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  1. I'm voting for my homeland P4: The Lonely Waste
  2. I sortof agree with most of this.... Not sure how popular it would be though.
  3. There will be the ability for new players to join a settlement from Spawn and once having done so, they will be provided with village annotations (including deeds, local public mines, neighboring deeds, etc) as well as alliance annotations, if applicable. Those who don't like the map will (as stated previously and abundantly) be allowed to not use it. Truth be told; You're hung up on the fact that you find this thing useless and you'll continue to argue with anyone who says otherwise, via tangents regarding Portuguese Caravels, or Medieval Cartography Techniques and lots of use of the word "actually". But it's really okay. It's not a bauble, it's a tool.. The application of which I (among others) have no trouble seeing. It's certain you can think of better ways to spend the developers time but they have an agenda... a typically predefined workload, I'm sure... and the means to research a wide base of users and access to statistics that you or I can only speculate.
  4. I just found the "toggle mouselook feature" and have it set to a keybind. Is there any chance at all of getting a crosshair or something in the center of the screen, that could be used to open containers when in mouselook mode? Ideally, it could toggle back to cursor mode anytime a container or inventory is opened... but then when nothing is open, go back to mouselook with a crosshair. This is really not a gamechanger for me, but it would be a really awesome option.
  5. Great ideas!... I'm excited to see what sort of impact this will have on the retention of new folks. I like the concept of a "noob compass" but I'm also interested in, perhaps, some sort of cartography skill that would display a general overview initially and then could become more detailed, as you explore (or "study") the world more thoroughly. Maybe at a certain rank, allow creation of handcrafted maps that could be given or traded to other players. In addition if you have the necessary skill, maybe you'd be allowed to commit those handcrafted maps to your own overview. An in-game coordinates system would be important, for this to work, but it would not necessitate a "GPS".
  6. I'm having issues when trying to open a giftbox that I have previously wrapped. When selecting "open" I receive this message in the event tab: "[17:02:44] You already have a creation window open, only one is allowed at any time." My sister experienced this first, yesterday, with a pelt that I'd given her (which she wrapped herself). Very shortly after I was unable to get a rare dirt to open. After some combination of dropping it on the ground, placing it into a different storage container, closing all of my windows and naming myself the recipient, it finally did abide. Today, with a supreme dirt only relogging seemed to help. Not all giftboxes do this... I've been able to open 2 or 3 without incident, in the past 2 days or so. All of the items I've had trouble with have been named as per the item name and QL. I'm not sure if that's a coincidence, because I don't actually have any true gifts. They're all just renamed for storage. I hope this info helps.
  7. - Package Deal Saw, iron: QL44, WoA54 Pickaxe, iron: QL22, CoC35 Butchering Knife, iron: QL71 Chain Armor, Full Set, iron: Average QL37 Shield, iron: QL70 Lantern, iron: QL20 - Starting at 1.5s - 10-copper increments Pick up anywhere on road, between Greendog and Echo Lake Once the Auction expires, if there are no bids that meet or exceed the minimum, these items will return to their original sale value, here:
  8. [14:16:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. I've begun a new char on Pristine and am liquidatin' these items. I don't have a home on Deli anymore and don't play with this toon so I can CoD smaller items or deliver the larger ones between Greendog and Echo Lake for free but anywhere outside there is tougher to manage (No mount, no food) so it'll be an additional 1s to go outside that area. - Saw, iron: QL44, WoA54 (1s) - Pickaxe, iron: QL22, CoC35 (50c) - Butchering Knife, iron: QL71 (40c) - Chain Armor, Full Set, iron: Average QL37 (50c) - Shield, iron: QL70 (30c) I'm thinkin 2.5s for everything... Buy it all and I'll give ya my Lantern (iron, 20QL) as I won't be needin it once items are sold
  10. Not really a major thing, but I'm appearing to drag my cart around (even while driving). It seems to only happen after dropping dirt from the cart (changing the terrain, not dropping into a pile)... I still look like I'm driving to other players, but I see myself sliding around out in front of the hitched animals, still at the normal driving speed. Like I sad it seems to be a cosmetic issue. I'm still driving the cart so It's not a problem for me, and disembarking then re-embarking as commander fixes it.
  11. There's a comment, on the previous page, regarding an updated version of There's a comment on the previous page, regarding an updated version of the .jar file... you would need to follow the link in that comment and download the latest version of the jar, except that it seems the GUI folder is missing from the new .jar file... I think we're still waiting on the developer to make time for a new upload. He said he'd edit the post once he's had a chance to do it. As for not doing anything different since your prior use, I had the same issue... I don't know what happened, unless the planner uses some files from Wurm its-self. I noticed the planner quit workin right at the same time that there was a graphics package update, in Wurm. If you happen to already have the latest .jar file from the Dev's comment, in this post, then you'll get a similar issue... the Planner client will load to (I think) 60% or so and then freeze on the "Loading... GUI" phase
  12. Okay, awesome... Thanks I'll be waiting anxiously.
  13. Where else would the "GUI" folder be? There's not one in my "Data" folder.
  14. Thanks... I searched the forum, but didn't turn anything up... Great program!... I used it about once every 10 minutes or so