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  1. Send Pickaxe c71 w89 to Nashoba, on Indie
  2. Willing to buy 60ql+ WoA pickaxe PM here or Nashoba on Indie with offers.
  3. Pickaxe (Iron) 56.69Q Wind of ages [49] Circle of Cunning [44] 65c Send to Nashoba on Indie Thank you
  4. My deed, owned by Nashoba is marked with the red square. The deed name is Fort Westgate. 59y, 4x
  5. Looking to buy 1000 bricks and 1000 mortar. PM with price offer. Name is Nashoba on the far south side of Independance server. Order fulfilled! Thanks!
  6. I will take #23 of Two Handed Swords for 11 silver (N91 LT65 C76 MS88) and #19 of Longswords for 7.5 silver (N71 FB85 C91 MS78) I can pick up at freedom market, or docks. Name is Nashoba
  7. Leather Knife 89ql - 69 woa 78 coc - 2s CoD to Nashoba on Indie TY!
  8. I am looking to buy an enchanted 2 handed sword. Looking for Life Transfer, Frostband, Flaming Aura, Venom, Wind of Ages. I am not looking for anything specific, just the best offers for the best price. I am on Independance server. PM or post to this topic with offers and price. Thank you!
  9. 46.56 carving knife-51 coc 73 woa 1.5 cod to Nashoba on Indie
  10. if it is possible, COD to Nashoba on Indie 75ql AD 82fb 64coc 35ms medium maul-2silver 40copper
  11. Hey, I will take the longsword, chain armor set, and shield for 7s 50c I am on Indie, at the island furthest SW on Indie map. Name is Nashoba
  12. 65QL Hatchet - CoC 54, WoA 43 : 1.15s and 65QL Saw - CoC 64, WoA 44 : 1.3s and 65QL Trowel - CoC 42, WoA 82 : 2.2s to Nashoba on Indie
  13. Ill take the 60QL Hatchet - WoA 40 : 45c and 60QL Pickaxe - CoC 39, WoA 54 : 1.1s Send cod to Nashoba on Indie