do your village. I'm home as writing this, and I'm expecting to be home this weekend but the next to days I'll be at work.
  3. I'll offer 3 Silver for it as it is if you can't find a buyer or someone to improve/enchant it. COD to LyrusLLupo if you'll sell.
  4. Is financing available? lol. I keep looking at this daily and looking back on my empty wallet. :C
  5. I'll buy if it's still available. I'm verified.
  6. COD 73.21 QL Hammer to LyrusLLupo please, thanks. o/
  7. Aye, I already am part of a great village on Xanadu and since I live on the east coast it's easy for me to get into Release for a change of scenery. Perhaps even help some people out with projects or tools, .
  8. Hello friends, I'm a fairly experienced player looking for a home away from home. I live on the eastern side of Xanadu and like my life there quite alot, however I have a bad case of wanderlust and occasionally like to visit other servers for a while for a change of scenery. I'm not some top notch hardcore player or anything, but I do offer 50 Ql blacksmithing, 50QL carpentry, 40QL masonry and am currently in the process of upping my weapons smithing and leatherworking. My fighting is 71-ish so I'm not afraid to tackle the occasional troll or crocodile. I don't need anything and can supply myself with any tools or materials. I'm mostly interested in a village that is starting out or has alot of new players. I tend to be a hermit most of the time but if you come to me for help or advice, I'll do the best I can to assist. And like I said, I'm looking for a home away from home, so I'll be moving between servers and might not always be around. Please pm me if your interested in recruiting me. My in game name is: LyrusLLupo
  9. Awl, iron QL 73.72 coc 77 - 50c Butchering knife, iron QL 49.42 coc 80 - 1s COD to LyrusLLupo Thanks! o/
  10. WTB Skilling Pickaxe with COC and WOA. Not too concerned of WOA value but would like COC to be high, around 70-80. Offer price and I'll respond as soon as I can. Can contact me here or n game at same name. LyrusLLupo. I'm willing to pay mailing fees.